Hai there!

Hello all! C: I’m the newest addition to the PHB. You can call me RavenclawGurl/RCG, Reed, Tian, Avelina, or Incredible Monster/IM. I do in fact have quite a lot of names I have gone by.

I’m, you guessed it, Incredible Monster on the PHF! I’ve also gone by a few other names in the past, such as Hecate, Half Blood Princess, Winter Moonbeam, Shadow Melody and oh so many more.

I’m a 12 year old (as of 16 days) rock loving girl living in the land of country music. I love music, writing, drama, kickball, swimming, photography, Calvin and Hobbes, skating (both ice and blade), Percy Jackson, history, Poptropica, AND HARRY POTTER. YES. HARRY POTTER. I am the biggest HP fan you shall ever meet. I am a, while my name says otherwise, Slytherclaw.

I am quite the geek! I tend to be annoying– do forgive me.

Thank you Hijuyo for adding me, and I hope I can be a great friend to all of you!

TEAM PIRATES and Happy Holidays!

EDIT: Yay! I’m so glad I do not stand alone as a nerd and HP freak. c: I wish I could thank you all and your warm welcomes individually! It would be much time consuming and would perhaps spam the PHB’s dashboard, so I shall thank you all for your welcomes here. 🙂

128 thoughts on “Hai there!”

      1. Yeah,
        Here in New Zealand it is 10am on Christmas Eve!
        Merry Christmas Everyone, and Welcome RCG!

  1. OMG, I am SO rude! My first comment when a new author is here is what TIME it is?

    Hi! I’m me. I am also a huge HP fan but I think I’m more of a Ravenpuff. Welcome to the PHB!

    *marching band plays*

      1. I saw Harry Potter 7 the other day. It rocks! I’ve seen all the movies and am reading the books for a second time. By the way, my friends and I made our own “wands” by cutting branches off tress and “carving” them.

      2. What are better? The books or movies?

        RCG: It depends on one’s opinion, really. See, I believe that the books are better, but the movies help me imagine the scenes better. I would suggest, if you’re just starting the series, to read the books first.

      3. I’ve already started and I’m on the 6th book…. 😀

      1. Toki, go type in Special Characters in google. That’s how I get them. 🙂

    1. You may be mistaking me for someone named Raven– if not, I’m sorry! 😦 Have you ever been to Poptropicalthunder’s Blog, or The Zone? But thank you!

      I have some vague memories. Could you possibly be Zany Gamer, or Wild Wolf? I may know you. A lot of my friends can assure you, my memory is horrible.

  2. RavenclawGirl, didn’t you use to be an author on the PTB (Poptropical Thunder’s Blog)? I think I’ve seen your name on there a few times.

  3. Hi! I am a Regular member (always coming back for more)…
    A new pHB member! An early Christmas Present to all of us!
    RavenclawGurl, I hope you like the PHB and am glad to have a new member here on the PHB! I am looking forward to your 2nd post 🙂
    Hope you like blogging!
    Happy Blogging and Merry Christmas!
    Neat Turtle

  4. Welcome to the blog! Since your a HP/PJ fan you might want to read the Imortal Nicolas Flamel sieres. Its like a combination of both magic and gods set in modern times. It also just happens to be a book about teens with powers. There also just happens to be a character named Hekate (not hecate but close) and a character named The Shadow (near Shadow Melody). Just a few coincidences I wanted to point out. I am a self proclaimed geek and am proud of it. The sieres starts with “The Alchemist”, I hope you like it!

    1. I know that series! Its great, isn’t it? The series name is actually the secrets of the immortal nicholas flamel. It’s AWESOME!

    1. Pirate fires cannon. Ninja dodges cannonball. Pirate runs at ninja with sword. Ninja takes out swords while pirate is running. Epic sword fight begins. ninja uses superior swordmanship to overpower pirate. Pirate uses superior strength to overpower ninja. And the battle begins…….

  5. Happy Horse aka Lady Horse aka Director Horse aka Singin Girl aka coolgirlcute aka lipglossleah aka Tangled Fan!!!!!! XD says:

    Hiya Shadow Melody! Welome to the PHB team! Man I am bad at welcomes… Anyways, Welcome! XD

  6. OMG!! A new one! The PHB Family is growing bigger and bigger each day! But that is not a bad thing, its really good!!! here is a bunny for you:
    (\ (\
    O( )O
    0 0
    It enjoys dancing.^_^ Welcome in to The PHB!!!!! 😀

    ~Little Toes

    P.S. your poptropician is very stylish. 🙂 Merry Xmas!! RCG FTW!!!!!! XD

  7. Welcome to the phb Ravenclawgirl! I love HP too! I am reading the Goblet Of Fire right now almost through with it! I am more of a Griffindor.

      1. Ohh Right now I have the flu. I hate my sister for giving it to me. xD
        Something happened to the boot’s blog though D;
        And I never saved the link for the Runaways, so i’m mad at myself. >:|

  8. CONGRATULATIONS RCG! I haven’t seen you in a while. Not sure if you remember me, but congrats anyway! You deserved this position! I would love to stay and chat, but Hogwarts needs me!

  9. haha It’s funny how everybody is talking about Harry Potter when this a Poptropica blog…

    But the 7th movie was a great book to film adaption! Team Harry all the way!!!

  10. OMG, I AM SUCH A HARRY POTTER FANATIC TOO! If you’re reading Harry Potter, DON’T PAY ATTENTION TO MY NAME! REALLY! DON’T! I took a test to see what house I’d be in and it said Gryffindor but I consider myself more of a Ravenpuff like some of the people who commented up there. ^^^ WHOO, HARRY POTTER ROX!!! XD

    1. I took the same test and mine said Ravenclaw…
      Then I took it again and it said Hufflepuff…
      Then I took it again and it said Ravenclaw…

      1. I just took it. I’m actually a Ravenpuff. (HA, I HAVE AWESOME INTUITION!!!) BTW, I’m still HP+GW=. I just have a diff name this time. 😀

  11. Harry Potter is one of my favorite books, I consider myself a pure Ravenclaw :3 And if you like HP I suggest you read the Pendragon series, its my favorite 😀

    1. I just took the test 10 times and I’m still a Ravenclaw. I was a little dissapointed, but I have to wait till I get my invite to Hogwarts to find out! 2 more years until im 11

  12. wait…. did you move to texas from california? cuz i know someone exactly like you….
    Im not going to say her name cuz of privacy, blah blah blah, but plz comment.

  13. Welcome RCG. It will be nice to have another Harry super-mega-superfan like me. Can I take a crack at the state? Oklahoma? Tennesee? Arkansas? I’m in Hufflepuff, BUT THAT DOES NOT GIVE YOU PERMISSION TO POKE ME WITH SPOONS! I’M A FOURTH YEAR I’M OLDER THAN YOU YOU CANNOT POKE ME WITH SPOONS! Sorry have you read the list of Things I Cannot Do at Hogwarts ? It’s at http://www.wizardwheezes.net/ It’s really funny! If you read the list, what’s your fave? It was written by a Ravenclaw. Well Congratz anyway….

    1. I love Harry Potter too, but I prefer the movies. Luna is my favorite character. 🙂 Oh, and theflamebringer, my favorite is the one below that one: “Professor Snape does not enjoy being called ‘Snookums’.”

  14. THAT IS NOT TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >=-O I am the biggest HP freak in the UNIVERSE!!! I have read each book 7 TIMES EACH! (Really I have, believe it or not =-D) And we are worst enemies by Hogwarts standards because I am a Huffledor. Other than that you seem alright ~Short Hero Out!
    disapeers into a puff of smoke

    1. OH YEAH?? WELL, I HAVE A FRIEND WHO HAS READ THE SERIES 20 TIMES!!! (I’ve only read the series once, but I’m re-reading it right now! I’m on Prisoner of Azkaban) SHE KEEPS A CHART (A CHART!!!) OF HOW MANY TIMES SHE READS THE SERIES, AND THAT’S HOW SHE KNOWS SHE’S READ IT 20 TIMES!!! (BTW, I’m a Ravenpuff!)


      P.S. HP ROX!!!

    1. And am I the only one besides RCG that likes the Percy Jackson series? I need to read the Harry Potter series,cause I’ve only seen the movies. PS I recommend The Red Pyramid, RCG it’s a good series and so far there’s only one book.

  15. Hi!!! I’m Neat Turtle (ues the one who is way UPPP in the comments 😀 I have one of my fave gods (my favorite gods are the maidens :D) set for my name now in GREEK! ;D Yaaayz! I love PJ by the way… Test how well you know greek…Figure out which god it is WITHOUT looking on wikipedia or using some type of decoder!
    Happy New Years! Keep blogging!

  16. Hi Its Neat Turtle…. I love PJ series and Calvin and Hobbes too! Calvin, the little blonde six year old who can crack anyone up!If you think you know greek, figure out My TWO favorite gods…Hints:
    One Is my new “Name”
    They are both girls
    They have both been in the PJ series…Both were very important and the other was NOT a parent….
    Good luck!

  17. you really need to read the The Secrets Of The Immortal Nicolas Flamel. THEY ARE EPIIIICCC!!! And I really am the the biggest HP fan ever. PJ is really good to. Calvin and Hobes Is HILAREOUS!

    ~Short Hero Out!;)

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