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Emotions=Facial Expression, right?

Express your… expressions… on Poptropica!

For those that can’t hide their feelings

Today we added a new Gold Card item to the store. It’s called Smiley Potion. Use it like the Love Potion. You can choose one of three smiley faces to attach to another Poptropican or even yourself.I decided to put on a disguise and try it out on Spy Island. Yeah, I know. I’m pretty smooth.
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Bubble #1 = D:<
Buble #2 = 8P
Bubble #3 = 🙂
I dunno if I would define you as “smooth” MM (or just ‘M’? notice it only says “MIME” after his post, not “MASTER MIME” :O Has Mr Mime lost his magnificent masterness? 😥 )
You probably already know that when you’re in a multiplayer room on Poptropica, you can click the emote buttons on the side of the screen to make your character smile, cry, pout, and jump for joy. Did you know you can also do these elsewhere in the game?


A simple keyboard combination will allow you to use any of the emotes during your adventures, which lets your character react to the story as it happens.

Press Ctrl+Shift+1 to laugh at pompous jerks.

Press Ctrl+Shift+2 to cry when you receive bad news.


Press Ctrl+Shift+3 to blow your stack at a faun who’s giving you guff.


And press Ctrl+Shift+4 to celebrate getting a new item.


That’s not all! You can combine some of these emotes to create brand-new ones that you won’t see in any common room. First, start the angry emote by pressing Ctrl+Shift+3. Once your character’s face is red, but before his head pops off, enter either the happy or the sad emote!
Everyone will think you’ve spent too much time in the sun. Sunscreen, people!
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What? Things are not always what they seem to be? THAT’S AWFUL! D: And thankyou Captain NOMMED, but I use sunscreen Okey Dokey?
-Green Boa

29 thoughts on “Emotions=Facial Expression, right?”

  1. *noms sunscreen*

    MASTER MIME SPEAKS! O: And I thought mimes were committed to silence. Maybe MM thinks his ventriloquism can fool us (as seen in the pic). (:<

    1. Hi.Juyo, why won’t the codes work on Mac computers? I have a iMac and it won’t work on there. Please help! 😀

      Hijuyo: If you’re on a Mac, use Command instead of Ctrl.

    1. um, it doesn’t work anymore when I press any of those combinations. I have a hp computer, windows 10

      1. Never mind! But sometimes it doesn’t work… is something wrong??

  2. I haven’t checked the PHB often, so I love the new color, and header, and new posts! keep up the Pop-posting i guess :\

    1. Greek and Roman mythology is VERY similar, so it’s pretty easy for people t gt them confused. I think it’s okay though.

    2. Yeah its so annoying how people get stuff wrong and think its ok….I mean, they’re CREATORS, and adults, so they should know better…

    3. And I believe Hercules is Roman. In Greek mythology he is Heracles. Here is a sentence from Wikipedia:

      Hercules is the Roman name for the Greek demigod Heracles, son of Jupiter (the Roman equivalent of Zeus), and the mortal Alcmena.

  3. Great post GB! How did you get the small pics in the posts? i need the trick to use in my posts XD

  4. WHY did the creators post how to do the Randomizer and the emote cheats??? It was way more fun doing that when no one else knew how to, but now, everyone who checks on their blog knows it! I guess its kinda good in some ways, but I’m still not liking them for it…It’s lost its magic, in my opinion.

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