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New Island?

GE here! I haz some very important newz!

There is going to be a new mini-quest coming soon on Poptropica!!!
It’s called “Haunted House” and I have a pretty good feeling its about Halloween. =P

Right smack dab on the Poptropica homepage, there is this icon…yes…the icon of all icons.


Its small, blue, and white. Can't miss it.
Its small, blue, and white. Can't miss it.

I don’t know if this means if RTV will never come out (which in that case, I apologize for Smockers. He wanted hippie mans costume). We’re also not sure if the Haunted House is going to be a seperate island or just part of the other islands – or if it is just temporary!

They’ve obviously started to get decked for Halloween (or as I call it, the orthodontist’s dream come true) on the Creators’ Blog homepage.


New header
New header!!!

They’ve gotten a new header, complete with Jack-o-lanterns and orange borders on each letter!!! =)

And a new post….by Shark Boy (Man)!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

New Ghoulish Outfits & More!

Check out the new outfits in the Poptropica Store. Also, a new mini-quest called Haunted House will be coming soon to Poptropica! We hope it doesn’t scare you too much…


Frank the Man with his wife and a techy pumpkin friend?
Frank the Man with his wife and a techy pumpkin friend?

I dig Franks wife’s cape. It da bomb!

The Creators have changed their gravatars, too!

Shark Boy is now:
If you want to look up this awesome boy, check out sharkboycreator on the Avatar Studio!

Vlad is now:

Dr.Hare is now:

Hazmat is now:
Hazmat Hermit’s username is justinlacy, and his real name is also Justin Lacy!

Binary is now:
Binary Bard’s username is binarybard. Spider880 once shared with us that his password was ”poptropican”, but it has been changed now.

Director D is now:

Comic Kid is now:

And this could be proof that Thirsty Whale is still working!!!

Thirsty Whale is now:
Thirsty Whale’s username seems to be thirstywhalecreator. Look it up on the Avatar Studio!

And maybe the best of all…

Cake is still cake:

Welcome to the world little Haunted House, and congratulations on learning how to read so early in life. (Reworded from the Penultimate Peril by Lemony Snicket) I hoped you enjoyed my post as much as I enjoyed my cake. 🙂

I iz outz!

(Thanks to Metsfan21 for telling me about it)

58 thoughts on “New Island?”

      1. It’s a mini-quest and Halloween’s once a YEAR so I don’t think RTV is completly gone.

    1. Haunted House island is, in fact, a mini quest. This would probably mean that its too big to be an advertisement, but not big enough to be a true island. That or its a holiday island that magically appears close to a holiday time. 🙂

    2. FOR EVERYONE WHO THINKS HAUNTED HOUSE IS AN ISLAND… it’s not. It’s just a mini quest.
      BTW, RTV is not gone forever – well, it’s just been, let’s say, DELAYED, as said in the comments below.

  1. Frankenstein and pumpkin guy pwns!!! Im getting those!!

    And GE, i think haunted house wont be an island, they said on the blog that its a mini quest, but i think they did that to advertise for people that dont check the blog. But i hope its awesome. And what kind of cake did you have?!?!

  2. I knew RTV is not coming out before this because one of the sneek peeks about the contestants has the cowgirl person who is in the store.

  3. As shaggy torando states, I don’t think RTV has disappeared. “Haunted house” is just a temporary mini-quest fo Halloween as stated in the creator’s blog.

  4. I don’t think RTV has been canceled. (Delayed, yes, but not necessarily canceled.) The creators haven’t said if they were scrapping the island or just putting it on the back burner for now and I think that they’re just still working the bugs out of it or that they’re stuck on a certain point.
    Creator(s) who read this: I BELIEVE IN YOU!
    The Haunted house sounds fun, by the way. And I noticed that the Creators’ Poptropicans still have their original skin tones, with the exception of Thirsty Whale. He’s definitely active now!

  5. Hmmm… if it’s a mini quest i will like it through i dont like horror stuff and blood and bits like that. If i made you sick (like if you have a sqweamish tummy)sooooo sorry!

    -One of the only pop stars with turquoise hair and cheerleader pom-poms, Dangerous Scorpion

  6. wait sorry i freaked out but isnt poptropica supposed to be also for little kids? they couldnt put some thing scary *gigantic sigh of relief* And now that the fear is out it looks fun!

    P.S- I hate my gravatar and I dont have a wordpress account so i cant change it

  7. Guys, it’s just a mini-game! Make sure to read it. It even says it 🙂 It’s a new mini-game coming soon, I’m guessing it’ll only stick around for Halloween though.

  8. Yes… Green faces for all!
    And cake. Cake rocks!

    Mini quest. That seems interesting! But if it’s temporary, I’m going to keep an outfit on untill my mom buys me credits to get the Costume Collector. =P

    1. Cake is so sweet I never finish it off. LOL.
      I’m drooling now just thinking about sweets.
      *drools so much*
      Ahhhhh… I’m desperate for sweets now! I got a sweet tooth! I’m gonna sneak some from the cupboard. ;D

  9. Nice post GE! BUT I think it’s just a mini-quest and creators are buying time for RTV… OH WELL! Take your time and make it good creators!

    1. well just sayin it better be good if its taking this long for it be created… and it better be long… i like long islands its very fun

  10. It’s probaly an advertisement building where you get an island medallion and 100 poptropica credits if you complete it.Or it could be an island where you get a costume for completing it.

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