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Halloween Leaks

Following up with Golden Eagle’s post about Halloween hitting the Poptropica Creators’ Blog, it seems that it has also arrived in-game as well! Besides the spooky costumes released to the Poptropica Store yesterday, there have also been some new strange ones appearing around multiplayer rooms.

As mentioned in yesterday’s post, a new mini-quest (which may or may not be an island) called the Haunted House is coming just in time for this crazy festival! Many of the Haunted House’s costumes seem to have been leaked, similarly to the Monster Carnival leaks. Among the outfit surprises are:

  • Pumpkin trick-or-treat basket
  • Grim Reaper hood, robe top + bottom, black cape, and scythe
  • Skeleton body, skull head
  • (Glitch) Dummy stand, eyes, face
  • Witch (black dress, hat with spider, fat nose, broomstick)
  • Mummy head + body wraps
  • Vampire (medallion, shiny hair, cape, etc.) (looks like last year’s)
  • Hippie man (Could this mean Reality TV is still coming?)
  • Rifle, skateboard, or big sword (originally from Nabooti phone code)

It is said that dummies similar to the ones in Super Power Island’s Masks & Capes store will randomly appear in multiplayer rooms for a period of time, which you can Costumize from to get these costumes. This is probably how this Halloween ‘leak’ happened. Be on the lookout for Grim Reaper dummies in your Multiverse room if you want that scythe!

This morning, I was hanging around our Poptropica Help Chatroom, and decided to meet in a Multiverse room with the rest of the online users. In this collage of pictures below, several of the above costumes mentioned can be seen. On another note, I also saw Golden Eagle there (with yellow hair and a gray guitar), as well as managed to Costumize some others to form my Poptropica Halloween costume for this year. 🙂

Halloween Leaks

As you can see toward the end of this picture, I met a player whose in-game Poptropica name was really ”Elmo PWNS”. Now I’m not sure how he did it, but according to Deathstalker (Seph), it’s a cheat that only 2 people know how to do. Sounds awesome, though!

One totally spectacular sight from today was the Fact Monster (he is also shown toward the end of the pic). Fact Monster is a website that sponsors Poptropica, and for those of you who have been to Time Tangled Island, you’ve probably noticed the educational ”Fact Monster” fact bubbles. Their site mascot is a red monster with purple wings, and this pretty much how he appeared to look like on Poptropica.

A couple months ago, around the time Astro-Knights Island was released, people started to see a weird mouth that curved upward and had three sharp teeth poking above it. At first, no-one knew where they came from, but now it seems that Fact Monster was the one who brought it around. Because sponsors Poptropica, you might be able to call them ”Poptropica Creators”. After all, FM had the ability to change his Poptropican’s name to ‘Fact Monster’!

Fact Monster pwnz

^As you can see, I’m next to the cool Mr. Fact Monster with my Halloween costume – black skin, scarecrow head from a Goosebumps advertisement, with a vampire cape from last year’s Halloween costume pickers! 😛

There have also been rumors of a Poptropican named ”Tinker Bell” roaming Poptropica! Because Tinker Bell is a Disney character, could this mean that Disney is hoping to be affiliates with Poptropica??

But there comes a mystery with the arrival of Fact Monster. Mostly everyone who was online at the PHB’s chatroom at the time of his arrival did not seem to be Fact Monster himself, but then who could it have been? Fact Monster was probably someone in the chatroom, because he knew exactly which Multiverse room to go to. Either that, or the Creators have a list of which Multiverse rooms are currently open and who is in them.

One of the guests online at the time was someone called ”Zerror”. At one point he said ”Boo?” to the public, but other than that, nothing much. I decided to private-chat with him. Is Zerror who he seems to be? This was the dialogue we went through:

Hijuyo: Hi, Zerror.
Zerror: Hello
Hijuyo: What’s your Poptropican’s name?
Zerror: I believe most of mine read as unidentified unidentified
Hijuyo: Do you know Fact Monster?
Zerror: maybe…
Hijuyo: What’s your login username for Poptropica?
Zerror: one of them is Zerror
Hijuyo: Are you one of the Creators?

At this question, there was no reply. Very interesting… and suspicious. Do you think Zerror is the Fact Monster or not? (By the way, a search on the username ”Zerror” at the Avatar Studio shows the name Undefined Undefined and a guy with the black Nabooti turban and Thornax Launcher from a recent LEGO Bionicle ad.)

In another Multiverse room, I found a Garden Fairy dummy. Like with Super Power Island’s hero costumes, clicking the dummy would let you Costumize from it. This Garden Fairy was wearing a red dress, fairy wings (from a Tinker Bell advertisement), curly red hair, and best of all – a candy cane from last Christmas.

Garden Fairy

The picture above shows that Sleepy Melon has Costumized the dummy. When I hovered over her character, it showed her face with the dummy’s skin. Funny glitch – sometimes, it even happens with the eyes.

And as Deathstalker pointed out, the Poptropica Help Blog only needs a little OVER 9,000 hits before we reach the grand two million! IT’S OVER 9000! IT’S OVER 9000! IT’S OVER 9000! 😀


54 thoughts on “Halloween Leaks”

  1. omg… first ever for me to have a first comment lol…. back to topic… well dats really crazy bout all the leaks and special people and changing screen name and all… CRAZY!!!

    1. He only stayed in the room for about a minute, so I didn’t get to speak to him in-game. If Zerror really is Fact Monster as suspected, then that might count as a chat. 🙂

      1. i typd zerror in avatar studio then i typed zerror 1-4 all worked! last outfit was a fact monster girl. PS, when slanted fish said is zerror your poptropica user? and he said 1 of them!

  2. ‘As you can see toward the end of this picture, I met a player whose in-game Poptropica name was really ”Elmo PWNS”. Now I’m not sure how he did it, but according to Deathstalker (Seph), it’s a cheat that only 2 people know how to do. Sounds awesome, though!’

    I’d say so! Do you know what kind of cheat it is? Not how to do it, but like, does it allow you to change the name to what ever you want?

    1. I’m not sure how, but I suppose you would be able to change your name to whatever you want. Maybe it will need to be two words, though, like how yours is ”Orange Tummy”.

  3. i dnt think its a a leak… cuz the people dat (i think) kinda gives away the costumes and all… is kinda weird cuz u can costumize the handheld item… WEIRD!!!

    1. The Creators probably set up the costume dummies on purpose, so unlike the Monster Carnival items, this is not an accidental leak.

      But good point, it may not really be a leak at all.

    2. Oh, really? Then just why was there RTV costumes! I can show proof that I have it! Not screen shots, but cam pics, cuz me don’t have MS paint.

    1. It wouldn’t be very convenient to post them room codes on this page, because people are going to be online at different times.

      To find a Multiverse room, you should probably visit the Poptropica Help Chatroom ( and ask for a room code.

      These costume dummies appear at random, so maybe while hanging out with other PHB readers, you may find one!

  4. Zezzor was on the chat again today. I got to chat with him and when I told him to meet me in one of the multiverse rooms a dummy showed up in a green suit and vampire teeth. When I asked him if he was fact monster he never gave me a straight answer either. I’ll give you the text said in the chat if you can give me something i might like. For proof the dummy came ask anyone from the phb chat.

    1. I suspect he is. But the dummy might have appeared at random times. If he was a creator, he might have put the dummy there. But if its not, they appear at random.

      I have the skeleton body and a black cape. I look so cool. Now i need to find a Halloween themed hand item…

    1. Yah! And whoever the RTV girl’s headphone hair came from! I got both on mah Dizzy Plug account, and I saved it onto the costume collector!

    1. This “fact monster” spider discovered has the same name as zerror: undefined undefined. Zerror could be fact monster, or just someone that found him and costumized him.

      But im still suspicious…

  5. You know what else leaks? Reality TV Island. Hippie dude, music girl… Reality TV Island is probably comin’ out boys and girls of all ages….

  6. …Im The Zerror On Poptropica Help Chat But When I Came People Thought I Was The Halloween Leaks Zerror But Im Not

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