The New Dimension

The latest and one of the greatest updates is the new Multiverse item.

What is the Multiverse. The Multiverse is an item card that lets you create your own Multiplayer room where you can invite friends to join by sending them a special 5 letter code.The Multiverse card can be purchased from the Poptropica Store for 350 credits.

This is a preview of how you access rooms with codes. ^The code is just a sample.

If you buy a multiverse card you will be able choose from many different themes for your room.
Big Brain Factory, Enchanted Forest, Techno Room, Sweet Tooth, Crystal Cavern.

Also there have been many reports of Creators such as Dr. Hare, Vlad the Viking, Binary Bard and Shark Boy roaming the new rooms. How awesome! Except we can’t customize any of the clothing but i would love to see one of them.

Keep in mind that the codes do not ”expire”. When the owner of a Multiverse room leaves his or her room, the room is no longer available to others until the owner returns to it.

I’ve been thinking and maybe The PHB can have a party in its own room.  We could try get the creators to join.

So without futher adiue,

Creators. If you are viewing this post we would like to invite you to one of our rooms or your rooms to party and play games. I’d love to take some pics with you guys.

*Scary Tomato takes over the second half of the post*

With the release of this awesome feature, I spent the day hanging out with many good friends from both the PHB and PHF! First, Codien (Massive Eel) and I visited Blue Bee in his Sweet Tooth room. We were also at the PHF chatroom at the same time, and Lazy Feather and MonkeyTacoz (Lucky Spider) invited us to a Techno Room. Lazy Feather tried to make his head look half Codien-like and half-ST (Scary Tomato)-like! We were going to make a group picture of everyone jumping, but it was too tricky to manage. After a while, we found Shy Turtle lurking in the room. He was, apparently, also known as the evil ”Anti SG”!

Super Grape (SG) soon joined in with us, where he found his ‘other self’, Anti SG. Anti SG stayed, and SG thought it was best to exit. We also met a friendly green-skinned guy by the name of Dizzy Catfish jumping here and there, making our eyes go dizzy. Creepy Kid and Invisible Bean dropped by (thanks for letting me Costumize your whiskers, Invisible Bean!).

After some time, we headed over to an enchanted forest, full of translucent glowing butterflies fluttering by. There we met a very fast-moving Poptropican carrying a sword and wearing a nice jacket, Speedy Ice. Everyone who was left grouped together for a photo on the top branch. Later on, we moved into yet another green Techno room where I met Incredible Fish. Take a look at the big picture below to see all I’ve gathered:

Hanging Out in ARU44

Hope you guys have fun meeting up with your buddies! We hope to see you around!

450 thoughts on “The New Dimension”

    1. my main lady has visited: Yellow Hawk

      and then i logged out and went into there with my secondary lady : Neat Cloud!

    1. Its gone untill is online I think.
      Otherwise the poptropica creators are being evil! 👿

  1. If any of you people are out there, can you come here?


    Oh and ST or Codien are on can you come if you can?

  2. OMG. A fast moving poptropican in a nice jacket and carrying a sword. That Was me! Thanks for the compliments, PHB!

  3. HEY Stop stealing my and drummers Doggy Outfit. It’s our property!

    ST: Um, it’s the Poptropica Creators’ property. Every player on Poptropica has the right to Costumize you. You can’t really say they’re ‘stealing’ your outfit.

      1. OK, I got out! Thanks for coming, Skinny Snowball, Greedy Seal, Spotted Bubbles, and Blue Seal! (And anyone else I forgot.)

  4. This is by far the best thing to come out of Poptropica since Astro-Knights! I mat Dr. Hare and saw Scary Tomato twice in the same day!

    1. I saw Dr. Hare again! He beat me in Soupwords and Paint War, but I beat him in Sudoku TWICE! By the way, has anybody seen Binary Bard yet?

      1. Where is ST? And maybe ST was on other stuff,too and that’s why he took so long. ( I did that)

        ST: I visited your room just now, but I had to log off. 😉

  5. Someone should throw a seal party!!! I cant because i cant afford to buy the multiverse item card, but someone should throw a Seal party or a Fox party or something!!!

  6. They Must Have Cancelled Total Drama Island (Reality TV) Because its not on the Map! Is Anyone In Their Room Right Now? Thursday July 30th 2009 12:00? My Name is Silver Fox and I am a Blue Baseball Player. The Code is: ADW81
    Please Come Because a Poptropica Party with No People IS No Fun. Please Come Codien (Or ST)

    I will be having a party at BDS85
    Please come! You will see two people. me. and my other account. (My other account person is Calm Comet)
    Since my Incredible Monster account doesn’t have the Multiverse thingy, I’m hosting it with my other one. Don’t pay attention to the Goth looking one. I’m not playing on that one. By the way, It’s a Fantasy Party. Dress up in anything that a fantasy character. Ex: Fairy, Elf, etc. p.s if you cant find a fantasy costume, dress in any costume. If you dont have a costume, who cares! Come anyway!

    1. Sorry everyone, I accidently logged off of Calm Comet (the one hosting the party) SO no one was able to join in after that. But thanks everyone for coming!

  8. p.s. motionman, i was the chicken that asked you to play hoops and skydive, and you said, no thank you! we also rocked out n the big brian platform together! 😀

    1. Hey there! You just beat me in Hoops I think… Or maybe that was Invisible Seal… Anyways, Hey!

  9. Thursday, July 30, 2009
    Summer Store Fun!
    We will be releasing new store items every week during the summer!

    For this week we’ve added two new items: Multiverse and a new Astronaut outfit.

    As many of you know the Creators visted some or your Multiverse rooms. It was really cool chatting and battling with many of you, but sadly a few of you totally destroyed us at some of the games…Ouch!

    Awesome new post on the PCB!!!

  10. I think someone should create a page for rooms. You could put the code down and a short description. My room code is AWP77.

    ST: We might, but it would be difficult. The code changes if you change the room, and if the room isn’t active for one month, it will expire.

  11. ST, Codien, can you come to my room at 8:00 P.M.? (I mean, P.M. in my timezone. I think it’ll be 8:00 A.M. for you.)

    1. ST and Codien are probobly still asleep, because of the timezones. It’s probobly 4:03 A.M. for ST right now. So that’s why I asked for 8:00 P.M. for me, A.M. for him.

  12. Hey everyone! The will be a Wacky Party at AFB33!
    Everyone has to dress as wacky and weird as possible! Hope you can come!

  13. hey guys lets have a big phb party.everyone dress like poptropica carecters(example:medicine man)st coiden and smockers please come

  14. I just realized something! On Poptropica, it doesn’t say to sign up for when Reality TV Island releases anymore! Instead, it says “Sign up to be emailed when the next Poptropica Island is released”! Does that mean another island is in the works, that may be released soon?

  15. I noticed something new about the Recent Comments, they show ur Wavatar or Poptropican pic next to ur name! Thats cool! 😀

    ST: Yep, I changed the widget a little so that people could recognize each other more!

  16. ST, will you post at any time (before Saturday) a time for a party (you can use a different account…)

  17. Mine is aty38 and I’m never leaving the room because I don’t want have to have spent 350 credits for nothing! 🙂

    1. Whoops, I just discovered how it actually works. Oops. Wow, I leave for one week and this happens.

  18. Animal Party at BRV17!
    Dress as an animal please! The reason for this animal party is because I want to get cat ears.

  19. on the PCB they are missing some creators. I just noticed that and no I have not checked if anyone else said something about that.
    Missing from Picture from Pop. Creator’s Blog. — DIRECTOR D.

    I think that is it.
    —Postopialucy (Poptropica names- Yellow Hawk, Neat Cloud, and Calm Tooth)

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