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Dragon Dress-Up

The Poptropica Creators are showing another “super-special” outfit on their blog. Thanks, SpiderGirl, for the news! Picture below:

Blog Post Title: Dragon
Description: Here’s another “super-special” outfit.
Image URL:
Image Name: dragon.jpg

Thirsty Eel, one of the PHB’s commenters, says that this dragon costume may have pieces from the rumored Monster Carnival Island, and predicts that they may be combining Astro-Knights with Monster Carnival. It’s just a theory, since nobody’s actually sure if this is really for Astro Island… but who knows?
(For more information regarding Monster Carnival’s item leak, see this post.) Let us know what you think!

Oumer26 has informed us that there is a new poll on the Creators’ Blog: What Poptropica merchandise would you most like to own? The options are:

  • Bobbleheads
  • T-shirts
  • Magnets
  • Giant wall stickers
  • Customized cell phone skins
  • Plush toys

Plush toys is winning so far.

This poll may be hinting that Poptropica could be selling real life merchandise soon. It looks a lot like they’re trying to make money out of this game…

Also, I’m not sure how long this has been here, but I’ve just noticed that the Poptropica Creators’ Blog has a slightly different header! Here’s what it looks like:


They’ve changed the words “Creators’ Blog” to a light orange-ish color. It used to be white!

Also, a little   sign is now next to the “A” of Poptropica at the top. “TM” is short for “Trademark”, which is kind of like a tag, symbol, or mark that shows that a company/business owns something.

Anyway, remember to check up on the posts below!

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31 thoughts on “Dragon Dress-Up”

  1. Sorry if this is off topic, I saw you didn’t have it and I didn’t know where else to post it. There are some new clothes in Poptropica that I saw. There are white, pink, and light blue berets in Poptropica, and I also saw a blue skirt with black leggings.

    1. berets! you wear berets in france! I bet those clothes are for the “french” island they’re making. Great observation!

      1. I am not sure about them being in relation to the French island. I just call them berets because they are very similar. They were like the ones that the people on Time Tangled island, the Thomas Edison workshop wear. But they might be in relation! 😉

    2. What if this is an item leak, like what happened to monster carnival? What if french island won’t come out?

      1. It was a joke, I know that won’t happen because the creater’s made it!

  2. Oh i bet i know where its going to be. You guys remember that mechanical jungle post? Well dragons are surrounding the place you need to go and dragons only let dragons through. So you dress up like a dragon!

  3. The PCB header also shows little lettering that says: 2009 Pearson Education,Inc.

    Scary Tomato: I don’t see it…

    1. Sorry! I meant blog!

      Scary Tomato: Thanks, but don’t bother to correct spelling mistakes – we know what you meant. We just want to prevent from having too many comments. 😉

    2. I think it’s a part of a planet. It’s probably form Astro Knights Island. I think it is, because the image is called planets.

  4. I was thinking that the dragon would be in the volcano place….ya know, since dragons breathe fire?

  5. I think that these costumes will be for members only if there will be a membership. I kind of don’t want Poptropica to sell stuff, though.

  6. they are selling stuff?? OH no! its disney taking over!! (little off subject) but i dont know about you guys, but if you have a club penguin, you may know what i mean.
    (delete this comment if ya want) 🙂

    Scary Tomato: It might not be Disney. Poptropica probably just wants to make a little money from their game by getting us interested in real-life Poptropica products. 😉

  7. I am not sure if some one mentioned this already, but look on the back. There is spikes! From the Monster Carnival leak!

  8. I love playing Poptropica because there are lots of cool Islands to discover and every week there are different clothes to buy. I love playing on Poptropica, it’s just so much fun!!!!!

  9. I know this is a long-a-go post. And who will see it? But in June they are coming. Toys, Plush toys, action figures. coming soon.

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