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A Blend in Time and… a bear hat?!

A blend in time? You’ve got it: another sneak peek of that mysterious Mechanical/Medieval Island. Blog picture and information below:

Blog Post Title: Past or Future?
Description: Is this a scene from medieval history, or from the high-tech future?
Image URL:
Image Name: comfy_inside.jpg

In this sneak peek we’ve got an indoor room containing a (glass?) window, a suit of armor with red radars, two floating wooden barrels with some kind of technology attached to its top and bottom, and a lion banner. Definitely a mix of medieval and mechanical! Because of the description given by the Creators, the medieval can be considered “medieval history”, while mechanical can be called “high-tech future”. ๐Ÿ˜€

adbearNext, the bear hat. You’re probably thinking, now what could that possibly mean? One of our very own blog staff members, Codien, secretly found a picture of what the Poptropica Creators were working on. He says it’s a bear hat, and according to him, it’s for a new advertisement.ย He provided a picture for us on the left.

That’s all we’ll say about this for now… ๐Ÿ˜‰

As a reminder, we all know Nabooti Island was released a couple days ago. For those who haven’t finished it yet and need some help, the guide is available here at:

Keep checking back at Poptropica Help Blog for all the latest Poptropica tips and news!

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