A Wall-E Christmas

elfmodelThe calender is edging closer to christmas and Poptropica is already bringing out some christmas gear. Also the elves are carrying a wagon advertising Wall-E’s new movie. By visiting the elves you can obtain a ‘Wish List’ featuring Wall-E.

You can find the elves at Early Poptropica, 24 Carrot and Super Power Island.

To wear the Elves costumes press the Customizer Button (The shirt in the top left corner) and then select an elf.

Popropica Help Team

7 thoughts on “A Wall-E Christmas”

  1. How come they have a wall.e poster thats weird.
    How do you get that elfmodle.jpg?

    Codien: Eddyho, I didn’t get it, i made it.
    What i did was went into the customizer view (with the blue background), took a screenshot (PrtScn), Then i [Pasted] into a chosen editing program (Photoshop), then selected the lighter blue and replaced it with the darker blue. Then [SAVED] as a PNG because it hold its quality.

    Hope that answers.

  2. i can’t find the wall-e cart. is there more than one place you can find it?

    Scary Tomato: The Wall-E cart was removed, sorry for the inconvenience caused. 😦 Sadly, advertisements don’t last forever in Poptropica.

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