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The Poppies: Livestream & Party Details!

The parties have ended! Click here for the livestream & here for the chat.
Click here for our recap post with pics and here for the list of winners.

Hi Gs,

I’m bear-y excited about these details that I’ll be reveal– what, we’re not doing that anymore? Oh. Ok. Well, we’re nearing the end of the Poppies, our very own Poptropica awards event, and you guys have spoken! (Haven’t voted yet? Now’s your chance!) We’re going to celebrate the winners with a couple of fun parties, the details of which are below:

poppies parties

The climax of the event will happen on the Saturday of this week – the 25th of July at 8:00 pm EST (that’s 7pm CST / 6pm MST / 5pm PST) – starting with a livestream hosted by yours truly, where I’ll be announcing the winners of the awards. At the same time, you can mill about on the PHC chatting and joining Multiverse rooms with other awards show attendees! For this, we encourage you to formally dress up in your Poptropican best: ties, tuxes, dresses, and all!

We’ll also be having an after-party on the PHC on Sunday, July 26th at 10:00 am EST, so people have a better chance at making it to at least one of the two party times. Plus, Sunday is the date of the PHB’s 7th anniversary, so come in your 7th birthday balloons and join our Multiverse rooms!

To join the chat hangout, just visit or click on the “Chat” tab in the navigation bar on the PHB. The Poptropica Help Chat, or PHC, is the official PHB chatroom, but besides hosting parties, you’re welcome year-round to come chat anytime with other Poptropicans online there (sometimes even PHB authors!).

Get ready for jokes! Awards! And maybe me drawing some people hmm… Click here for the livestream link! When it’s time (8pm EST on Saturday), I’ll be announcing the winners there, and you can watch the show live (or see the archived video later, if you’re not able to make it).

If you haven’t already, you have until Saturday to cast your votes in the Poppies Awards!