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20 rarest items: The Finale

This is it, people! It’s the grand finale for the 20 rarest items of Poptropica history (so far at least)! We’re down to the top 5 rarest items of all time now. Here’s a new creators post detailing the big 5:

The 20 rarest items in Poptropica, part 5

This is it. To celebrate the launch of our 20th Island, Shrink Ray Island, today we conclude our list of the 20 rarest items in Poptropica history.

4. Hypnotic

This dazzling costume was available for a short time by clicking on an otherwise unremarkable window in Early Poptropica.

3. Cryptids Nessie Hat

One of the hardest items to acquire in Poptropica’s history was the Nessie Hat during the sneak preview of Cryptids Island. Players could look through a viewfinder on the shores of Loch Ness, and those who spotted Nessie won this item!

2. Wunder Bubble Tonic

Unlike the Loch Ness viewfinder, roping cattle in the Wild West sneak preview wasn’t about luck. But it was incredibly difficult, and not many Poptropicans were able to wrangle all of the prizes from that game, including the final prize, Wunder Bubble Tonic.

1. 3rd Birthday Hat

To win the 3rd birthday hat, a Poptropican had to be incredibly lucky. First of all, you had to be in a common room during our 3rd birthday celebration last September. Next, you needed to see a special balloon appear, which most Poptropicans never did. And finally, you had to click on the balloon before you left the room! Those who made it were rewarded with the 3rd birthday hat, the rarest item in the history of Poptropica.

If you missed any of these rare items over the past 20 Poptropica Islands, never fear: there will be a lot more costumes and powers to come from the next 20 Islands — and beyond!

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 For number 5 is that weird looking hypnotic costume from a hunt on Early Poptropica. An image revealed clicking on a window for the hunt, posted in the creators blog. They gave us picture clues. Clicking on the right window gave you a special costume! Too bad I didn’t get it, thought it was weird :/.
Next up is the Nessie hat! Remember that loch ness sneak peek we had before Cryptids Island offically launched? That’s right, some seconds on the view finder to find nessie. Members got more time, though. But the PHB did it again! They found a way to get more time, just log out and log back in again! Many people probably used this effecient method. Some might’ve seen all sorts of stuff like a flying balloon, a dog, Skullduggery Island ships (captain c’s ship was there…hmmmm, yummm…lobster :D), but if you were really lucky, the chance of probability shined upon you and you would see…Nessie! That unlocks this special hat (wonder if coderkid or codien could hack into that to put it on MAP or something, modify a poptropican 😉 ).
The wonder bubble tonic was the final and most difficult prize to recieve. One had to wrangle all the cows/herd them in order to recieve it. When you drink it you immediately turn blue, and blue bubbles escape from your mouth. Finally, remember Poptropica’s 3rd Birthday? Ahhh, 3 years of fun, fun, and more fun. The servers were swarmed with players trying to find special balloons in Multiplayer Rooms. Upon clicking on the balloon got you the rarest prize of all, 3rd bday hat! Of youcrse, I bet it would’ve taken hours and hours of finding to actually spot the balloon.
So that’s the conclusion! The 20 rarest items have come to a stop, people!
Cryptids Island, Daily Pop Sneak Peeks

Makeup tests on Tibetan mountaintops

Perhaps you know about the failed gif on the PCB a couple of days ago. Well, no need to be curiously sitting and wondering what it was all about.

Animation re-test

(Please go here to see the gif, as I am unable to copy and paste nor save it)

Nothing like a make-up exam.

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Although, if you examine if long enough, you may notice that the gif does stop after a while, in the same position it seemed to be eternally stuck in on the previous post. There is a strong chance the horse may be from Wild West island, as you immediately think horsies and pretty ponies when you think cowboys!

Notice how the horse looks awfully similar to a new Daily Pop picture?

There’s also several more Daily Pop pictures– check them out!

It looks a bit like Uno– but the title does say Jack. Perhaps a Poptropica form of Slap Jack, Black Jack, or even an entirely new game!

“Now, lerkey here, Creators. Yer release Cryptids Island sooner then planned and we dun have to report you to the Sheriff. Ev’rybody wins.”

These baddies don’t scare me! *whimper*

I don’t think I want to know either…

Hey, look! There’s Captain Crawfish, kids!

RCG: Oh, hi Captain Crawfish!
CC XII: Agggghhh!
RCG: Got a toothache?
CC XII: Youre…you’re one of those bratty PHB people who always like
to eat me!
RCG: It’s all cool. I don’t like seafood.
CC XII: Oh, very well…I guess I can tell you about the new post.

Tales from the Cryptids

Cryptids Island can be dangerous for an old salt like me. Sea legs I’ve got. Mountaineering arms, not so much. Good thing I found a guide to help me out.

Cryptids Island will be open to everybody next Tuesday, January 18!

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Whispers from the shadows: Mmm…salt.
CC XII: Who said that??!?!
RCG: No one. It’s okay, Crawfishy.
CC XII: Arghhh, I’m not so sure about that.
RCG: Oh, well. It’s a shame I didn’t bring any salt myself, but I guess you’re already bloated from it, living on the seas and such. It was nice knowing you. I’m glad we could become acquaintances. …Ok guys! Come on in!
*rest of PHB team appears*
CC XII: B-b-but you said you didn’t like seafood!
RCG: I never said that the others didn’t like seafood…


(lights flicker on an off until there is complete darkness)

Random PHB Member: Hey! That’s my finger! AGGGHH! SOMEONE’S EATING MY HAND!
Random PHB Member 2: I’m eating someone’s hand? *barf*
Random PHB Member 3: Where’s that Crawfish Dude? He’s gotten away!

CC XII: Heh heh… now, onto my next adventure!

More tales from the Cryptids

Whether an ocean or a lake — or “loch,” as some call it — I’m always more comfortable on a boat than on land. But during my trip to Scotland in Cryptids Island, I was the passenger and not a captain. I even found time to take pictures.

Did I find proof of the Loch Ness Monster?

avatar image


RCG: *sigh* Notice the strange ridges along “Nessie”? They don’t exactly look like scales. I think you only saw truck tires or giant rusty mechanical gears.
CC XII: How’d you get here?!
RCG: Oh, I’m apart of the PHB posting a random update, and this is only written text. That means I can go where ever I want, as long as the words take me! You’re simply only typed up as well. Did I mention I’m a secret sorceress?
CC XII: That makes no sense…