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Battle Morale: an interview with Pop movie producer Invisible Ring ๐ŸŒ ๐ŸŽฅ

Hey Poptropicans, if you’ve been hoping against hope for the way the game’s been going, this might just be the pick-me-up for you.

Battle Morale is a feature-length Poptropica fan movie by Invisible Ring and released only last month. You can watch the full film below. Plus, scroll down for a PHB-exclusive interview with the perky producer!

Battle Morale tells the story of an optimistic Poptropican โ€” Ring starring as herself โ€” seeking hope and truth in a dark and pessimistic world. Along the way, she goes on a mission to retrieve pirate treasure, confronts a former Pop Creator on the world’s troubles, and dives into the deep rivalry between Amelia and the Baron. We won’t spoil everything here, but invite you to join the journey in the video above!

And now, let’s welcome our special guest to chat with us about her inspirations and process of pulling off this project: the kindred kid and the Poptropican of passion, Invisible Ring!

Ring: Hee hee heeโ€ฆ I like those alliterations! โ€ฆSo whatโ€™s up? 

Fishy: Invisible Ring, we are nothing short of amazed at your new movie, and we want to hear more. Our first question is, how did you do it? How did your story come together and what was the process like?

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Sneak Peeks

Silence is golden, duct tape is silver

Please, don’t spoil the movie by adding your own soundtrack.

Movie theater

It’s awards season, and all of the biggest names in cinema are picking up statues and telling each other how great they are. Well, I like today’s movies too, but they just don’t make ’em like they used to, you know? Sometimes I just want to settle into my local movie palace and watch a real old-time Hollywood epic.

Maybe someday.ย –Black Widow, Poptropica Creators’ Blog

Here’s another sneak peek for the theater-themed stuffย we’ve been seeing from the Daily Pops! Looks like they’ve finished coloring in the theater from earlier. With the Academy Awards on February 24 this year, maybe we’ll soon get more information about what this could be? Is it an island on its own or a movie cinema/place for Broadway actors and actresses in the Twin Palms Mall on Night Watch? ๐Ÿ˜€


Ice Age Continental Drift

If you go onto the Map in Poptropica, you might notice something new.ย  Well, two new things, actually.ย  The first new thing is this:

The Creators have added Wimpy Boardwalk to the Map!ย  It’s obviously not out yet, but maybe that’s a sign that it’s going to come out soon!ย  …Maybe?

Anyway, the second new thing that you might notice is a certain iceberg floating around on the bottom of the map.

It’s an ad for the new Ice Age movie!

Click on the little iceberg to enter the ad.

When you enter the ad you’ll see this to the left:

If you click on it, an icon will appear next to your items.

If you click on the icon, you’ll be brought to a page where you’re able to see previews, a list of the characters, the story line, things like that.

There’s a sign that’s shaped like an arrow next to the notifier thing.

Go to the left and a monkey named Captain Gutt will tell you this:

This page will pop up:

The page says “Select A Game”, when it should say “Select The Game”, cause the game called Granny’s Bath isn’t available for you to play until July 2nd.ย  Which is fine by me; Granny’s Bath doesn’t sound like a very…appealing game anyway.

The game that you can play is called Escape from Captain Gutt.ย  This game is really easy.ย  What you do is you sail your iceberg, following the arrow of a compass.ย  The arrow points to your home.ย  The iceberg’s controls are exactly the same as the ones for your boats in Skullduggery Island, which makes it that much easier.ย  Basically just point your cursor in the direction that you want to go and click to fire what they say are cannonballs, but I have a sneaking suspicion that they’re actually snowballs.ย  Just try to avoid hitting other icebergs, running into sea crabs, and getting fired at by pirate ships.ย  Oh, and, obviously, Manny doesn’t understand that someone shouting things at you while you’re trying to sail is very distracting.ย  So, just try to ignore him.

Once you beat the game, you get two items.

The first item is a Badger Pirate Flag.

The second item is a Dodo Follower.

When you’re done with the game, go to the right and you’ll see a trailer that you can watch if you want to.

Keep going right, and you’ll see another sign shaped like an arrow.

Follow the sign, and go to the right.

Go to the right and up a little bit and you will find yourself in front of the ScrArcade.

If you go inside you’ll get to see some trailers.ย  There’s also a spot where you can download some wallpapers.

If you go to the right you’ll see another arrow sign.ย  They must really like arrows…

This thing is so important that it needed two signs, the second one (which is a little bit to the right of the first one) is even decked out with a disco ball.

Sid is standing to the right of this purty sign.ย  Talk to him.ย  Your conversation will go as follows:

(Bit melodramatic, don’t you think?)

The dancing game is really easy, as well.ย  It’s one of those memorization games that you see all the time.ย  A letter will get a glow around it, and you have to press that same letter on your keyboard.ย  Then it’ll be two letters, then three letters, and so on.

Once you beat the game you’ll get two more prizes.

The first prize is the Granny Costume.

The second item is the Acorn Costume.

Edit: Thanks to Tough Spider for letting me know that the boys’ prize for the Dance with Sid game is a Sid Costume instead of the Granny Costume.ย  Here’s a picture of it:

Well, that’s about it.

Since I can’t think of any other way to end this boring post, and since I’m sort of obsessed with these Brave motion graph things that I found on Brave’s website…

If you haven’t seen Brave yet, you should see it for two reasons.

One: cause it’s so hilarious you’ll laugh so hard that you’ll start crying.

Two: cause I told you so. ๐Ÿ˜‰