Hide the fishies!

News flash! RawrDude reports that Poptropicans everywhere are falling under the power of the mysterious Phantom and are vanishing into thin air! One moment you see them, and the next thing you know they’re gone. For some people, it’s not as strong; but for others, they look as if they’ve seen a ghost! There are different levels of transparency for different people, but who knows what kind of Phantom could be trying to take over Poptropica??
The Phantom [of the Opera] is here!
The Phantom (of the Opera) is here!


No, no, not him!

So, if you wish to maybe disappear for a while, the price is only 250 credits ($2.50 US) at the Poptropica Store. It’s in the Cool Stuff section, and it’s awesome; you can even choose how visible/invisible you want to be —

Wait, what are you saying? Too expensive? Well, don’t leave yet, there’s more. For just 75 credits ($o.75 US), female characters are able to purchase the grand, purple Gothic Cheerleader costume! Remember the Cheerleader costume a few days ago? ♪CheerfulPanda♫ has kindly provided us with a list of similarities and differences between the two, so you can decide which one you’d like to buy!

The Gothic Cheerleader’s action is that she has that angry emoticon (not the one where your head turns red & flys in midair!) I also compared and contrasted the 2 cheerleader outfits:

Original has the following:
blush on her face
pink lips (smiling)
the letter P (for Poptropica) for the outfit design
yellow pom-pom
comes in 3 colors=red, blue and purple

hairstyle: pigtails
outfit appearance (excluding design)

Gothic has the following:
skull earrings
front hairpiece
“bags” in her eyes
purple lips (obviously NOT smiling)
skull design on outfit
purple pom-pom
comes in 1 color

Thanks also goes to Director Lion (Gentle Lion) for informing us about this costume being added and that there is currently a Froot Loops sidebar ad for younger players (aged 6, 7, or 8). It is advertising FrootLoops.com, where you can ”help Toucan Sam save breakfast from the FrootOctopus”!

Also, check out VladtheViking’s updated Poptropica Tour video! It has now been uploaded to YouTube, but not updated at the Poptropica.com homepage yet… 😛 The title is ”Poptropica Tour: Summer 2009”, and includes Astro-Knights, but not Reality TV Island. Orange Tummy noted that it’s still not very updated, because the old Games Icon is still on the top-right corner for all the island previews, except Astro-Knights, which has the old Poptropica Store symbol.

Wow, take a look at these sea animals! According to Lazy Feather, this was once posted on Nate Greenwall’s blog (a Poptropica Creator whose other identity is Shark Boy) but was taken off one day. Well, that makes sense: Sharks can be found in this aquarium. There are also two crabs that look like the one from Time Tangled Island, as well as some littler fishies, two seahorses, a snail, and a submarine.

One of the pictures on one of Nate’s blogs shows him in his office, using the computer. This mysterious aquarium, which is currently not released on Poptropica.com (if it was even meant for Poptropica, which it looks like it was), is on his screen. (For more information, click here.)

Notice how it’s got three floors, like a Main Street multiplayer room usually has. This may have been Shark Tooth’s multiplayer room until they decided to use a Coconut Cafe instead (maybe; but we’re not sure), or as MoNKeYTaCoZ suggests, possibly the one for Reality TV Island? Bony Melon reckons it could be one of the upcoming Party Rooms, such as the one shown with pink crystals. Anyway, click on the picture to view the full picture!


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