Stolen Snapshots


Originally premiering on Slippery Raptor’s Blog, Stolen Snapshots is a puzzle game that puts your Poptropica recognition skills to the test. Someone messed up the pictures on Slippery Raptor’s table, and now he doesn’t know which islands they belong to! Can you help Slip find the answers?

Here on the Poptropica Help Blog, we are showing past puzzles that have already premiered on Slip’s blog as well as current ones, to be updated at the end of each month. You can hover over an image to see what number it is, and the corresponding answers are posted below each round (we’ve broken up the game into rounds to make it easier to scroll through or come back later). Let’s solve some puzzles!

Round A

Round A answers

  • 1) Reality TV Island (in Bucky Lucas’s room)
  • 2) Cryptids Island (at the top of the lighthouse)
  • 3) SOS Island (in Dagoo’s Fish Market)
  • 4) Mystery Train Island (in the Freight car)
  • 5) Mystery Train Island (at the Ferris wheel)
  • 6) Super Villain Island (inside the Guard Room)

Round B

Round B answers

  • 7) Super Power Island (in the Sewers)
  • 8) Night Watch Island (inside the security office)
  • 9) Back Lot Island (in the set of Soundstage 1)
  • 10) Ghost Story Island (inside the Hemlock Herald office)
  • 11) Counterfeit Island (inside the Forgery Detection Lab)
  • 12) Home Island (above the Shop)

Round C

Round C answers

  • 13) Spy Island (inside the B.A.D. Bistro)
  • 14) Vampire’s Curse Island (a tapestry in the Armory)
  • 15) Super Villain Island (a sign in the You-Know-The-Drill Eatery)
  • 16) Astro-Knights Island (a tapestry in the Crop Circle Inn)
  • 17) Mocktropica Island (the frame in Ephraim University)
  • 18) Skullduggery Island (inside the Governor’s mansion)

Round D

Round D answers

  • 19) 24 Carrot Island (inside Charlie’s Carrot Surplus Co.)
  • 20) Red Dragon Island (the treehouse window)
  • 21) Ghost Story Island (the calendar in the Hemlock Harbor bank)
  • 22) Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Island (one of the posts above the factory)
  • 23) Virus Hunter Island (the fire extinguisher in Knave’s Landing)
  • 24) Monster Carnival Island (cola sign in Honest Gabe’s shop)

Special Event: PHB Mystery Snapshots Game

When the PHB reached 10 million hits, we celebrated with ten mystery snapshot puzzles! They have been posted here to add to the Stolen Snapshots game:

Mystery Snapshots answers

  1. Vampire’s Curse Island (Cliffs, where the wolf is)
  2. Mythology Island (Tree Base, on the bridge to the Garden of the Sphinx)
  3. Game Show Island (Main Street, museum – part of ‘The Thinker’ statue spoof)
  4. Ghost Story Island (Main Street, Visitor’s Center – the common room)
  5. Time Tangled Island (Mali Empire, outside the Timbuktu Inn, 1387)
  6. Spy Island (Main Street, edge of the Hair Club)
  7. Astro-Knights Island (Castle of Arturus)
  8. SOS Island (Bridge of ship)
  9. Red Dragon Island (Main Street, closed music store)
  10. Skullduggery Island (Pirate Outpost, inside Corsair Cannonry)

And now back to our regularly scheduled programming of Stolen Snapshots…

Round E

Round E answers

  • 25) Lunar Colony Island (one of the panels in the station)
  • 26) Arabian Nights Island (the dummy in the Arab Nights 2 common room)
  • 33) Cryptids Island (seagull in Main Street)
  • 34) Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Island (one of the gumball tubes on the wall)
  • 35) Shark Tooth Island (inside the Visitor’s Center)
  • 36) Mystery Train Island (inside Reverie Lounge)

Special Event: Stolen Snapshot Surprise

Slippery Raptor’s Blog released a special event called Stolen Snapshot Surprise, in which not one but six snapshots were released in a given week! Can you solve these?

Stolen Snapshot Surprise answers

  • 27) Cryptids Island (inside Mother Leeds’s house)
  • 28) Super Power Island (graffiti in the subway train)
  • 29) Steamworks Island (the typewriter in the Mayor’s office)
  • 30) Super Villain Island (one of the wires in the prison lab wreckage)
  • 31) PoptropiCon Episode 2: Spoiler Alert (Dr. Hare stuffed toy in advertisement rooms)
  • 32) Time Tangled Island (the lights in the Lab’s time machine)

Round F

Round F answers

  • 37) Vampire’s Curse Island (in front of the barn)
  • 38) Virus Hunter Island (inside Joe’s room)
  • 39) Escape from Pelican Rock Island (on top of the market building)
  • 40) Wild West Island (slot in the exterior of the casino)
  • 41) Cryptids Island (inside the General Store)

As of April 2016, the Stolen Snapshots moved away from Slippery Raptor’s Blog to continue the series on the PHB… and Slip has started numbering his rounds of snaps!

Round 1: April 2016

Round 1 answers

  1. 24 Carrot Island, a recolored version of the carrot cake in the billboard in front of the factory.
  2. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Island, one of the hanging pots inside the Inventing Room.
  3. Mocktropica, a painting inside the common room: The Blue Locust.
  4. Red Dragon Island, in East Edo, the bird on top of the shogun statue.
  5. Vampire’s Curse Island, inside a hole in the Great Hall (accessed by members only).
  6. Night Watch Island, near the shark tank inside Crawl Mart.
  7. Mocktropica, on top of the cheese factory.
  8. Shrink Ray Island, one of the windows in the cafeteria.
  9. Virus Hunter Island, Joe Stockman’s stove in his apartment.
  10. Monster Carnival Island, one of the crates in front of the big tent.

Round 1 winners:

  1. Tall Cactus with 1 correct answer! 
  2. Short Feather with 1 correct answer!
  3. Pinku Randomness with 2 correct answers!
  4. Creepy Goose with 6 correct answers!

Round 2: May 2016

Round 2 answers:

  1. Home Island, a toy car in the store from the Poptropica app (I took a picture of it before it was patched on the web version, sorry for that!)
  2. Cryptids Island, the window of the convenience store in New Jersey.
  3. Super Power Island, one of the edges of The Daily Paper building
  4. Game Show Island, the blinking light above the door of the Robot Museum.
  5. Arabian Nights Island (Episode 3), the bowl in front of the secret passage in the hall. (painting)

Round 3: June 2016

  1. SOS Island, the red warning light on the island’s rescue camp.
  2. Astro-Knights Island, the cracked window of the Crop Circle Inn.
  3. Wimpy Boardwalk, the lights on the Fastball Fury sign.
  4. Reality TV Island, the poster on the window inside Mike’s Market.
  5. Survival Island (Episode 4: Cabin Fever), one of the tapestries on MVB’s wall.

Round 3, Part 2: July 2016

Round 3 answers:

  1. Red Dragon Island, bonsai tree room
  2. Wild West Island, Diamond Plains
  3. Counterfeit Island, jail
  4. Escape From Pelican Rock Island, the bathroom to the left of Kurt’s Fish Warehouse
  5. PoptropiCon — Ep. 3, above the theater ventilation shaft

Special Event: Tribal Thinkers (August 2016)

In the summer of the 2016 Rio Olympics, the PHB held an event called the Tribal Tournament, and one of the challenge rounds involved Stolen Snapshots. Check out our recap of the whole event!

Tribal Thinkers answers:

  1. SOS Island
  2. Lunar Colony
  3. Arabian Nights Episode 2
  4. Wild West
  5. Poptropolis Games
  6. Game Show
  7. Counterfeit
  8. Ghost Story
  9. Poptropolis Games
  10. Mythology

Special Event: Stolen Snapshot September (Snap-tember 2016)

Fourteen snapshots got lost this month! It’s up to everyone to help me find them all! Every day from September 4 to September 17, a snapshot was posted by the PHB staff. Here are the snapshots featured that event:

Snaptember answers:

  1. Twisted Thicket, window of the building on Main Street
  2. Escape from Pelican Rock, common room
  3. Cryptids, Buddhist temple in Nepal
  4. PoptropiCon Episode 1,  Space Jaunt booth decor
  5. Home Island, Arcade exterior
  6. 24 Carrot, House interior
  7. Super Power, common room
  8. Lunar Colony, PASE Jumbo screen
  9. Night Watch, common room
  10. Skullduggery, Phoenix Warbird cannons
  11. Time Tangled, Lewis and Clark expedition
  12. Zomberry, Smoothie shop interior
  13. Galactic Hot Dogs, Neon Wiener interior
  14. Mystery of the Map, Beach

Special Event: Spooktober Snapshots (October 2016)

In conjunction with the PHB’s 8th Annual Autumnal-Halloween Contest, ten spooky inverted snapshots were offered up for ghoulish guesses!

Spooktober answers:

  1. Back Lot Island (the set in Studio 1)
  2. Mission Atlantis, Episode 3 (the hole made by the Leviathan)
  3. Astro-Knights Island (the candles in the secret Mordred club)
  4. Monster Carnival Island (one of the horses on the carousel)
  5. Super Power Island (the comet)
  6. Vampire’s Curse Island (the clock on top of the cinema)
  7. Zomberry Island (this is on top of the Smoothie shop)
  8. Haunted House (bathroom)
  9. Spy Island (cat in front of the spyglass shop)
  10. Ghost Story Island (cemetery)

How did you do, super sleuth? Let us know in the comments. If you liked these puzzles, there’s more where this came from! Check in every so often on Slippery Raptor’s Blog for a new puzzle. This PHB page may update occasionally to add more past puzzles.

Can’t get enough? Nice Hawk from Poptrickia also runs a similar game called Poptropica Hide-and-Seek, and Silver Wolf from Poptropica Tips for Poptropicans has one called Snapshot!. Check that out and submit a guess for a chance to be featured on Poptrickia and/or Poptropica Tips for Poptropicans!

We hope you enjoyed playing Stolen Snapshots! 😀

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