Stolen Snapshots

Stolen Snaphots on the PHB!


Hey guys, Slip here! Say cheese!


Remember Stolen Snapshots, which originally premiered on my blog?

I’ve finally decided to move Stolen Snapshots from my (Slippery Raptor’s) Blog to the PHB! I believe that Stolen Snapshots will be a great addition to this blog, and it’ll be a great chance to interact with community members!

What’s going to happen is that every month on the PHB, I’ll be featuring 5-10 mystery snapshots. They will always be posted at the end of the month.

Stolen Snapshots is basically a hide-and-seek game that tests your knowledge of Poptropica scenery, and it’s up to you to guess where each picture is from! To explain a bit further, here are the mechanics of the game:

  1. You are only allowed to have 1 answer for each picture. You may leave your guesses in the comments of the post or the PHB’s Stolen Snapshots page.
  2. If the answer is wrong, you can try and comment again.
  3. There are 5 winners each month, to be featured in the next post.
  4. Anything unrelated to the snapshots will not be accepted.
  5. Of course, enjoy the game!

With no further ado, here are the snapshots up for guessing this month! (Click to enlarge the images!)

Stolen Snapshots: April 2016

Make sure to check back next month to see if you made it to the Top 5! All of the winners will get a chance to be immortalized on the Stolen Snapshots page, right here on the PHB!

Now’s the time to show off your sleuthing skills on the PHB, and I formally announce that you can begin guessing in 3…2…1… GO!


-Slippery 💦

40 thoughts on “Stolen Snaphots on the PHB!”

    1. #1 must be Counterfeit
      #2 is probably Vampire’s curse
      #3 is… i dunnno :c
      #4 is definitely Wild West
      #5 is Survival…?
      #6= Mythology?
      #7 is probably Back Lot
      #8 is… i dunno either :c
      #9: Shrink Ray?
      #10: Mocktropica…?
      i tried

      1. Ok… let’s give it another try…
        1) Early Pop?
        2) Astro Knights
        3) Hmm… Cryptids?
        4) Wild West.
        5) Cryptids
        6) Nabooti?
        7) Back Lot?
        8) ???
        9) Shrink Ray?
        10) Survival Ep 3?

  1. Woah… Can I submit my answers tomorrow? I’m busy today 😅

  2. 1. The ship from Early Poptropica?
    2. S.O.S.?
    3. Cryptids?
    4. Pelican Rock or Wild West
    5. Ghost Story?
    6. Haunted House Mini-Quest?
    7. Back Lot, I guess
    8. I have no clue…
    9. Hmm…Shrink Ray of Virus Hunter
    10. Twisted Thicket

  3. 1.Early Poptropica
    2. Astro Knights
    3.Virus Hunter
    4. Wild West
    6.Night Watch
    7.Mission Atlantis
    8.Game Show
    9.Shrink Ray

  4. Well… I know the birdy is from wild west… I know that the first one is from counterfeit… the fourth is from survival, the tenth is from Mystery of the Map, and that’s all I’ve got… *Reads sentence about top five*. WHAT!? IMMORTALIZED!?

    1. Counterfeit Island
    2. Wild West Island
    3. Spy Island
    4. Wild West Island
    5. Survival Island
    5. Nabooti Island
    7. Back Lot Island
    8. Spy Island
    9. Shrink Ray Island
    10. Mystery of the Map Island

    You have no idea how much winning means to me!

  5. save a screen shoot go to prntcr>.com wairt for it to loadclclick right click click copy and click paste on comment

  6. #1 Early Poptropica Island
    #2 Astro Knights Island
    #3 Spy Island?
    #4 Wild West Island
    #5 Monster Carnival Island?
    #6 Nabooti Island
    #7 Black Lot Island
    #8 Spy Island?
    #9 Shrink Ray Island
    #10 Skullduggery Island?
    -April 2016

    1. Wait a second, #4 is red dragon island not wild west

    2. Ohhhh I remember! #7 is from mocktropica!

    1. I know two mine are right! Trying to get one more

  7. Let me try one more time…
    1) Early Pop
    2) Astro Knights
    3) Cryptids?
    4) Wild West.
    5) Cryptids?
    6) Night Watch
    7) *squints eyes* Back Lot?
    8) Spy?
    9) Shrink Ray.
    10) I still have no clue… maybe Skullduggery?
    ok im so freaking done *falls on floor and can’t get up* help me

  8. Alright, I’ll finally try:

    1) I’ve got absolutely no idea
    2) Charlie and the chocolate factory island
    3) Mocktropica island
    4) Magic treehouse Red dragon island
    5) Crytids island?
    6) Night watch island
    7) Mocktropica island (again)
    8) Don’t know this one either
    9) Virus hunter island
    10) Skullduggery island?

    This really warped my brain and it’s been so fun to search for these snapshots. Can’t wait for the next.

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