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Announcing the 8th Annual Autumnal-Halloween Winners!


Happy Halloween, Poptropicans! 🎃

The day has come for us to announce the winners of the PHB’s 8th Annual Autumnal & Halloween Contest, so here it comes. We’ve gone through your spooky and stylin’ costumes and, what with your stupendous fashion senses, it was quite the task to narrow it all down! In fact, we’ve decided to have 6 per category instead of 5 as originally announced. Here they are…

🍂 The TOP 6 Fall Costumes! 🍂

We were totally falling for these amazing fall/autumn attires. But hold on, there’s more…

🎃 The TOP 6 Halloween Costumes! 🎃

As we announced in our contest post, each of these ten twelve winners will receive a one-month Poptropica membership, courtesy of the Poptropica Creators! (Winners, keep an eye on your email.) In addition, their spiffy suit-ups will also be immortalized on the PHB’s Costumes page.

But there were so many awesome entries that we couldn’t stop here – so we’ve selected several Honorable Mention winners as well. The prize for our HMs is simply the honor of being featured here:

👻 Honorable Mentions 👻

There’s one last Spooktober Special to get to today… the Stolen Snapshots!

Here are the anticipated answers for where each spooky snippet is to be found:

  1. Back Lot Island (the set in Studio 1)
  2. Mission Atlantis, Episode 3 (the hole made by the Leviathan)
  3. Astro-Knights Island (the candles in the secret Mordred club)
  4. Monster Carnival Island (one of the horses on the carousel)
  5. Super Power Island (the comet)
  6. Vampire’s Curse Island (the clock on top of the cinema)
  7. Zomberry Island (this is on top of the Smoothie shop)
  8. Haunted House (bathroom)
  9. Spy Island (cat in front of the spyglass shop)
  10. Ghost Story Island (cemetery)

Although nobody got all of them right, two Poptropicans did each get three right: Tall Cactus and Muddy Kid. As for those who got two or less, they are Zany Panda, 3milyCx, Shaky Skunk, and Spooky Cereal. Congratulations!

Thanks to everyone who participated in any segment of our Autumnal/Halloween competitions! We hope you enjoyed dressing up and guessing at inverted snapshots in this sp00py month of October. Congratulations to all the winners, and to every Poptropican in the neighborhood: happy Halloween!

👻 trick or treat, trick or treat 🍬
🍭 give me something good to eat! 🎃

78 thoughts on “Announcing the 8th Annual Autumnal-Halloween Winners!”

  1. I wonder what everyone’s going as for actual Halloween. I’m going as an alternate-dimension Kirito from Sword Art Online. (Alternate-dimension in the fact I have no sword, I’m taking my Nerf Mega Thunderbow instead, and I’m bringing my black Bluetooth headphones along.)

      1. I have never celebrated Halloween in my life. But since my friends are so nice, I always get candy anyway 🙂

  2. Woo! Congrats everyone! So honored to be in the honorable mentions!(gotta stop saying honor lol). I’m glad glad glad (totally from ODI) my bud Short Feather is there with me in the honorable mentions. What a great month of spoopiness!

    1. I’m actually somewhat suprised I didn’t make it into the honorable mentions at least, but maybe I’m just too self-confident XD

  3. Well, I’m very honoured to have an entry of mine selected as one as the top 6 Halloween costumes. 😀 Congratulations to all the other winners and honourable mentions! 😉

  4. Congrats to the winners. And kudos to honorables like myself, just shows that we have potential to win next year. Happy Halloween 🎃👻😈!

      1. file:///C:/Users/derri/OneDrive/Documents/Poptropica%20cards/lenardo.png

        Look this up and you will see poses of my costume.

    1. I think mine was forgotten too. I made my Poptropican look like Slanted Fish, a wolf, and herself all at once XD

    2. I personally looked through every entry. However, Derrick – I would have needed an Avatar Studio link, as explained in the contest post. A link like the one in your comment above can only be seen on your own computer, as it’s not public on the internet.

  5. Congratulations to the winners!
    And a Happy (belated) Birthday to my dear friend, Happy Lobster. I always thought having a birthday on any holiday was neat. Not really sure why. Welp, enjoy the cake while you can. Make sure to save me some. 😜

    1. Haha, thank you! 😀 Of course I will – I’ve saved a figurative slice of birthday cake for everyone in this awesome community! Maybe an extra-large slice for you? 😛 😛 😜

  6. Congrats to all the winners! The cafe cutie outfit is my personal fave out of the fall fashion ones, anyway, happy Halloween!🎃

  7. Wait, did I need to NAME my costume?
    Oh, and what happened to the PHB Halloween Special? Blake said before leaving that the specials will continue.

    1. Naming your costume wasn’t required, but it does spice it up. I assigned titles to winning costumes that hadn’t been titled.

      Haven’t heard anything from Blake regarding more specials, but if he (or anyone) is interested in writing some, they can contact the PHB about it! 🙂

  8. Wow guys! Congratulations to all! Thanks to PHB for the win AND the honorable mentions! Definitely was not expecting that. To celebrate, I’ve made my costume an ASG for ya’ll!

    Here it is: beautyandthebeast2016

    Let me know if you want any of the others as ASGs!

  9. Darn, I guess the Slanted FishWolfCoder wasn’t as good a costume as I thought…
    (I knew I shouldn’t have taken the wolf mask off to try on the Rabbot mask and forgotten to change it back almost the end of Halloween…)

  10. Yay!!!!! Thank you PHB!!! Please put the member ship on my account that has the user name readingcupcake25 because that is my main account and not the one I made the outfit on. Congrats to the other winners. Now..time for me to continue screaming. YAY!!!!!!!

  11. Woah I actually won!? I’ve never had membership so hopefully I can still find some use with it! :p Great job everyone, I’m still surprised I won since I know there were so many amazing costumes submitted! Oh and thank you PHB authors and the Poptropica Creators for this opportunity!

  12. Ah….. I guess I will send in ten entries next year from my closet. Is there a Christmas Costume contest?

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