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A shadow is creeping across the frontier, and its name is El Mustachio Grande. He’s the meanest, nastiest, outlaw in the land, and he’s terrorizing the good folks of Wild West Island. With your trusty horse by your side, only you stand between the Mustachio gang and total anarchy. Can you bring Mustachio to justice, once and for all?

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Released: February 14, 2011 (for members)
or March 11, 2011 (for all)
Common Room: Dusty Gulch Hotel
Preceded by: Cryptids Island
Succeeded by: Wimpy Wonderland Island

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Video Walkthrough

For a written walkthrough with pictures, scroll down on this page!

Written Walkthrough

Walkthrough written by Super Thunder
Special thanks to Slippery Raptor & Slanted Fish

Go to Wild West Island if you’re not there yet. Go right until you see a cowboy trying to trade your future horsey companion, Elmer. Anyway, talk to the cowboy and try to tame the horse. Try to keep your cursor over the white one, and once Elmer is tamed, he’s all yours. You’ll also get a little Horse Whistle you can use if you and Elmer get separated.


Talk to the lady on the horse, and she’ll give you a Letter to Marshal, to be delivered to Marshal Taylor at the Diamond Plains.


Now you and Elmer can leave town. Once you leave, pull down your map on the top right hand corner to see Diamond Plains. Go there.

Go right, to the Saloon, and talk to the guys who are spitting gum. Join them and play. Aim your arrow and click to spit your gum into the pot when your aim is perfect. The one who gets the most gum in wins.

ww5When you win (keep trying if you don’t win!), you will find out that the Marshal is the snoring guy towards the end of the shop. You will go and tell him you have a letter for him, but you’ll have to read it. He won’t help, so you’ll be the new Marshal. He’ll give you his Marshal’s Badge.


Put it on to show everyone who’s boss. You can leave Diamond Plains now.

Go back to Dusty Gulch, and get your picture taken. You have to hold the camera on you while it develops, and when it’s done, you’ll get your own Portrait.


Go back to Diamond Plains, and enter the Marshal Building. It looks like this:

In case you were wondering what the Members-only outfit looks like, there it is in the above picture. Anyway, go inside. Use your portrait, and since you are officially the new Marshal, you get the Pea Shooter! Do you realize that you can now shoot peas?

ww6Anyway, just as you get the Pea Shooter, the ground will begin to shake. El Mustachio’s Gang is rescuing the jailed person! They will take off, but you and Elmer have to help! Follow the Mustachio horses, until they go into the train entrance.

ww7Then you’ll say they got away. Now, find the star in Dos Cactos, and enter from the shooting side.


Once in there, enter the shooting contest by talking to the man by the booth. Aim about one centimeter above your object, then shoot, but be faster than your opponent. To reload, click the “Reload” button at the top.

You will have to play against five opponents, and if you beat them all, the last opponent – Miss Annie Oakley – will be impressed and give you your own Spud Gun.

ww9Now, go up the little hill to the casino. Go inside, and go to the top floor. Talk to the guy with cards on his hat. You’re gonna play a game of Slap Jack! What you have to do is put a card in the centre when it’s your turn, and when you see a Jack in the center, you slap it! But here’s the catch: the opponents move the Jack, so you have to be sure it’s properly placed before slapping it. Otherwise, you lose a card.

When you have all the cards, you win a Map to Gold.


You’re done with the casino, but if you go to the right, you’ll find a boy with a big head. He says he needs a blue tulip to cure him – you’ll get that later.

For now, go to Rock Ridge. Talk to the cowgirl with orange hair. She needs her cattle back, and after talking to you, she’ll give you a Lasso.


Go find that cow! Activate your Lasso by pressing space bar. Follow the little trail of hoofprints, and go north a little bit.

You’ll find the little cow. When your Lasso is pointing straight her, use your space bar again. The cow will resist, but don’t force her yet. But after a little while, she’ll know who’s boss, and she’ll follow you. Lead her to the ranch that looks like this:

After you’ve led her there, go back to Rock Ridge. Talk to the cowgirl, and you’ll get an Old Saddle.


The cowgirl will also say she could use your help wrangling five of her cattle that have escaped – this part is optional, but if you leave town and help her by lassoing five more cows, she’ll reward you with the Rattlesnake Wrangler costume. Again, it’s not necessary, but you get a cool costume for doing it!


Also, walk right of the cowgirl, and R.J. Earl will give someone a bad potion that will turn them invisible.

Moving on, head on over to Dusty Gulch and talk to the trader at the trading post, trading your Old Saddle away for a Gold Pan. The pan’s not gold; it’s for panning gold.


Now, go to this location on your Map:

Once you get there, examine it to start panning for gold. Click on a sparkling spot to pan, then shake off the dirt to see if you’ve found any gold.

If you found the gold, it should look like this:

Yay! A Gold Nugget! You can get something for that over in Rock Ridge.

Talk to R.J. Earl (at Rock Ridge) and use your Gold Nugget. He’ll give you some of everything: a fine selection of R.J. Earl’s Tonics!


Go back to Dusty Gulch, and this time, trade your pan for the Oil Can.


Now go to Diamond Plains. Find this entrance, and go inside.

Inside, you will have to drop some red platforms (click the silver knobs) and push some boxes in order to reach the top. Watch out for the pale brown wood, which falls if you step on it.

At the top, you will see the back of the clock, with all its gears and cogs.

Only it’s gonna look really dirty and rusty. Click on it, and now you’ll need to oil just the eight gears that connect from either side of the two important big gears. Use the oil on them until they let off a shine, being careful to add just enough so you don’t run out of oil. If you’re having trouble oiling a specific gear, click and hold a bit to the right of the gear you want to oil.

Now click on the button in the lower-right to turn the gears, and the clock will be fixed.

ww clock oil

Leave that room, and if you talk to the worker, you’ll find that the train is pulling up! Ride the train to Rock Ridge, and you’ll have to stop a train robbery on the way. The Mustachio gang is at it again!

Use your Spud Gun, and shoot at them! With Concentration Carbohydrate, they’ll seem to slow down, but you only have a limited supply. You must shoot each person once. Reload whenever possible.

You will arrive in Rock Ridge. Find the canary (the yellow bird), who’s resting on a ledge just next to the train station, and shoot at it. Don’t worry, it’ll only make him drop a Canary Key.


Next, go left to the door with the lock. Use the key to go inside. Inside the mine, go right. Rocks will fall.

Go right and hop onto the mining cart. This next part is similar to Nabooti Island, except instead of ducking and jumping, you have to shoot at the targets to switch tracks if necessary – otherwise, you might be led off track and fall off!

Your potato ammunition is unlimited, so fire at will! You can even knock down the flying bats, and you’ll pass about ten track-switchers before eventually coming to a stop.

Find the Blue Tulip and go up (why is there a cow just sitting there?).


Once you go up, go right. A guy will be crying because Mustachio and his gang have wreaked havoc on his bank. Above the crying dude’s head, there is a piece of paper. Grab it and you’ll have half the Map to Hideout.


Go to Dos Cactos (you can take the train), and give the Tulip to the kid with the giant head. His head will shrink to normal and he will give you the other half of the Map to Hideout.


Are you ready for the battle with Mustachio? Well, this is it! Ride to the star in the lower-left corner:

Use the Transparency Tonic to help you sneak past, and go inside their cabin for the final shootout. You will have to get rid of everyone except El Mustachio Grande. Avoid getting shot!

  • For the girl in purple, shoot at the money bags above her. They’ll spill. Then, shoot at her using Concentration Carbohydrate to slow down the scene.
  • For the guy in blue, next to Mustachio, shoot at the candle to light it, and it will put the rope on fire. Get rid of him using Concentration Carbohydrate.
  • For the guy with the orange beard, shoot the gun lying under the cow head. Take him out using Concentration Carbohydrate.
  • For the other guy with a sombrero, shoot the root beer on the shelf, which will make the wheel drop on the guy. Take him out with Concentration Carbohydrate.

Then El Mustachio will take off – so take off after him! Follow Mustachio, and then lasso him and take him to Diamond Plains.


El Mustachio Grande will be sent to jail, and you’ll get your Island Medallion and credits to spend at the Store! Congratulations, cowboy (or cowgirl), you’ve finished Wild West Island!

Looking for more walkthroughs? Check out our Island Help page! 🙂

Album Photos

These pictures are collected in your Poptropica photo album in the profile section. Click to enlarge.


  • Wild West Island is Poptropica’s 17th island. It was released to members on February 14, 2011 and March 11, 2011 for non-members.
  • Elmer the horse may be a reference to Elmer’s glue. Horses used to be made into glue.
  • You can get a bonus Rattlesnake Wrangler costume if you lasso 5 more cows after getting the Old Saddle from the cowgirl at Rock Ridge.
  • All the towns contain posters of El Mustachio Grande and his crimes, such as “Stealing Marshal’s Lucky Underpants.”
  • Common room: Dusty Gulch Hotel
  • Starting from January 27, 2011, there was a preview version of Wild West Island available, in which you could play a sneak peek game called Round’Em Up. The objective was to lasso cows and bring them back to the ranch within a time limit. A new prize every other day for a total of 7 prizes: Sheriff Hat, Sombrero, Hat and Bandanna, The Loaner, The Hombre, The Kid, and Wunder Bubble Tonic. A special prize, the Wild West Hero outfit, was available to members only.
  • One of your opponents in the shooting competition at Dos Cactos, Annie Oakley, is based on a real American sharpshooter of the same name.
  • At least one of the town names is a reference to a movie called Blazing Saddles (not for kids!).
  • On March 18, 2011, Wild West Island costumes were released to the Poptropica Store – Peacemaker and Outlaw for girls, Lawman and Outlaw for boys.
  • In Spanish, El Mustachio Grande means “The Big Mustache.”


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      1. You have to go to the Marshall Building at Diamond Plains and talk to the cowboy there, and you get it in your backpack, and you have to click “Put On”.

      1. Okay, I think this is pretty awesome, but my outfit is a Cowgirl. 😀 Matches the theme of the island PERFECTLY!

      2. You know, for the part where you have to pan for gold, I clicked on an area with no sparkling at all, and still got a golden nugget, why is that so?

      1. same with me………… but it’s weird that i did’nt see the canary at first

    1. Hey Slanted Fish! I couldn’t get a cow off of a stone it was standing on, but my horse could jump over it. Strangely, the cow would not cross and if I tried to pull, the cow would just stay there and not come down, and some distance later my lasso would become unattached to the cow. I tried reloading a couple of times but it didn’t work 😦 No rattlesnake costume 4 me… 😦

      Slanted Fish: Sorry to hear about the problem, maybe contacting the Creators could help?

      1. That happened to me too, but you have to enter Rock Ridge again (ignore the cow) and leave again so the cow comes out of the rock. Unfortunately, I think this restarts the quest so you’ll have to get the 5 cows again.

    2. And I even have my own method for slap jack. Always keep your hand on the deck of cards, and also if you have a jack make sure you check before you put it down

      1. i played it over and over, it is so fun! the gum thing was hard though, 😦

    3. The end part is so hard!Why dosnt the creator make it fair?????????????????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. You know,you should keep on following him and get ready your lasso.If its the end of the line then press spacebar when its pointed on Mustacho.

      2. It wasn’t the lasso part for me, I still can’t get past the shoot-out and I’ve been trying for like 2 hours!

    4. its confusing for the final shootout i think you should have showed pictures other than that great job

    5. I can’t seem to get the blue guy. Am I just not shooting the candle enough? Please help meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

    6. whenever i try to grease the gears it ends up greasing the gears next to the gears i want to grease and some gears i just cant grease

      1. You need to click a bit to the right of the gear you want to grease. It took me a while to figure out too

    7. how do you shoot the bird and where do you have to be to shoot it, the canary?

      slantedfish: Just click the bird to shoot it. 😛

    1. As in the PHB staff? Not all of us have memberships. And if someone else from the PHB community is willing to help, it saves us a lot of time and effort. I’ve written island walkthroughs in the past, but life gets busier and I no longer have the capacity to continue that. I’m glad you like PHB-written guides, but the PHB thinks you’ll still enjoy the guides they choose to publish on the blog.

      1. That’s fine with me. Just can you check the guides before putting them up? Spelling, grammar, capitalization, punctuation etc.?

        Hijuyo: It takes a while to do all that, but yes, the PHB does want guides to be as readable as possible. 😉

      2. i want to be a member!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! because they get all the cool stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Great job making this guide! It really helped me! I hated when I was almost finished with the bandits on the train, but then I hit one of those ad’s at the side! Start all over, Almost finished, Hit ad, Start all over, Almost finished, Hit ad, Start all over, Almost finished, Hit ad and you know how it went….

      1. That’s what happened to me every time I try to do the shoot-out. I would close them then my mouse would freeze and next thing I knew the last bandit I had left killed me!

    1. Yeah the guide was pretty good but you gave the plot away in the instructions – e.g: “you’ll get a whistle for when you & Elmer get seperated” but thanks I suppose. Would be lost without it! =]

    1. I found gold in the same spot shown in the guide, so it might be there for everybody… I don’t know…. Just trying to help 😀

    1. Just stay at the front of the train. then shoot at the Mustachio Gang whenever you see them. Reload if necessary.

  1. Hey everyone!!! I got on Wild West Island and went into the multiplayer room and was able to customize a phone. Maybe the creators got rid of not being able to customize handheld items. 🙂 THis is making my day great so far.

    Hijuyo: Doesn’t seem to work with all characters with handheld items, but there are reports of this happening, which is interesting.

    1. They did get rid of it!!!!!!!!!!! I went to super power island and I could customise the pretzels from the officers and the hotdog holder! Yaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! Major date!!!
      I am gonna go see other islands and see if i can costumise handheld items!

    2. No, they haven’t got rid of it. I can customise handheld items. in my main character I was able to get the skateboard of the kid of poptropica and in my other character, I got Hade’s scepter, which, i have always wanted, because it’s soooo cool! My other charcter now looks like she’s his demigod daughter or something.

    3. If you press ctrl+shift+r you sometimes get handheld items like a cell phone. Happened to my brother’s character, Thomas12w

  2. i am stuck plzlzllzzllzzz help me…. 😦 i have the whistle but the lady still says i need my own steed someone plzzz help.

    Hijuyo: Make sure your character is riding Elmer the horse, then go to the lady, who will realize that you now have your own steed.

    1. When I talked to the lady, I got to tell her that I have my own steed, and got the letter. However, I couldn’t leave town until I actually got on my horse.
      To leave town, I had to go left.
      Maybe these should be included in the guide.

  3. HEEELLPP! I am also stuck! I have retrieved the blue tulip, but when I came up from underground, there wasn’t a crying..person. (Great guide though! I go on this website everyday!) BTW: I didn’t pass the train robbery game.. Is that why I can’t find the crying dude? The train robbery game is practically impossible! Thankxx 🙂

    Hijuyo: Yes, you need to beat the train robbery first. After you’ve done that, you should return to Rock Ridge, where you will find the banker crying at his now burnt down bank.

    1. I deeply hate the train robbery shootout. I’m getting irritated at these mandatory little games they’re putting into everything. I failed so much at the spitting contest that the game went easy on me and had the guy lose almost immediately. Argh

  4. I cant do the thing with the gears…exactly how do you do it?

    Hijuyo: Click and hold on the gears until you can’t make them shine anymore. Note that you only have to shine the gears in between the bigger gears (mostly the ones in the middle).

  5. Geez, the train robbing game is hard.
    Does anyone have any tips?

    Hijuyo: Trade with RJ Earl for his potions, and use the Carbonate Concentration to help you with the train robbery. Stay focused, try not to let each thief move too far away, and reload quickly.

      1. Sweetheart, its really not that hard. The trick is that you have to aim IN FRONT of them. Not like directly on them considering the fact that they are moving. Oh and be sure right after you shoot someone and make them go back, be sure to check you ammo. If its low reload it. It saves lots of trouble later. 🙂 hope I helped.

    1. Try to stay in the first two windows. Aim right after the first window frame. Aim for just in front on the horses heads and quickly shoot three times. Reload and wait for the next robber. Use the Carbonate only when you miss the first three shots and have to move over to the second set of windows. There is a small timer at the top right which shows how long you have left to defend the train from robbers.

      1. thanks for the tips!! Not having side ads would help too cause i keep clicking on them by accident XD

      2. The ads? If you have Chrome just right-click on the ads first, and click the bottom ‘Inspect Element’. Backspace. This is not some cool trick to hack or anything. It just helps sometime to clear ads.

    2. Well uh, all you have to do, and this way you don even have to use CC, is when your gonna shoot them, aim IN FRONT of them. It makes it sooooo much eaiser. And Yes I know Im probably spelling stuff wrong right now but Im not like a spelling or grammer wiz…..did someone already say that? hmmmmm……… 😀 rofl O_O

    3. Strange. I had the robbery game only once, before I got the potions off R.J Earl, and I finished it without the concentration carbonate. Interesting…

  6. Please put this very important warning here!
    At “They will take off, but you and Elmer have to help! Follow the Mustachio horses”, you MUST not lost track of the horses, otherwise you can’t even complete the island! It’s happened to me!

    1. Well, here are some tips if you need any: I go to the very back of the train and keep my eyes on the screen with my hand resting on the spacebar. As soon as someone comes, press spacebar immediately and shoot a little ahead of the horse. Move more to the right and use Concentration Carbonate again to shoot the horse a second time before they reach the middle of the train. Then use CC one more time and shoot the horse when it’s passing the middle of the train. Reload. Go back and repeat. This worked for me . . .

  7. TIP for slapjack- If you are holding the jack, don’t hesitate to use it. You only get one card out of that. Place it and slap it for loads of cards.

  8. Awesome walkthrough, guys!!!!!! 😀 I love your website and I’ll come back for Wimpy Wonderland!!!!

  9. I need help. My game kept freezing up, so I got out of it, but whenever I come back to the Wild West island, I am on the horse already, but when I try to leave town, it won’t let me. It says that I should see if the tired rider needs help first. Then I try to help her and she says that I need to get a steed of my own. So I go to the guy taming the horses but the horse just keeps jumping up and down and not letting me get anywhere in the game. I am already on the horse and it won’t let me dismount. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Hijuyo: That sounds like a glitch from Poptropica’s part. However, be sure you have done everything you’re supposed to do before leaving town, just in case you may have missed something.

  10. Yes, I’ve done everything. I finished half of the island when it did this. Any way to reset the game? I’ve finished all the islands but this one.

    1. there is a restart island option: click on the map and it will be in the bottom left corner. it came out after mystery train island

  11. nevermind, i got out by jump to the left on my horse, who i parked behind the big rock on the left side.

  12. Do I have to lasso the 5 more cows? If I need to lasso them 5 more cows, Can someone give me direction where NEAR to find them 5 cows. Thank You.

    Hijuyo: You don’t have to lasso those 5 cows to complete the quest, but doing so rewards you with a Rattlesnake Wrangler costume. The cows can be found not far from the ranch where you put the first cow earlier.

    1. Tip for the five cows one: When you see a cow, stop moving on your horse. The cow will be in your sight, directly in front of you and much easier to lasso. This also doesn’t make the other cows run away so you can’t find them (So annoying when this happens…)

  13. If you can just use the horse to get to places, why do you need to ride the train?

    Hijuyo: To play the Train Robbery game. After the quest, the train is a faster means of transportation.

  14. How many rounds are there on the shooty gunny thing game? * The one where you shoot random objects*

    Hijuyo: There are 5 rounds.

  15. The shooting part scares me a bit. I don’t think I want to complete this island if it involves shooting

    1. Dont worry about the shooting part. You’ll just be shooting peas and spuds, which I wouldn’t mind doing in real life. Now that I meantioned this, I would like to get a pea gun and shoot my cousin. He hates peas. So do I, but I can threaten to reveal that he reads girly magazines… XD

  16. I also took elmer to rock ridge when the train returned. this means you can take elmer instead of the train to avoid the robbery. That’s what I did.

    Hijuyo: You’ll still eventually need to do the train robbery if you want to finish the quest, because the crying guy and building being burned down only happen after you do so.

    1. But then I have to do the train robbery shootout, and that’s hard. I’m literally using the Concetration Carbohydrate, but they still make it to the front of the train. Is there an easy way to do this, because I started a Dos Cactos to give me a short amount of time?

      1. @Red Kid – It doesn’t matter where you start the game; it’ll still be the same. It IS pretty hard for most people and will probably take try after try, but what I suggest is using the Concentration Carbohydrate every time a rider appears near the beginning and shooting at it. If you missed, make sure you scroll the view over so you can catch them before they reach the front. Don’t forget to reload ammunition, and don’t give up! 🙂

  17. I have just finished wild west island thanks to u.but it is probably one of the hardest islands for me

  18. it’s KINDA easy. but the robbing the train stuff is really hard…i’m not givin’ up yet,though!

  19. This guide helped a lot. Did anyone notice that Elmer’s owner said that if he wasn’t tamed he would be sent off to the glue factory? And Elmer’s is a brand of glue? I found that a little funny…sort of…

    Hijuyo: Haha, that was witty!

  20. The train robbery is SO hard! I will keep trying, but if I never finish it while here in Japan, I will have to wait until i get to the States–my cousin is a Poptropica EXPERT! Seriously, on my old account (that I lost due to a freeze on Nabooti Island) he finished Early Poptropica for me. That was awesome for me cause I was 6,7, or 8 and afraid of spiders(I still am afraid of spiders). I know Early Poptropica is easy-but it wasn’t when I was 6,7, or 8. Now I’m 9 and it is easy but I haven’t done it on my new account due to my arachniphobia( I probably spelled that wrong even though I am a grammar and spelling wiz. But I hate grammar and spelling. I like science best). The easiest island for me was Big Nate Island. You know, if you meet me today for the 1st time, you would say I talk too much, but after a day or 2 I calm down.

  21. When i did train robbery, i only had to shoot them once. Weird. Think they made it easier? 😀

  22. The owner of Elmer at the beginning said if you cant tame elmer he will send him to a glue factory and Elmer is a brand of a glueLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!!!! And at the gum game my rival flew his gum so far away from the vase it was hard not to laugh! In slap jack Ireccomend to leave your hand on the cards incase of a need for a fast slap!

  23. I Can’t Do the Robbing Train Thingy….

    it’s WAYYYY too Hard and I Tried SOOO HARD!

    😦 …… I Finished every Island except Wild West Island…

    I Feel Ashamed .

    1. I thought is was super easy…..guess not….lol All you have to do is aim right IN FRONT of them when you shoot. If you aim for them you will always miss.

  24. What’s the difference between the spud gun and the pea shooter? Is there some advantage potatoes have over peas?
    Also, has anyone noticed what happens to your photograph when you walk into the Marshal’s office chewing Pop Gum( it’s free at the store, by the way)?

    Hijuyo: Potatoes are larger, so shooting them is assumed to be stronger than shooting peas.

  25. Do you have to take the train to Dos Cactos? I keep failing at the train robbery. Maybe there’s a cow in the mining cart because they were OBVIOUSLY shipping cows for something. Milk, beef, uh…but really, the train?

    Hijuyo: Yeah, you will eventually have to do the train robbery part if you want to continue with the rest of the island, otherwise certain parts will not happen that are supposed to happen (such as the burned buildings).

      1. During that time, a huge amount of immigrants came from China and worked on railroads and things like that. I was kind of surprised at that nod.

  26. where do you shoot the wheel for the mexican dude at the final shootout? And by theway I live in Texas, so if anyone needs to know what anyone’s talkin’ about, just ask me 😀 OOH CHEE

  27. i cant find the footprints of the other five cows
    and i actually “scanned” the whole map looking for them, but i didnt find a thing.if this is a glitch, how can i get that costume? (BTW, im a rare item collector, i got nearly all rare items and my character is rarely to be found alike somewhere else so i NEED the wrangler’s costume

    Hijuyo: Try logging out and back in again, and redoing the 5 cows part. Maybe the footprints will show up this time, and remember to keep track of them.

  28. Dude, sending Elmer to the glue factory? That’s DARK. Now it’s synthetic, but glue used to be made out of cows and horses. So the guy was basically saying if Elmer wasn’t tamed then he’d kill him.


  29. Here is how to do the train robbery. Ok here is how.
    If you see one of the grande gang, shoot them once and they will turn around. Try not to get shoot. If you need them to stop, use the potion or watever it is, then shoot them. Keep doing and doing it and when time runs out, you have won. Congradulations! You have won! I didn’t watch a video though. I used my smarts. Enjoy the tip!

  30. Ugh, I hate the bit when you have to shoot the people in the train robbery and i was like to my sister what is a potato ment to do to them?
    It’s really bad this one but I love the new game mystery train!!! Sooooo awesome!!!!

  31. Is anybody else having trouble with the end fight(in the cabin)?? Is there any way to avoid getting shot by them?

  32. Ugh, I have done everything except catch Mustachio, and it is driving me crazy! I can’t stay near him, and the stupid lasso never goes where I want it too! Anyone else have a problem with this part?

  33. I am SUPER annoyed by the train robbery part! It is SOOOO hard! Anybody else have trouble with it? I have done almost all the other islands except this one just because of that one part!!!!!!

  34. Help, I am stuck! I got the first part of the map(from the big-head guy) but I can’t get the other. I know I’m supposed to get it after I beat the train game, but ever time I go on the train, it doesn’t let me play. HELP!
    p.s. i think i have everything in my bag. I have the potions too.

  35. wow i really love poptropica ive almost finished all the islands my name on poptropica is icy skull and i have pink and green hair and i electrify in pink i am currerntly on wild west island

  36. Thank you SSSSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much! I have been stuck on the wild west for SSSSSSSOOOOOOO long!

    1. Go to Rock Ridge and talk to R.J Earls. He’ll say you don’t have enough money to buy anything, but that is when you click on the gold nugget in your inventory. He’ll give you one of every potion he owns.

  37. Not sure if anyone else noticed this, but you know how the horse trainer guy says that if you can’t tame Elmer, he’s going to the glue factory? Does no one see the connection here? If we hadn’t tamed him, he would have been made into glue.

    1. I think the connection is that he is jumping a lot and the guy wants to glue him to the ground.

      If we hadn’t tamed him, he would NOT have been made into glue.
      He would just stick.


      Hijuyo: No, what that meant was “Elmer’s Glue,” as in the brand of glue called Elmer’s. Also, that horses can be made into glue. 😛

  38. after i did the shoot out and el mustachio said “you will never catch me!” and i was chasing his hourse, i caught it and was bringing it to the jail, and he got tangled and got loose and ran INTO A ROCK! now i’m stuck! there is nowhere to land my horse and el mustachio is LITERLY OFF THE MAP!!!!!! what should i do?

  39. Hey guys!
    My game doesn’t let me get off my horse!!!
    I already beat it and I can’t get off it! DOES ANYBODY KNOW HOW TO GET OFF IT?????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Otherwise, I have to make another poptropica account, and I have beaten already a LOT of islands!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦

    Hijuyo: Try teleporting with the PopTransport (click here).

  40. Dear sergey, the same thing happened to me, all you have to do is sign out of your account and sign back in, but for me, I didn’t complete the level yet, when I got stuck. I hope this helps. 🙂

  41. HELP!
    After I got the blue tulip I went straight to the guy with the big head and got half of the hideout map but when I went back to rock ridges there was no guy crying and no piece of paper. Now I don’t know what to do. Please help :\

    1. Also if it’s because I haven’t done the train shoot-out thing I tried going on it from diamond plains but I just go straight to Dos Cactos. I think I’ve already bet that part, but I don’t really remember cuz last time I played this island was when it first came out.

      1. Check to make sure if you’ve done ALL the steps before it, including the train shootout. If there’s still a problem, you might want to try restarting the island (go to your Wild West Island map).

      1. I really don’t see what all the fuss is about. I don’t want to brag, but I beat it on my first try. You need to shoot a little in front of the riders because they are moving targets; make sure you have ammunition.

    1. Thank u everyone for ur advice. I think I might just try and restart the island. -_-” ohh well
      but got another problem :\
      before i had read the comments on here i went and tried finishing twisted thicket island and i did (thanks to da guide on this awesum website)
      BUT when i was being handed the medal and credits, i lagged out, had to refresh da page and even restart my computer, and when i logged back in, the game went back to when ur in the forest center and everyone’s turned into stone so i’m suppose to automatically run right and do the end again BUT my character gets stuck and there’s nothin i can do to move cuz the cursor is on dat loading circle when somethin just happens. ANYWAYS now i’m stuck, cant go anywhere and cant click on anything on the game screen (includin da map). Already tried loggin back in/out, nothin changes cuz it didn’t save properly. I’ll try to get a screenshot to show u how i’m stuck.
      please help & srry for da long comment ^

      1. nevmind guys it fixed it self 🙂 and der must hav been an error cuz the forest center turned into a common room and now i’m friends with the elf queen and elf guard. i could even chat with them and battle against them! it’s all pretty weird and idk wat systems done but it’s gd by me! 😀


  43. Dear lala, idk what you can do? I have a question if you would like to take a minute and answer, can you turn off your computer?

    P.s. You don’t have to respond.

    1. Yes, it’s not required to finish the quest. However, if you do manage to lasso the 5 other cows, you’ll get a special (because it’s optional) Rattlesnake Wrangler costume. 🙂

  44. To Super Thunder:

    I love the game Slap Jack. 😀

    Also,I lolled at the comments,”I call mine Elmira” and,”Do NOT ask me why there is a cow there. I honestly don’t know.”

    Finally,when you said,”Find the guy that looks like Hephaestus,” I got a theory that you are a Percy Jackson and the Olympians and/or The Heroes of Olympus.Can you confirm?

    That is all.


      1. Didnt i reply to this before? oh well anyone who likes Percy Jackson i’ll probably like because i love it! anyone reading mark of athena? annnyway favourite characters
        percy,annabeth,hazel.piper,grover,tyson and Ella The Harpy (not in order) heres the order
        annabeth=hazel=piper=ella=percy (equally),grover and tyson (cos he’s a bit cuckooo
        i mean ‘I LIKE CHICKEN PONIES’ is hardly a message to put on Rick Riordan Myth Master website am i right?)

      1. its a popular thought so i wouldnt try to tell everyone to stop asking it would take you forever

    1. It’s not supposed to let you follow the gang through the tunnel, it’s part of the island

  45. In the beginning of the guild, you didn’t mention about where the camera was or how to get it. Is it an item you recieve in your bag or is it something you temporarily use, because I’m confused how to take my picture.

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