Wild West Wonder

For those of you who have been playing Wild West Island’s sneak peek game of Round ‘Em Up every other day to get all the prizes, Captain Crawfish of the PCB wants to remind everyone that there’s just one prize left, and that’s the Wunder Bubble Tonic.

Unfortunately, he consumed too much of the drink and has passed out in that corner over there. *points* We have the plates, knives, and forks on the other side, so feel free to take a little snack break if you’ve been lassoing too many cows and want a rest.

Drunk on the Wunder Bubble Tonic

Thanks to Luke from the PHC for modeling some of the cowboy prizes, including the all-new Wunder Bubble Tonic, which makes your character flash random colors and blow bubbles of different colors. It’s pretty epic, so if you can, I’d recommend trying your best to win this prize!
New prizes were available every other day for a total of 7 prizes. Those prizes have expired though, but congratulations to those who won them while they were available. Past prizes include, in order starting from the first one:
  1. Sheriff Hat
  2. Sombrero
  3. Hat and Bandanna
  4. The Loaner
  5. The Hombre
  6. The Kid
  7. Wunder Bubble Tonic

The PCB has a poll asking, “How many Wild West prizes have you won?”  47% said 2 or more, 10% said just 1, and 42% said none.

So… how many prizes did YOU win?

31 thoughts on “Wild West Wonder

  1. magicspark/storm/mudkipgirl says:

    I have the wunder bubble tonic. It’s awesome, especially when combined with electrifier & atom power! (i should know…. i did that! 🙂 )

  2. Gentle Lion says:

    6. I missed the first one… 😦 Do you get anything special if you get them all?

    Hijuyo: I don’t think so, except the pride of having achieved all the prizes. 😛

  3. RavenclawGurl is being a lazy butt and not logging in. Whoa that's a long name says:

    I only got the Wunder Bubble Tonic. >:P I missed all the others…’cause, well, imma lazy butt.

  4. lucky brain says:

    on wild west island after you get the little cow in the ranch you can get 5 more and talk to the rancher you get a coustme called rattle snake rangerler

  5. ☮Αυθδξα☮ says:

    Hey,Hijuyo just wondering if you all knew the official date that the Wild West Island comes out is 3/14/11 (March 14th, 2011) after that, there is nothing I can say but adios,amigos 🙂
    -Neat Turtle

    Hijuyo: Where does it say that..? It’s not on the island’s info page.

    • Neat Turtle says:

      If you scroll over the island on your map it says so.And yes, its not on the islands info page, I recently checked it.About one month for us nonmembers 😀

      Hijuyo: Cool. Non-members ftw! 😀

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