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Reach for the skies!

Well, it’s definitely a more creative title than “Hands up!” because YOU could be the next marshal with the new Wild West-themed costumes in the Poptropica Store!

Or if you’re a rebel, there are costumes for those against the law too. Mind you, they’re all a tad bit more expensive than the rest: the new getups are 100 credits each.

  • Girls: Peacemaker (top left) and Outlaw (top right)
  • Boys: Lawman (bottom left) and Outlaw (bottom right)

So, get in on the gun-shooting action and get yourself one of these spiffy new suits!


7 thoughts on “Reach for the skies!”

  1. reach for the skies and ride them at wimpy wonderland?

    Hijuyo: Sure, but these costumes seem more fitting on Wild West Island. They can be worn anywhere, of course. ๐Ÿ˜›

  2. Cool costumes! I’d rather be the outlaw than the peacemaker, but as the costumes are 100 credits, I won’t be getting either.

  3. Hijuyo, I have a question: how’d this website get on google?

    Hijuyo: Google is a search engine that helps people find websites based on what they search, and websites are listed in order of pageviews. The PHB has a relatively high number of visits, so it can be found on Google search.

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