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International Virus-Hunting & Pirate-Talking Day

Ahoy ye scallywags!

Today, September 19th, be International Talk Like a Pirate Day, and as is appropriate, today we be talking about our favorite pirate, Captain Crawfish!

As promised, he released his video walkthrough for Virus Hunter Island, one of this month’s ITOM! (Only took him three years. And keeping in line with the rule of threes, the video was actually released three days ago, but they only made a blog post now. Kind of like us… 😅)

Remember, any player who completes Virus Hunter or Mystery of the Map this month will receive extra credits – even those who already finished it! (I like to believe this is my doing, of course.)

Also Snapshot September has come to a close – Slip said he was going to post the results yesterday, but unfortunately he was too busy. They’ll be up soon though, we promise!

Keep a weather eye on the horizon,

☠ Ylime ☠

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An Iota of IOTM

Hello readers!

UPDATE: Poptropica has updated its post to say that old-timers will also be rewarded as well – the first time you complete an Island you’ve already finished, you’ll get a 100 credit bonus. Also,  those of you who have already completed the IOTM – you’ll get a 300 credit bonus the first time you complete it again!

While I’m struggling with composite functions, there’s big news in Poptropica: they increased the credit count for completing islands (again)! They’ve doubled it from 150 to 300! (I swear, things always get easier for the younger generation, doesn’t it?)

In addition, every month, the creators are going to feature two Islands of the Month, which will award 500 credits… to first-time finishers. Come on creators, throw us old-timers a bone!

This month’s IOTM (Islands of the Month) are Mystery of the Map (guide here) and Virus Hunter (guide here), for anyone who wants to try to get some extra credits. The Creators also leave us with this promise: “We’ll also be doing some cool stuff for the Islands of the Month here on the (Creators’) blog and on Poptropica’s social media, so stay tuned…”


In addition to this news, the PHB got a shout-out in the very same post! Check it out:

You also might want to explore one of our amazing fan blogs, the Poptropica Help Blog. They have their own Island Guides — one for every Island! We haven’t watched all the videos or read through all the walkthroughs, but we know lots of Poptropica players turn to the PHB for help — so you might want to check them out!

We appreciate the praise creators. We think your walkthroughs are pretty great too… the ones you’ve released, at least.

See you guys later,


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A Story of Sharks, Zombies, and Robots

Hello readers!

I guess that’s my tagline now… could be better I guess. Oh well.

Anyways, while the Tribal Tournament is in full swing (go Seraphim!) the Poptropica Creators have been using the new feature Instagram Stories (which is definitely not Snapchat in any way shape or form). Check them out below! (Credit to Cool Octopus!)

So we have a Zomberry Island poster, the back of a Poptropica toy, the host of “Scaredy Pants”, a Zomberry, a screenshot of a video showing off the Mystery of the Map book in different languages, and the 3″ Shark Surfer and the Booga Shaman toys.

Basically, just keep an eye out on the Poptropica Creators’ Snapch-I mean, Instagram Stories, in order to see neat pictures from around Poptropica HQ!

That’s all for now. Don’t forget to support your tribe in the showdown, and while I would say join Seraphim if you haven’t chosen a tribe yet… I feel kind of bad for Andrew at the moment. The Nightcrawlers really, really, really need the help.

See ya in the next post,



#PoptropicaArt finalists, Round 1!

Heyo readers!

My mid-year resolution is to write more blog posts! …Wait, that’s not a thing? Eh, whatever. Still plan to do it.

Anyways, while my avatar is insanely confused as to how she ended up in formal wear, the first round of the #PoptropicaArt contest finalists have been released!

Art pieces by ANNE14TCO, Colette Lam CL,  Criaha C., Purple Claw, Perfect Sky, our very own SydVC, and Perfect Lightning were featured on the blog post. Check them out!

Also, due to the large amount of entries received, the Creators are increasing the amount of prizes for the contest! How awesome is that?

Remember, it’s not too late to enter! The contest ends on Labor Day (Monday, September 5th). Hmm, maybe I should submit an entry…

On second thought, maybe not.

That’s all I’ve got for now!


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Poptropica: The Mighty Action Trailer Video!

Hey guys! It’s Ylimegirl, back by popular demand!

Today I’m here to talk about a video just posted by Poptropica’s YouTube channel, entitled “Poptropica: A fun and safe virtual world for kids!” It can also be viewed on the front page of the Poptropica website.

The video is less than a minute long and shows many of the different worlds in Poptropica.

And now, time for an over-analysis/summary of it!

The video starts off in the clouds and flies down through some islands before arriving at Mythology Island’s Mount Olympus, where we see a particularly angry Zeus send out a bolt of lightning.

Then a crowd of various Poptropica characters are shown at PoptropiCon as various streaks fly around, which are revealed to be the Mighty Action Force heroes Fashion Ninja, Goldface, Elf Archer, Teen Arachnid, and World Guy. (Nice of them to justify Elf Archer’s flying skills with some sort of… propeller-arrow thing, but how can World Guy and Fashion Ninja do it? I mean, even Teen Arachnid is a stretch with his web-slinging based on how they’re zooming around. Is it because of the magic auras? If that’s the case why did Elf Archer need the propeller-arrow? …I’m thinking too hard about this, aren’t I.)

Next a mystical space portal opens, showing us some… red glowing eyes? Dunno what that is. Maybe it’ll be relevant in the future.

Then it’s time for Zomberry Island, featuring Joe Puddy clinging to a giant blueberry rolling across a bridge. And then we get to see the Phoenix Warbird and whatever-Crawfish’s-ship-is-called fire cannons at each other. (And somehow they don’t destroy each other even though they’re approximately 10 feet apart.)

And for our closing shot, the Poptropica blimp (you can see the back view) travels over the various islands and up into the sky, revealing the title!

So, trailer! Has nice animation, but no rats. (Creators, why must you forsake us like this? You know all we truly want is rats!) They did feature Fashion Ninja and Teen Arachnid more prominently in PoptropiCon, meaning there might be more in store for that island and those characters. It also seems to hint at what’s to come with those red eyes in space. Seriously what was up with that. Well, it was a Daily Pop, but I still don’t really know what it means.

Speaking of Daily Pops, I found three others for this video: one of Mount Olympus, a rough of the blimp flying, and a 3D model of PoptropiCon. Looks like they’ve been working on this for at least six months. Well, kudos creators, all that time paid off. Looks really good!

That 3D model could possibly be a glimpse at how they’re using Unity to make a 2D game on a 3D platform. And there appears to be a more fluid animation style for Zeus and a slightly different look for the PoptropiCon heroes in the video, which might end up being related to New Pop. Or it’s just easier to animate that way, I dunno. At this point I think I’m just rambling.

So, there you have it! Proof that neither I nor Poptropica are dead.