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International Virus-Hunting & Pirate-Talking Day

Ahoy ye scallywags!

Today, September 19th, be International Talk Like a Pirate Day, and as is appropriate, today we be talking about our favorite pirate, Captain Crawfish!

As promised, he released his video walkthrough for Virus Hunter Island, one of this month’s ITOM! (Only took him three years. And keeping in line with the rule of threes, the video was actually released three days ago, but they only made a blog post now. Kind of like us… 😅)

Remember, any player who completes Virus Hunter or Mystery of the Map this month will receive extra credits – even those who already finished it! (I like to believe this is my doing, of course.)

Also Snapshot September has come to a close – Slip said he was going to post the results yesterday, but unfortunately he was too busy. They’ll be up soon though, we promise!

Keep a weather eye on the horizon,

☠ Ylime ☠

10 thoughts on “International Virus-Hunting & Pirate-Talking Day”

  1. Tbh, VH is one of my least favourite islands. It’s the least classic island of all, and its plot is so different from all the others. 😐

  2. Virus Hunter! that island was so hard, nice to see another guide! But i prefer the phb’s guides, they’re awesome!

  3. oh boy WALKTHROUGHS like really we all ready have lots of walkthoughs and really poptropica creators plz upload better poptropica videos like I can not tell you how sick I am of walkthoughs.

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