PMFM (Poptropican Meme Face Mondays)

Poptropican Meme Face Mondays: Round 42

Heyyo Poptropicans, it’s Ultimate iPad Expert here.


In such a crucial year in our history, the candidates opinions on the most important of issues must been known. Choose wisely Americans. #MemeKing4Prez2016 (you’d better watch out rue) Welcome to round forty-two of PMFM (Poptropican Meme Face Mondays)!


The lucky meme-faced Poptropicans this week are PasteliacupcakesAA, and Cuddly Brain! And here are the memes:

Feel free to click on the images to view them in their full glory. 😛


Want your own meme face?

Well, it’s simple. Comment on the most recent PMFM post (just choose the top one of the list, here). Be sure to follow the criteria below:

  • Very crucial: Wear the outfit you want to have in the meme face on Poptropica and keep it on for at least a week.
  • As mentioned, find the most recent PMFM post (it will be at the top of this list)
  • Include your Poptropican username in a comment.
  • Include the meme face you would like on your Poptropican in your comment (a link to an image of the meme is very preferred).
  • Post your comment and wait! (PMFM is operated on a first come-first serve basis, so your meme face will come after all of the ones before are released).
  • Just a note: You do not need to re-comment on newer posts if you haven’t gotten yours yet. Once I reply to your comment mentioning “You being added to the list,” then I have seen your comment and added it to my literal list, so yours will be made after each one before is made.

This completes round forty-two of meme faces. Tune in next Monday for the next Poptropican Meme Face Mondays!

What do you think about this week’s meme faces? Comment below.

My name is Meme King and I approve of this message. 👑

• Ultimate iPad Expert •

92 thoughts on “Poptropican Meme Face Mondays: Round 42”

      1. Yeah, just print or write a copy of the national anthem, cross out the word “banner”, and swap it with the word “memez”😂

  1. “you’d better watch out rue” XD

    Still, good memes today. Speaking of which, I should up my meme game.

    Also, I’m voting Dat Boi for President. here come dat boi, keeping the law straight

      1. You’re willing to fight for meme right, Lord GabeN is fighting for better discounts on Steam… Yeah, Lord GabeN’s is long term impact, I’m sticking with him. Sorry, dude. 😕



  2. Hehe. XD One of the best opening images yet, for me. The PMFM posts never cease to make me appreciate your brilliant Photoshopping skills. 😉

      1. IKR? I actually saw him saying that HIMSELF in an advertisement to vote 4 Hillary. Plus I saw in a documentary that he treats his wife badly 😔

      1. Well you know, with the stagnant news these days, perhaps they’ve fallen a little short of greatness. But don’t worry, they’re still above average. 😉

  3. My first thought about that memez:
    BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA (times twelve)
    (in a terrible voice) Ohhh say can you seee, by the memes briight light
    Oh so proudly we hailed, the dank troll face memery
    Whose bright black and white lines, through the meme king’s dank palace,
    O’er the inteernet we watched, new memes are popping up
    Sent Hillary through the air!
    Gave proof to da night
    That the memery was there!
    Oh say can you see Cuddly Brain
    That’s one great meeemee!
    In the laand of the meme!
    And the home, of UiPE!
    omg that was so weird writing that
    Thats already been done.
    Whatever. 😛

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