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Orb Legend: Rejected Villains

Hi Gs,

I’m back with another post about the upcoming game ‘Orb Legend‘, this time focusing on the villains of the story. I think a lot of you will happy to hear that this story has infinitely more depth than Poptropica, even to the point of rebuilding some original main villains with more lore.


One of the main ideas we’ve had since the beginning of OL was to take all the neglected villains of Poptropica — those who never had much backstory or screen time — and give them as much or more story and screen time as the villains we see on the forefront of the online game. When I say neglected villains, I mean villains who don’t even appear in the islands!


To jog your memory, Dr. Cumulo Nimbus is from a mini-quest obtained by purchasing the inflatable blimp toy. He wants to set fire to all of Poptropica using his decked out blimps. He lives in a Fortress of Solitude type area.

Arthur Eraser is a peculiar artist who owns a magic pencil, which he plans on using to erase all of Poptropica. You can stop him in the book Pencil Warrior.

Daphne Dreadnaught is an inventor from a promo quest for Ghost Story Island. She plans on collecting souls and using them to power her evil suit.

The Mole King is a speculative villain from the unreleased island coined “Underground Island” that was dropped a few years ago. All that is known of him is a neat sketch released on the Poptropica twitter.

E.Vile is a cyborg who for some reason wants to destroy Poptropica via a robotic army he created. He appears in the mini-quest Legendary Swords.

Again, these villains will be fleshed out greatly in OL — from Arthur’s doodle rogues to Cumulo’s secret identity! Keep tuned on the dev blog for more.



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St. Patrick’s Day gifts – Leprechaun Follower and Costume!

Hi Gs,

Today is St. Patrick’s Day and Poptropica is recognizing this with a couple of free items – the Leprechaun Costume from the Store is free for today, and a new Leprechaun Follower which can only be obtained if you visit Mythology Island. Odd placement!

On the follower, it says to go the 24 Carrot Island diner, mix yellow and blue, and drink it to get green hair. It also has a button that allows you to travel to the diner.


For the costume, if you press space bar while wearing it, you’ll do a comical little Irish jig! Here’s a gif of Skinny Moon doing the dance.

skinny moon does a jig.gif

It’s also notable that the post on the Creators’ Blog about these items is the first post by “Skinny Moon” (Jessica from social media). I’m excited to see future posts from her! 🙂


Update: In other news, Poptropica Realms is back! Bugs have been fixed, so the experience should be smoother. Check out our Realms Guide and get building!



Home Island, Monkey Wrench Island

Monkey Wrench Island tour is here

Hi Gs,

Quick update to let you guys know that Poptropica has (finally) released the Monkey Wrench Island tour page! The description reads:

The Flying Ace Race is underway! But one evil pilot is about to throw a monkey wrench into your plans. To beat the Red Baroness and win the race, you’ll need to build the fastest yellow blimp in Poptropica! Get ready to take flight in a compact adventure made especially for first-time players!

Also on the tour page is an image of Amelia Earhart posing with the wrench saying, “Talk to me on the Home Island to get started!”


Couple things to mention, first being that the official name for the race is apparently the “Flying Ace Race”. I’d also like to note that there is no mobile “Coming Soon” button or anything of that nature – just a “Play Now” button for online users. This might mean that this island will not be added to the mobile app, but we’ll see.


The page is surprisingly short, only containing a description, logo, and character picture. I’m hoping for a trailer! 🙂




Orb Legend: Teaser Trailer

Hi Gs,

I know, I know – I said in the last Orb Legend update that I wouldn’t post any more about the game – but this is just so big of an update, and I can’t help myself from informing you guys.

The teaser trailer for Orb Legend is finally released, featuring music by Kat, art by Feng, and voiceover by Giant Hawk! Everyone who has seen it has been extremely excited after doing so. I encourage you to watch the glorious 47-second clip. While you’re at it, subscribe to the Orb Legend channel so you can be the first to know about new trailers.

Contain your excitement. The first installment of OL we’re hoping to get out by mid summer. 😀

Sidenote: go follow us on Game Jolt! The first demo will be uploaded there! 🙂




Island of the Apes (Monkey Wrench is live!)

Hi Gs,

Big news today (surprising at that) – Monkey Wrench Island, whose name was literally just verified yesterday, is now live and accessible via Home Island!

Update: Our Monkey Wrench Island Guide is now up, with pictures – check it out!


It doesn’t have an icon on the map yet, so you’ll need to prompt the quest by talking to the pilot, Amelia Earheart (after the historical figure!). She’s standing where the blimp would be on Home Island’s Main Street – now with a rusty aircraft.


The island is short and sweet. As it is an island quest for beginners, it consists of a simplistic plot: you and Amelia Earheart are in a race with a bunch of other explorers – but a cheating villain known as Red Baroness knocks you off course, and you land on Monkey Wrench Island. You’ll find a myriad of monkeys, and a lazy inventor named Crusoe.


What I think most of us will like about this island is the explanation for how the player gets the blimp. This has been a mystery and topic of discussion for years, and I’m glad the mystery has finally been solved.

Strangely enough, the Creators have not said a word since its release! However, the characters you meet in this adventure can currently be found running across the login screen.

welcome monkeyw

Also update worthy: the SUI GUI (soo-ee goo-ee) has been updated with new icons, including the new Map one we saw earlier (the Friends and Costumizer buttons have also been updated). I like them!