St. Patrick’s Day gifts – Leprechaun Follower and Costume!

Hi Gs,

Today is St. Patrick’s Day and Poptropica is recognizing this with a couple of free items – the Leprechaun Costume from the Store is free for today, and a new Leprechaun Follower which can only be obtained if you visit Mythology Island. Odd placement!

On the follower, it says to go the 24 Carrot Island diner, mix yellow and blue, and drink it to get green hair. It also has a button that allows you to travel to the diner.


For the costume, if you press space bar while wearing it, you’ll do a comical little Irish jig! Here’s a gif of Skinny Moon doing the dance.

skinny moon does a jig.gif

It’s also notable that the post on the Creators’ Blog about these items is the first post by “Skinny Moon” (Jessica from social media). I’m excited to see future posts from her! 🙂


Update: In other news, Poptropica Realms is back! Bugs have been fixed, so the experience should be smoother. Check out our Realms Guide and get building!




10 thoughts on “St. Patrick’s Day gifts – Leprechaun Follower and Costume!

  1. Speedy Lizard says:

    Sorry this has nothing to do with the post but there was nowhere else to post this so:

    Brave Tomato, are you going to continue the Curious Bee series? They’re really fun

  2. FairyTale says:

    Will the follower disappear later? I mean it’s for a limited time right? (I hope we can keep it forever though. )

  3. Fearless Rider (AKA Marshmallowlilypads) says:

    OMG I love the little dance. It is totally, absolutely, positively ADORABLE! 😀

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