PHB Specials

PHB Christmas Special, Part 2: Little Orphan Bloggers

phb2015 christmas

Continued from Part 1: The Party Starts Here


(THE AUTHORS walk inside, as a clearly After-Effect’sed in bolt of lightning sounds.)

Blake: Thanks for helping me out with the kids, guys! There are a few of them I’d like you to meet. Like this little guy! What’s up, Enrique?

Enrique: Hola, Senor Blake! Have you come to rid us of our demons?

Blake: Now, Enrique. You know for a fact that my exorcisms don’t happen until the summer months.

(ENRIQUE pouts and walks away. A young girl walks up to BLAKE, and he picks her up. She offers an earbud to him.)

Blake: Oh, hey Sally! You made a new song?

(He turns to the OTHER AUTHORS, mouthing the words “She’s a songwriter.” He puts the earbuds in.)

Blake: Wow! It’s just the sounds of a million drums.. hitting all at once! I love it! Very punk rock!

(SALLY breaks into a toothy grin and scampers off. BLAKE gets up, brushing off his pants. He turns to the AUTHORS.)

Blake: So, we should probably go find Sister Mary now.

(HE leads the AUTHORS into a corridor.)


(The foyer is dimly lit, with the alone source of light coming from the fireplace at the end of the room. Sitting in front of the fire, in a creepy sounding rocking chair is SISTER MARY. Upon the Authors’ entrance into the room, she stops rocking)

St. Mary: Come forward, new volunteers.

(Deterred by the eerie setting, the Authors stay put)

St. Mary: I said (fire spontaneously burns bigger and brighter) COME FORWARD!

(After a moment of silence amongst the Authors, GIANT HAWK steps forward)

Giant Hawk: Yes, Sister Mary?

(Sister Mary claps her hands, turning the foyer’s lights on. She gets up, presenting herself now in a more pleasant manner. She then advances forward, shaking hands with Giant Hawk)

St. Mary: Greetings young man, and welcome to my institution. Who may all you be?

Giant Hawk: Oh, hello. Well, we are the Authors of the Poptropica Help Blog, and –

St. Mary: Oh, that’s right! The Poptropica Help Blog! *murmur* I knew Popstar Humiliation Blog was too forward a name… *murmur*

Giant Hawk: What?

St. Mary: Never mind that. *ahem* Now, excuse the question, but are you the young man who contacted me earlier? Because you don’t sound nearly as delusional.

Giant Hawk: Delusional? Oh! You must mean Blake.

(Everyone turns around, discovering Blake outside the room, in the hallway, playing a Mighty Action Force card game with Sammy Fresh)

Sam: Blam-a-Sam-Sam! I won agan!

Blake: Ah man! This game is totally rigged!

Sam: Aight, homie. If you gon’ play like that, Imma let you in on something! The key to the game is-

(SAM is cut off by the AUTHORS entering the commons.)

HP: Hey Blake, we found Sister Mary and gave her those gifts you bought for the kids. Now, there was this really weird present in salmon-colored wrapping paper..

Blake: Wait. SALMON-colored?

SD: Yeah. We didn’t know what to do with it, so we just gave it to Sister Mary with the rest of them.

(BLAKE screams.)

Blake: You guys! That was the office Christmas present to Fishy! You know, that new diamond-encrusted trout she wanted so much?

HP: Yeah, she said it was reel-y expensive..

(Cut to BLAKE holding HP off the roof by his shirt collar.)

Blake: I swear to Zeus, if you make ONE MORE FISH PUN, I’m gonna drop you off.

HP: What the shell, Blake? No need to harbor such a grudge!

Blake: THAT’S IT!

(The other authors walk out as HP falls on them from below.)

Paul: You made fish puns in front of Blake again, didn’t you?

HP: Yes. But that’s not important right now… I think I landed on my boughs of holly..

(BLAKE jumps off the roof, landing in a perfect acrobatic somersault.)

Blake: So, we need to think of a way to get that present back. Anyone got a plan?


Blake: Alright, SD! What’s your idea!

SD: Um… well… I remember seeing this Christmas special where they broke in to get the present back.. but this place looks like it has a really high-maintenance security syste-

(A SIZZLE OF ELECTRICITY is heard as Paul cuts the wire on the security system, disabling it.)

Paul: Oh, sorry. I took a few months of Burglary Academy a year ago, and..

Blake: Great! We’ll come back tonight and get the present.

To be continued…


There has been an awakening… (Star Wars ad!)

Have you felt it?

What’s popping, Poptropicans? Blake here, with a Force-filled piece of Poptropican news!

For a limited time, if you go to the Main Street of any Poptropica Island, you will find a Star Wars: The Force Awakens ad! After watching the video, and having this NPC that looks nothing like Rey ogle you for a minute and a half, you’ll receive your very own BB-8 Follower!

Woo, it’s slightly less harder-to-find than the Sphero BB-8! Anyway, whenever  you equip the item card, you have this little guy following you around. And to my nerd-pleasure, HE ACTUALLY ROLLS. Yes, all you Star Wars fans out there. He is not a stationary follower. He actually rolls. Gosh, is this the droid you’re looking for, or what?

In other news, check out the new track from Escape From Pelican Rock Island posted on Jeff Heim’s Soundcloud – “Prisoner”! Sounds ominous.

Plus, shoutout to Poptropica for giving us a shoutout on Twitter for our EFPR Island Review! Twice if you count this tweet from Creator Jen MacLean!

Anyway, stay popping, Poptropicans, and don’t forget to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens, this Force Friday, December 18th!

PHB Specials

PHB Christmas Special, Part 1: The Party Starts Here

phb2015 christmas

It’s here, Poptropicans! The PHB Christmas special we promised will be posted in parts over the next 12 days leading up to Christmas. Here’s part one – enjoy!


(The staff is gathered around a huge table. Clearly edited in SOUNDS OF LAUGHTER can be heard. BLAKE begins talking to his FELLOW AUTHORS.)

Blake: Well, it appears Christmas time has rolled around again. Are any of you going home for the holidays?

Fishy: Yes. I am returning to my native country of Iceland to be with my salmon family in this hard time of winter.

Blake: Alright then! I was gonna go help out that orphanage downtown, but if you guys don’t wanna go, then fine..

Paul: Alright, Blake. Normally you’re the definition of selfish and rude. What’s got you so cheery?

Blake: The blood of infants.


Paul: No, but seriously.

Blake: Fine. Timmy put me up to this. Remember that bet we made, where I dressed up as a princess and walked around the offices for a week?

Paul: Yeah! I think Sam actually has that up on Youtube.


(A YOUTUBE UPLOAD is shown processing. It cuts to black, then you hear the sounds of clicking. The video flashes on screen, titled USE_TO_BLACKMAIL_BLAKE.AVI. In the video, BLAKE parades around the offices, ruling over it like a kingdom. SAM snickers in the background.)


(THE AUTHORS stand around the table, idly. COMPLETE SILENCE is heard.)

BT: Um, Paul? You’ve just been staring at the wall for 5 minutes. There’s nothing there.

Blake: Well, there is HP hanging Slip from the TV again.

(OFFSCREEN, the sound of HP hanging SLIPPERY RAPTOR to the TV can be heard, followed by a loud thud. SLIPPERY shouts in pain, and the action cuts back to the AUTHORS.)

BT: Yeah, that is pretty interesting. Anyway, I’m going back to Early Poptropica for the holidays. I have family there, and I haven’t written home in a few years…

Blake: So I can count you and Fishy out for helping me at the orphanage? Whatever…


(THE AUTHORS, sans FISHY and BT, stand outside the orphanage. HP looks toward BLAKE.)

HP: Dude, why’d you drag us along?

Blake: Because we have two characters that we wrote off in the beginning of the special, and we’re pressed for time! Plus, Sister Mary needs our help with the kids anyway.

Sam rolls on the floor in a circle while laughing hysterically.

Slip: Wow, an orphanage actually named after a living person. Weird…

(SAM rolls in on a skateboard, and does an ollie over SAM, still laughing hysterically. He takes off his multicolored, 80s style sunglasses and smiles, revealing his single gold tooth. A close up shot of the tooth is shown. A single sparkle shines across the golden beauty.)

Sam: Yo yo yo! What up, it’s ya boy Sammy Fresh comin at ya live from the PHB Christmas Special!

HP: We don’t care.

Blake: The Gravity Falls references make this special twice as sad, but Sammy Fresh makes it twice as rad! Alright, let’s head inside.

Sam: Aight, dawg!

(SAM does an ollie over the threshold.)

This is Sammy Fresh, by the way –

To be continued…

My Place in Poptropica

My Place in Poptropica: Blake


What’s popping, Poptropicans? Blake here, with my induction into MPIP (My Place in Poptropica!) Now, for the uninitiated, MPIP is a lot like the Youtube phenom, “Draw My Life.” Preceding mine were the stories of my fellow authors, HP, UiPE, and Slip. Without further ado, let’s begin!

2008 | Blake’s Beginnings

I began playing Poptropica in late September of 2008. Keep in mind, this was back when the buzz was for Big Nate, and I couldn’t complete Spy Island for the life of me. Anyway, for those of you who know me, I started playing Poptropica in around the 1st or 2nd grade.

I was in the ‘gifted’ program at our school, which is basically a thing where smarter-than-the-average-bear kids go to receive help with whatever academic and/or social problems they may have. My friend Chase introduced me to the game. Well, not exactly introduced, more like “I eavesdropped on what he was doing.” I typed in the link (mistakenly spelling it Poptown the first few times due to my lack of memory skills), and off I went!

This opened up a world of opportunities for me. Eventually, I had to create a new account, since my oldest one fell victim to a glitch where the Poptropican got stuck in the future on Time Tangled.

2009 | The Naming

Around 2009, I began to frequent the PHC. Along the way, I was impersonated. Of course, for 9-year-old me, the only logical solution was to go undercover and see who was doing this. So, my friend Ana and I came up with the undercover name “Blake_Poison” for me. As you may notice, this ended up being the name I stuck with for all future blogging. So, you can thank our little Ocean’s Eleven heist for my name!

2010 | Author Nights

Now, we fast forward to the year 2010, and, therefore, my first encounter with our glorious vessel, the PHB.

It was Author Night, the first of a PHB tradition (now simply known as PHC parties) that I tried to make it to every year. We’d all meet our favorite PHB authors on the PHC. It was a golden opportunity to finally converse with my favorite author at the time, MT (author of Party With Hobos, my favorite web series at the time, which will sadly never continue).

Needless to say, I was very… hyper, as anyone who was at the event could tell you. Let’s just say, I went on a small rant. Around this time, I lost my 2nd account to a glitch on Red Dragon Island. This is around the time I created the account I use today (mickety2 if you’d like to add me).

2013–beyond | Popping & Blogging

Skip forward a few years, to 2013, and my first experience at Poptropica blogging. Now, for all you Blake nerds out there, I’ve actually ping-ponged through what I consider the top three Poptropica blogs out there: Super Thunder’s Blog, Poptropican Awesomeness, and the PHB. Most of these, I kept my job at for 2, 3 weeks. But then, after a PHB party (and me pestering Juyo/Fishy at every party we attended together), I got the golden ticket.

And now, I’m here. And let me tell you, it’s been a wild ride. Three wild years at this place. This wonderful, slightly-sickening-with delight place. And all of you, you made it happen. Thank you. Thank you, every last one of you. I couldn’t have gotten to where I am today without a leg up from you.

And that, Poptropicans, is how I met your moth– errr, I mean My Place in Poptropica.

PHB Specials

Something big is going to be under the tree this year…

Ahh, the holiday season. Friends, family, presents…



Speaking of which, remember in my last post, when I said to watch out for something big coming this holiday season? Well, it’s time to reveal said big thing…

Announcing: the 2015 Poptropica Help Blog Christmas Special!

phb2015 christmas

That’s right, to celebrate the holiday season, me and the other authors are bringing you a full length Christmas special starring the PHB cast! It won’t be animated (mainly because we’re too lazy to do it), but if you want to animate it based on the script we’ll put out, we’ll reward you with lots of crawfish!

Now, how is this going to work exactly? The special will be released in 12 parts, starting December 14th! Each part will range from around 2 to 3 movie-script-style scenes, with a few classic PHB references mixed in!

Well, that’s all for now, Poptropicans! Stay tuned for Part 1 of our big special coming on December 14th!