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Announcing the 2016 PHB Valentine’s Special!

EDIT (2/10/16): Thank you all for entering! The contest is now closed. Check out this post to see whose names will be in the PHB special!

What’s popping, Poptropicans? Blake here, with a really exciting piece of news! Now, first off, all of us at the PHB would like to thank you for taking the time to take our 2015 survey! We received a lot of responses, which will help us figure out what to focus on.

Remember the PHB Christmas special from last year? Well, we’re bringing the something similar back! Announcing… the 2016 PHB Valentine’s Day special!


Thanks to our very own Ultimate iPad Expert (aka Paul) for the header! While you wait for the release of the special, here’s a synopsis of roughly what to expect right here:

It’s Valentine’s Day at the PHB offices, and Blake decides to play matchmaker amongst his friends. It’s all chaos when Cupid’s bow is added into the mix!

This time, the special has an interactive quality! I saw a lot of comments on the Christmas special asking if certain viewers could be characters in the special. I’m happy to say that I will be picking 5 lucky viewers to be in the special!

All I ask of you is to comment down below your Poptropican’s name (or whatever name you wish to have your character go by in the special), and your favorite ship between two PHB authors! My personal favorite is SamXHPuterpop. I’ll need help playing a bit of matchmaker in this special, and I can’t do it by myself!

Anyway, that’s all for now! Stay popping, Poptropicans.


Kung Fu Panda 3 ad!

What’s popping, Poptropicans? Blake here, with another piece of Poptropica news! This time, it’s for the new ad on Main Streets everywhere for Dreamworks’ new movie, Kung Fu Panda 3!

…Okay, Poptropicans, can we talk for a second? Who exactly ASKED for this movie? I mean, I thought 2 were enough, but.. I guess we need another..? Anyway, once you log in, you will immediately be given the Baby Pandas Hat and Smash Attack Power!

But wait, there’s more! If you watch the video for the ad, you will receive a Po Costume (boys) or Tigress Costume (girls)! I guess you could say that makes us… Po-ptropicans.

Anyway, that’s all for now, Poptropicans! Stay tuned for more, and I’ll see you soon! Stay popping, Poptropicans.


Mixels III: The Sequelning



It is a period of endless Mixels ads. The cunning BLAKE POPWALKER, striking from a secret base, has gained a victory over the cruel MIXELS AD EMPIRE.

During the battle, Blake managed to steal the post for yet another ad, this time offering new prizes. Pursued by the Empire, Blake races home on his slightly-outdated Huffy ’79 bicycle, custodian of the stolen ad which can save his sanity, and restore freedom to the galaxy…

What’s popping, Poptropicans? Blake here, with another Mixels ad. Yes, remember when I did the first one? And then when I did it again? Well, the Creators have done it again! They’ve released a third Mixels ad, this time focusing on the Weldos tribe!

I think my expression in that photo says enough. Anyway, once you enter the ad, you are immediately greeted by two of the Mixels, who usher you to the prizes with signs on either side. Heading up the stairs, you can take a quiz, as well as claim your two item cards, this time being the Dribbal Run Power and the Kramm Drill Power!

There are also various signs that you can click, showing off the various aspects of the three tribes.

In other news, Poptropica tweeted this sketch of Manny from Wimpy Wonderland Island showing the various thickness levels of his various parts! Neat.

They also shared this awesome Dr. Hare cake with us. Well, just a picture of it, but we’ll assume it was delicious. For more cake pics, click the link in their tweet!

Okay, is there anything else? No? We’re done? GOOD.

Well, that’s all for now! Stay popping, Poptropicans.

PHB Specials

PHB Christmas Special, Part 4: Sleigh Ride

phb2015 christmas

Continued from Part 3: Tut Tut, Looks Like Train


(THE AUTHORS, sans Giant Hawk and Spotted Dragon, barge into the boiler room, as BLAKE and HP tackle the CONDUCTOR.)

Blake: The jig is up, conductor! Where are you taking these kids?
Conductor: To the North Pole, of course!
Blake: A likely story. Get him, guys!

(The remaining AUTHORS tackle the conductor, tying him to the boiler. BLAKE steps up to the controls.)

Blake: Okay, one SLIGHT problem. Do any of you know how to DRIVE a train?

HP: Nope.

Paul: I think Giant Hawk does.

Blake: Great! Giant Hawk, quickly, do something!

(There is silence, as the remaining AUTHORS look around for Giant Hawk)

Blake: Wait – where IS he?

Slip: And where’s Spotted Dragon?

Sam: I’ve got no clue, dawgs.

Blake: Alright, then. Brace for impact, I guess.

(The remaining AUTHORS grab onto the train’s handrails as the train derails. After the train lands, the wounded remaining AUTHORS climb out of the wreckage. SD and GH suddenly appear, outside of the wreckage and completely unharmed)

HP: Wait? How did you guys get here? Where were you?

SD: Oh, we didn’t leave the train car when you guys did.

GH: Yeah. But when we realized what you guys were doing, we found the emergency exit and escaped.

Sam: Sounds tubular!

Blake: Oh, quiet Sammy Fresh.

(SAMMY FRESH’s usual radical smile turns into a bogus frown)

Blake: Hey guys, look! The aurora borealis! Hmm, he was telling the truth after all.

Slip: Alright, we get it. Now, are we gonna take the sleigh NOW or what?
Blake: Sure, do it your way. Clearly, my idea didn’t work.


(THE AUTHORS are sitting in Santa’s sleigh, delivering presents to children. BLAKE hops into the sleigh, after going down his 39th consecutive chimney.)

Blake: Guys, can someone ELSE be Santa now? I think I may have gotten lung cancer.

HP: Well, we do have this guy.

(HP gestures to SANS, sitting in the back of the sleigh playing a trombone. BLAKE frowns.)

Sans: Well, that’s the expression of someone who just got DUNKED ON.

Blake: Oh, shut up. You’re just a throwaway gag.

Sans: Or am I?

Blake: Yes you are. Now, back into the Throwaway Gag Closet with you.

(BLAKE ushers SANS out of the scene. From offscreen, PAPYRUS’ voice can be heard)

Papyrus: Aw, they kicked you out too?

Blake: So then, next house?

SD: Sure, go ahead!


(BLAKE and HP sneak out of the sleigh and drop the gifts down the chimney.)

Blake: Wow, this new “speed delivery” thing is working wonders!

HP: Yes, yes it is. Well, only one last house to go, team!

Blake: Oh, it’s Fishy’s house! Welp, we have what we need! Let’s go!

(BLAKE goes down the chimney.)


(BLAKE plops down into the fireplace.)

Blake: Alright, now just find where she keeps the presents and this whole night will be over.

(SUDDENLY, A LIGHT flickers on in Fishy’s kitchen. FISHY walks out, sleepily.)

Fishy: Blake? What are you doing here?

Blake: Okay, panic. Is this gonna be like a Grinch moment or-?

Fishy: Oh, hey? Is that the trout you guys got me for Christmas?
Blake: Yeah, it i- Wait. You KNEW?!

Fishy: Of course, Blake! I own the blog. You can’t get much by me.

Blake: I see. Look, just take the present and know we went through a lot of trouble to get it, okay? I’m not one for these gushy moments..

Fishy: Alright. Merry Christmas, Blake.

(BLAKE turns to FISHY as he goes up the chimney.)

Blake: Merry Christmas, Fishy.


(BLAKE walks out in his robe, and turns on his light. Sitting next to his puny excuse for a Christmas tree is a small present. On it is written, TO BLAKE, FROM FISHY.)

Blake: No way. I could have sworn I changed the locks after last Christmas..

(BLAKE crouches down and opens the present. Inside are letters from the PHB community, thanking him for all he’s done. BLAKE sniffles with happiness. At the bottom, there is a note from someone not quite in the PHB community. BLAKE reads it aloud.)

Blake: Dear Blake, thank you for all your help. You’ve been a really good boy somewhat good this year. Sincerely yours, Santa Claus.

(SANTA’s laugh is heard as the letter disappears in BLAKE’S HANDS. He looks outside to see SANTA flying off on his sleigh. BLAKE turns to the camera.)

Blake: Keeping with the theme of traditional holiday specials, I guess you’re expecting me to learn some sort of lesson from this. Well, truth is, I didn’t learn anything at all. All I learned is that going down chimneys is extremely difficult work.


PHB Specials

PHB Christmas Special, Part 3: Tut, Tut, Looks Like Train

phb2015 christmas

Just a little update –

Sadly, I looked it over, and we have the material to make at the very least 4 or 5 parts of the Christmas special. We originally wanted to do 12, but that isn’t working out. I apologize for any inconvenience we may have caused with this. – Blake

Continued from Part 2: Little Orphan Bloggers…


(BLAKE pokes his head out of a bush, looking around. He makes an extravagant hand signal, and the other authors roll out after him.)

Blake: NO! The hand signal was to stay in the bush! You guys make TERRIBLE thieves!

HP: Well, sorry! YOU aren’t the one who got dropped off a roof and onto a WELL!

Blake: Yeah… Anyway, let’s go ahead down the chimney, and we should be good to go!


(The AUTHORS drop from the chimney. BLAKE rolls into the living room, and walks toward the tree.)

Blake: Okay, now we just need to find the present and get out of here. HP, look through those presents.
HP: Sorry, dude. I’m a little more interested in the fact that there’s a fat guy stuck in the chimney.

(SANTA CLAUS is stuck in the chimney. BLAKE walks over to him.)

Blake: Wow, he’s actually real. Alright, we have the present! Now we just have to get out of here before Sister Mary wakes up, and we’re good as gold!

(THE AUTHORS walk out the front door, making sure to close it tightly. They climb back up to the roof.)

Blake: Guys. Are you thinking what I’m thinking?
Slippery: Jack the sleigh, deliver all these gifts and save Christmas?

Blake: Or, we could just use that train station over there.

Slippery: That works too.


(THE AUTHORS are sitting on the train, warming up.)

Blake: So what train is this anyway? We got the tickets pretty cheap.

SD: Judging by the schedule, it says we’re riding the Polar Express..

Blake: Hmm, never heard of it.

(THE CONDUCTOR pops out from behind Blake’s seat.)


Blake: Nope, not at all. Do you guys have any hot chocolate by chance? It’s friggin freezing in here.

Conductor: Hot chocolate?!

Blake: Yeah, that’s what I said.

Conductor: HOT CHOCOLATE?!

Blake: Yeah, pretty much.



(A CHIPPER SONG begins to play in the background. THE CONDUCTOR begins bobbing up and down to the tune. He gets the first note out before BLAKE interrupts.)

Blake: Um, can I just get some water please?

Conductor: Water? Oh sure, whatever.

(THE CONDUCTOR hands BLAKE some water, and walks off.)

Blake: That guy is freaking weird. Hey, has anyone else noticed every passenger on this thing is a kid?

HP: Yeah, where are they taking them all anyway?

(BLAKE holds up a notebook, on which things are written.)

Blake: Guys, look! If you arrange the letters in TRAIN CONDUCTOR a certain way, it spells CHILD ABDUCTOR! That’s why everyone on the train is a kid!

GH: What? No it doesn’t. How did you even –

HP: Oh my Zeus, this makes perfect sense. We have to save these kids!

(BLAKE, HP and every author except for Spotted Dragon and Giant Hawk rush off. They are left pondering the reasoning)

SD: Wait, where’d they get the H from – or the B?

GH: Don’t ask me. I was going to ask the same thing…

(For a second, the two sit still, until they remember what HP said)

SD & GH: Wait a second – GUYS!!!

To be continued…