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Announcing the 2016 PHB Valentine’s Special!

EDIT (2/10/16): Thank you all for entering! The contest is now closed. Check out this post to see whose names will be in the PHB special!

What’s popping, Poptropicans? Blake here, with a really exciting piece of news! Now, first off, all of us at the PHB would like to thank you for taking the time to take our 2015 survey! We received a lot of responses, which will help us figure out what to focus on.

Remember the PHB Christmas special from last year? Well, we’re bringing the something similar back! Announcing… the 2016 PHB Valentine’s Day special!


Thanks to our very own Ultimate iPad Expert (aka Paul) for the header! While you wait for the release of the special, here’s a synopsis of roughly what to expect right here:

It’s Valentine’s Day at the PHB offices, and Blake decides to play matchmaker amongst his friends. It’s all chaos when Cupid’s bow is added into the mix!

This time, the special has an interactive quality! I saw a lot of comments on the Christmas special asking if certain viewers could be characters in the special. I’m happy to say that I will be picking 5 lucky viewers to be in the special!

All I ask of you is to comment down below your Poptropican’s name (or whatever name you wish to have your character go by in the special), and your favorite ship between two PHB authors! My personal favorite is SamXHPuterpop. I’ll need help playing a bit of matchmaker in this special, and I can’t do it by myself!

Anyway, that’s all for now! Stay popping, Poptropicans.

86 thoughts on “Announcing the 2016 PHB Valentine’s Special!”

    1. Well, the survey asked me to do more, so I decided to go back to it for old time’s sake! I’m probably gonna do one for Halloween too, since I have a bit more notice this time.

  1. Oh, awesome! I would love to be in the special! My Poptropican’s name is Tall Cactus. And my favorite ship is Brave Tomato X Blake! And Slanted Fish X Giant Hawk!

  2. I would like to join the special too! My character is Super Drummer. My ship would be HP X Fishy.

  3. I really want to be in the special… My character’s name (or at least the one I want to use) is Starbright, and my ship is Slippery Raptor X Spotted Dragon. Or Hputerpop X Brave Tomato…

  4. White Carrot
    and I ship
    SD x UiPe
    (((Sorry usually I don’t ship actual people but it’s part of the contest lol)))

  5. Aight, how about Giant Hawk and UIPE? No? That’s not okay? Oh, fine. I’d have to say Slippery and Blake, Slake. And of course, the preferable name would be Spencer. 😉

  6. I ship… Blake and UiPE. Slippery Raptor and Blake, and BT and GiantHawk work too 😀 I’m Brave Dolphin btw

  7. Augh this will be awesome! Can’t wait to read it!
    I’m Strange Monster and I ship…uh…Brave Tomato and Samwow5

  8. Hi guys! I’m really,really hoping to finally get my name on the PHB!!! Anyway… my name is WimpyKidFan (Please spell it exactly, and if you want to abbreviate it in the story a little u can use WKF (capitalized)) and I will ship HP and Fishy!! LOL! Like I said, I would REALLY appreciate to get picked and Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!!! 🙂

  9. Name:Mad APPer
    Ship(s)Giant Hawk and an actual hawk, UiPE with a meme generator, Slanted Fish with the ocean, Blake with his white tuxedo, Slippery Raptor with his headphones, Brave Tomato with Steven Universe’s star shirt (she likes stars), etc. Basically everybody with an object or animal of some sort. That would be chaos. I also ship myself with a tablet. What am I even doing…

    1. True. I can’t blame you for shipping Giant Hawk with an actual
      hawk. Seriously, who wouldn’t agree with that!? :p
      I ship myself with my laptop and my tablet aswell. 😉

    2. Reminds me of when my classmates and I were talking about the coming-up Valentine’s Dance. I told them why I couldn’t come. The other side of my own ship is stationary. Scratch X an Xbox 360

    1. They originated from the messed-up imaginations of PHB readers. At least I said some decent ones. Fishy x The Ocean and UiPE x the iPad Air. Both liked them.

  10. I’m Popular Wolf, and I ship Brave Tomato and Slippery Raptor.
    Also Binary Bard x Popular Wolf and Bashful Sword x Sir Rental.
    Can’t wait for the story, Blake-meister!

  11. Though under the alias “phil” (in honor of my windowsill cactus who shares the name) My poptropican name is Zippy Coyote :P. I ship the classic, yet not cliche, SamPuterPop

  12. *evil laughter* I’m working on not only a parody picture for the Samputerpop ship, but another for the Blixels!! WAHAHAHAAA! Where should I put it once I’m done?
    LOL can’t wait to see your reactions guys XD

      1. I didn’t mean it like that, just it looked funny when I did the edit 😛
        It’s actually just a Vocaloid song parody (Two Sided Lovers {Miku and Kaito}). Glad you enjoy it!

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