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Fanfic: Zombies, Zombies, ALWAYS ZOMBIES! 🧟 Ep. 3: To the Sky!

Hey Poptropicans, this is a guest post by Magic Kid. Enjoy!

Aaaand we meet again. This is Episode 3 of ZOMBIES, ZOMBIES, ALWAYS ZOMBIES! Starring: Jazzy Hawk, Clumsy Bird, and a new guy (whose name I will reveal in this episode). Catch the last episode here.

Prepare yourself for another cataclysmic event, and prepare yourself to enjoy this episode (And please don’t hunt me down for what happens at the end, I’m currently going into hiding. 😉)

Up and Away: It helps to be full of hot air.


A Zomberry Series

Episode Three: To the Sky!

The sky outside a certain theater is a darkening blue, with stripes of gold and pink clouds slashing through the sky. The small mountains in the distance are a beautiful greenish blue color and if you just look up, up, up, the crescent shaped moon glows slightly.

But then if you look down, down at the city, you’d see that it is blueish also. How could a city be so blue? It isn’t raining, or flooded…

Look closer.

Now, down at the streets, the blue isn’t painted, it isn’t the sky reflecting. It is a sea of zombies, roaming the once innocent streets of 24 Carrot Island.

The zombies groan and stumble without direction for the most part. 

That is, if you don’t look at the theater, crowded by a mass of azure. 

Bleeeeh, bleh. Meh, groan.

The zombies are even louder and more active over there. The reason?

Inside of the theater, to the backstage area, are where three Poptropicans worriedly look out through the nailed wooden plank’s gaps at the zombies. That is the reason for the crowd of zombies. The new guy, Witty Toothpick, is fidgeting with his worn-down Rubik’s cube. Jazzy Hawk is pacing, and Clumsy Bird is just being nervous when she decides to glance at a certain spot at the wall.

It isn’t secure from zombies! And already a zombie is trying to get in!

Clumsy Bird

Oh, no!

Jazzy Hawk and Witty Toothpick

What?! What is it?

Clumsy Bird

Come on! Let’s fix that hole before the zombie gets in!!

Jazzy Hawk


Witty Toothpick

The ringing outside just stopped!

Clumsy Bird

Oh, no. Oh, no. Oh, no!

The zombie near the unsecured spot groans and turns its gaze to Jazzy Hawk.

Clumsy Bird

Whatdowedo? Hawk?



Witty Toothpick

There’s nowhere to run!


Let’s just make a run for it! I have a blimp outside.

Clumsy Bird


Clumsy Bird slings her bag over her shoulder.


Now, let’s go! Birdy, new guy!

Witty Toothpick hurriedly puts his Rubik’s cube in his backpack.

Witty Toothpick

My name’s Witty Toothpick by the way. And I agree with Clumsy Bird. YOU HAVE A BLIMP?

Jazzy Hawk

Yep. Now let’s book it to my blimp parked in the back in three…

The zombie starts to stumble closer and closer to them.

Jazzy Hawk


Jazzy Hawk


And just as the zombie is within arms’ reach of them, and the other zombies are getting closer to breaking in, they run, they run faster that they probably have ever ran before, past the zombie, past the chairs, past the reception, outside a door where, thankfully, hardly any zombies are hanging out, and they run to a small, bright yellow blimp.

The zombies break into the theater and seeing that no one’s there, they go out and chase the three Poptropicans, who are trying to launch the blimp in the air.

Jazzy Hawk

Go! Go! Go! Go!

Clumsy Bird

I don’t know how to work a blimp! I can’t go any faster!

Witty Toothpick

Where’s the manual?

Clumsy Bird

Now’s not really the time to read!

Jazzy Hawk

They’re coming closer! Let me take the wheel.

Witty Toothpick

I can’t look!

The zombies are gathering around the blimp, a contrasted indigo to the bright yellow. The zombies grab at its ropes and try to climb into the blimp. 

But the blimp is slowly rising in the air.

Zombies try to jump onto some more ropes, but soon the blimp is high enough so only the zombies with the most secure grip keep hold.

The three Poptropicans are yelling with panic.

The blimp is now several yards off the ground.

Witty Toothpick


Jazzy Hawk


Clumsy Bird runs over to the zombies and tries to push them down. She gets one, who falls down to the sea of zombies below. 

Jazzy Hawk and Witty Toothpick go over to help, and Jazzy Hawk kicks another one off.

Witty Toothpick tries to push the other one off, and for a moment he stands there in victory.

Witty Toothpick


But a blue hand is holding onto his baggy sleeve. The zombie grins in a haunting way. Color drains from Witty Toothpick’s face and then the zombie falls off, still holding onto Toothpick.

Toothpick yells and grabs onto a rope.

Jazzy Hawk and Clumsy Bird




Toothpick kicks at the zombie, but it holds on, and Toothpick’s grip on the rope slips further down.

Clumsy Bird

Don’t let go of the rope!


I’ll try!

Jazzy Hawk

I’ll try to get the zombie off!

Jazzy Hawk goes over and tries to pull Toothpick up, while trying to get the zombie to let go, but it’s no use.

Toothpick then tries himself to get the zombie to let go, prying the cobalt fingers from his sleeve.

And it works! The zombie gurgles one last time and falls down through the air.

A moment of success.

A moment of relief.

A moment where they think everything is okay.



Clumsy Bird

Victory is ours! Us 1, Zombies 0!


Come up here, Pick!

Toothpick smiles. 

But then the moment is over.

Toothpick’s grip on the rope is not secure, and before anyone notices what is happening, he slips off the rope and begins to fall.

Clumsy Bird


Hawk reaches out to try and grab Toothpick’s hand. Their hands are only an inch apart, but then—


(*hurriedly packing things and fleeing the country*)

Hope you enjoyed this guest post by Magic Kid. If you did, you might also enjoy their Pop Quiz: Which Pop Character Are You? post.

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6 thoughts on “Fanfic: Zombies, Zombies, ALWAYS ZOMBIES! 🧟 Ep. 3: To the Sky!”

  1. Good Job, keep it up! Also, I love the way you put those to be continued in the middle of the action(●’◡’●)

  2. I wasn’t sure where to contact you, but thank you for drawing Serious Heart! It put a smile on my face!

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