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Community Creations: October 2022


Hello once again everyone! Spotted Dragon here bringing you the October recap for Community Creations. October’s theme was Feeling Blue, so be sure to check out all the featured artists!

No clue what’s going on? Go see our intro post.

Top 5 Picks

Baron’s Crusade Quest by Silver Penguin

With all the drama surrounding the Baron lately, I’m glad she showed up in this month’s assortment of creations. The night scene creates a nostalgic atmosphere, and that pop of red and orange light wonderfully contrasts the desaturated blues of the larger composition. Love the rendering of the characters and the stylization in mark-making! Find the artist in the comments.

Looking For That One Item… by Dan N.

Another spooky night scene, I also love the stylization in this creation. The little ghost follower and passing black cat feel perfect for the month of Halloween too. It does a great job of capturing that feeling of searching for an item in Poptropica, particularly as a lone kid in unfamiliar territory. Plus, the dramatic camera angle makes for a super enticing composition and great sense of depth! Find his Instagram here.

Medicine Man by mcz

Talking about dramatic camera angles, this one certainly fits that mark! The blue night sky and glowing green pot go well with the color scheme of the Medicine Man character. Wonderful lighting that really creates a story! Definitely makes me what to revisit Shark Tooth Island. Find their Instagram here.

Human Merlin by Bunnies-N-Bowties

Stepping away from landscape scenes for a moment, here we have a super charming character design. Ever wonder what Merlin would look like in human form? Er- humanoid AI form to be specific. Well, look no further! The hair and clothing both convey strong personality, and I love the inclusion of owl wings to harken back to his other form. Binary Bard has to be a proud papa. Find her Tumblr here and Instagram here.

What Would Have Been by Dizzy Feather

Who knew a blue theme would lead to so many night sky features? In hindsight, I shouldn’t be surprised… Anyway, this simple landscape holds a lot of power by focusing on the silhouettes of its characters. The subtle glow around them and the moon definitely creates a ghostly atmosphere, perfect for the Ghost Story Island setting. And bittersweet blue emotion is evoked too! Find the artist in the comments and on the PHC Discord.

Honorable Mentions

I’m feeling quite blue to see this spooky month come to an end, but had a great time seeing all your amazing blue creations. Keep up that creativity!

November: How Do I Participate?

Community Creations is a cool series for anyone in the Poptropica community to join in on. To sum up what it’s about, it’s basically a chance to show off your artwork, creepy fan-fics, Pop clubhouses, costumes, and anything else that pops into your mind.

If we really like the piece you submit, we will feature it here on the PHB! As long as it relates to that month’s theme. So what is November’s theme? November’s theme is…


With the recent reveal of the Red Queen and the drama surrounding the Baron and Rumpelstiltskin, royalty has certainly been making the rounds lately. Leaning into all that drama this coming month, let’s see what your royal creations will bring!

Maybe create your own King or Queen costumes in-game, or draw pictures of the Astro-Knights royal family? Maybe write stories theorizing the Baron’s royal past, or design your own throne room in your clubhouse. The possibilities are up to you!

  • Submit: Comment below with a link to whatever you’ve created, email it to the PHB team on our Contact page, OR share it with me (SydVC aka Spotted Dragon) on DeviantArtTwitterTumblr, or Discord.
  • Results: Next month, I will feature 5 submissions that stood out to me the most as well as some honorable mentions.
  • Limitations: Just make sure you relate to both the theme and Poptropica (and nothing NSFW or otherwise inappropriate).
  • Due Date: I will take any entries before the end of this month. Submit as many things as you’d like!

I will be sure to let you know I have seen your creation. While quality counts, I’m mainly looking for something to simply catch my eye, so don’t be afraid to join in!

So what are you waiting for? Go make something awesome!



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