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Pop Puzzles: What’s Missing? — Answers 🔑

Hey Poptropicans, this is a guest post by Dizzy FeatherEnjoy!

Falling to Pieces: Let’s see if we can rig this guy back together.

Hello everyone, Dizzy Feather here with the answers to “What’s Missing?”, my Pop puzzle from last week, where I obscured items from in-game scenes for you to guess “what’s missing.” If you missed it, play the game on the original post before scrolling down for spoilers!

Since it might have been a bit hard, I also shared riddles for each one:

  1. It brings you light but melts away.
  2. It holds what’s write.
  3. Red, Orange, and Yellow will turn to grey after it touches.
  4. Fruit from legend will make your heart beat.
  5. Villain from an unfinished story. This may hint at the return.
  6. Shake it and a seasonal weather shall be copied.

How many can you figure out? While I didn’t get many guesses on the original post, shout-out to Smart Icicle and Purple Star for getting a correct guess each! Anyway, here are the answers:

I hope everyone enjoyed this guessing game! I may do another soon, perhaps changing some things up to make it a little less challenging. Let me know in the comments if you have any feedback!

– Dizzy Feather

Hope you enjoyed this guest post by Dizzy Feather. If you did, you might also enjoy her clubhouse tour, or a similar puzzle series from the PHB, Stolen Snapshots, featuring scenes from classic islands.

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