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Goofball goodies for all the goonies 🤪

Hey Poptropicans, get ready for more Goofball spirit!

The Poptropica Creators released their own official guides for Goofball Island this past week, both a written walkthrough and a video (below). But if you can’t get enough, the PHB’s also got our own Goofball Island Guide right here, with fun facts you may have missed! ✨

Flying in with Mary Poppins’ “winds in the east,” Poptropica also released a short on TikTok and YouTube to hype up the latest island:

And there’s more on Pop’s TikTok! This new clip pairs the idea of Poptropica “back in the day” with a caption that claims they’re “still releasing new (and old!) islands.” Sooo… are more old islands on the horizon? Time will tell.


Back in the day? NAH. Poptropica is still releasing new (and old!) islands on a regular basis!! #nostalgia #throwback #poptropica #kidsoftiktok

♬ original sound – teqfla

Also on TikTok is a clip celebrating the weird physics of Poptropica parkour, paired with screaming from a scene from The Office. Now that’s some Pop core.


you won’t be able to unhear the “PARKOUR” every time you run in Poptropica after this #AmazonMusicJingleBellTok #gamingclips #nostalgia #gamersbelike

♬ original sound – Patty b

There are more Goofball goodies coming from the fandom! The Creators’ Blog featured several pieces of fan art inspired by the new island. Goes great with this month’s theme for the PHB’s Community Creations, which is—you guessed it—Goofball!

Beyond Goofball, Poptropicans’ fan art lately also features classic characters like Ringmaster Raven and Dr. Hare. Check out some recent ones from Poptropica’s Instagram stories:

And that’s a wrap for this goof-filled update! In case you missed it, catch the PHB’s review of Goofball Island here. Keep on popping on! ✌️



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