Clubhouse Crawl, Fan Art Features, Social Media

Knock knock, Clubhouse Crawl ๐Ÿ ๐ŸŒ™

Heyo, Poptropicans! Today on the docket we have one clubhouse crawl, two TikTok tapes, and three fan art features. Let’s pop that door open…

…and step right into this cozy crib from Golden Moon! This fuchsia furnished home is the first to be featured in a new series from the Pop Creators called “Clubhouse Crawl.” You can find all the sweet snaps on the official blog as well as a quick video on their Instagram!

The Clubhouse Crawl feels somewhat like the PHB’s Clubhouse Tours, but instead of Pop homeowners showing off their own spaces, the Pop Creators are randomly picking places to pop into and write about! According to the blog, no submissions are necessary to be featuredโ€”just work on decorating your dwelling and you never know when someone might pop in for a peek. For now, check out Golden Moon’s!

(Though if you do want to share your hangout in your own words, you can always send in a guest post for the PHB!)

Next up on the clock are two clips from Poptropica’s TikTok! First, for International Dog Day on August 26, we get a neon green pupper trying on various pet items to the classic jam “Who Let the Dogs Out”:

And the day before, the Creators popped in with this strange filtered face meme with a voice saying, “Yes I game, I know I don’t look like your typical gamer but look…” followed by a player sneaking her way around the Pelican Rock prison. (You can also catch the clip on Twitter!)

For more TikTok talents, check out “A walk through PoptropiTikTok“!

Finally, we have a few fan art features over on Poptropica’s Instagram stories! Enjoy some classic villains and a now-completed Popsona:

That’s a wrap for this post. Keep on poppin’, Poptropicans!



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