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Monkeying around with memes and meanies

Happy weekend, Poptropicans! We’ve got memes and speculations on the Red Baroness, courtesy of the Pop Creators’ Blog. Let’s pop right in!

In a post titled “Pop Culture: Memes and Motivationals,” the Creators shared some Poptropica memes from the community. Here are a few from Red Toes based on Fairytale Island and the Lost Cubs mini-quest:

As far as motivational pieces, the Creators also shared their “Do it for her” Cinder meme, first seen on their Twitter.

And they highlighted a fan comic by Shy Moon (@pinklightningmc on IG) contrasting Amelia’s affable personality with the Red Baron’s antagonistic one, which you might’ve seen on their IG story last week.

Speaking of the Red Baron (formerly known as the Red Baroness), what is her true color these days? That’s the subject of the latest guest post from Invisible Ring on the Creators’ Blog, where she offers her “Home Island Theories Part 2.” (Check out our coverage of Part 1 here!)

In her post, Ring gives an overview of the Red Baron’s rebranding as a monthly visitor of Home Island and purveyor of possibly pillaged goods, floating the possibility that her airship may have been stolen as well.

Summarizing the events of Monkey Wrench Island, where the Baron first appeared as the saboteur of your and Amelia’s blimp, she finds it strange how the Baron suddenly seems so nice nowadays. Or is there still some mean spirit behind her facade (as the above fan comic purports)?

Either way, her reappearance (and an earlier promise) give hope for the return of Monkey Wrench Island, and possibly a new storyline for Crusoe as well. Those are her theories, anyway. We’ll see!



8 thoughts on “Monkeying around with memes and meanies”

  1. I love the memes!
    By the way, is the “Popular Posts” section of the blog new? I noticed it on the side right under the Search area. Is it new, or is it just a glitch that I’m having?

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