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Popular Poptropican: Noveen

Hey Poptropicans, welcome to another Popular Poptropican interview! ⭐️ Today’s guest is Noveen, an honorary winner of the title in the 2020 Poppies. As a longtime member of the community, he’s served in roles such as mod on the PHC, admin on the Poptropica Club Discord server, as well as rep of the Black Flags in the PHB’s 2020 Tribal Tournament.

Welcome, Noveen aka Quick Sponge! Let’s pop into it.

Which Poptropica community events do you enjoy?

Maybe these are a bit more underground, but I like contests and puzzles that people come up with. In contrast to parties, these tend to go on for several days while simultaneously creating hype. They also give something for my brain to chew on. Contests are always a great time for people to create art and other works. Pop Month, an event the Dimension Bros started last year, is also fun because it brings more fans to the community and I like watching everyone’s videos.

What do you enjoy about the Poptropica community?

I like that there are all kinds of people from all over the world. I have learned a lot about society and different communities, both good and bad. I also think it’s a bit funny or unexpected that a game like Poptropica can bring together people who are just so different, which in my opinion isn’t the case in other communities that may have a more homogenous demographic.

Meeting new people always gives you a new perspective and a chance to reformulate your outlook on things (or simply become more knowledgeable and concrete in what you believe), so that’s a good thing, and I think the original Pop Creators would be happy about it.

De Plane: This is, at last, a paradise island.

What do you hope for the future of Poptropica and its fandom?

Poptropica certainly isn’t the same today as when I was 8 years old. the best thing that could happen for me personally is Poptropica redeveloping their approach to the game, possibly targeting an older demographic (considering many fans have aged) or maybe even a spin-off project specifically designed for older fans. The most important thing is to increase the quality of writing in islands because most people aren’t happy with recent developments.

As for the fandom, people come and go all the time, but the people who’ve stuck around are some of my closest friends. I’m confident that no matter what happens, there will at least be people having fun talking to each other and sharing creative works. I’m excited to see where everyone will go in life once we’ve all grown up.

Liftoff: Up, up in my beautiful balloon.

What inspires your Poptropica original characters (OCs)?

I only have pretty much 2 OCs, including Quick Sponge and Short Gamer.

To be honest, I saw Short Gamer on an ASG page and kind of claimed her as my own, since no one else had. She was just sitting there like an orphan. I noticed she had a cybergoth look and went off that. My version of Short Gamer is a cute, short, goth Asian lady, like someone I would want to be friends with.

For Quick Sponge, I sort of based him off my personal style/interests without having a personality too close to my own. He’s supposed to be stupid, but in an endearing way. Not sure exactly when it started, but at some point I made him start dating Short Gamer.

How has Poptropica influenced you?

When I was a kid, a lot of my friends in the Pop community were developing artists and they really inspired me. Sadly I don’t talk to many of them anymore, but I’ll always remember their influence on me. The community in general has had a lot of people (mostly older than me) who have sort of acted like mentors to me. I’ve had opportunities to explore a wide variety of projects like helping with Bloody Shrink Ray (a fan-made island with lots of blood, and which was only playable with Flash) and watching the process.

Ready, Yeti?: An early sketch of Bigfoot for Cryptids Island. We decided to make him scarier!

As for the game itself, I learned a lot from the older islands when I was a kid. The goal was to educate kids in fun ways, after all. Some of it has stuck around, like having a basic understanding of Morse code in Shrink Ray or urban legends from Cryptids. There are probably a lot of things I know today that I don’t even realize I learned from Poptropica when I was young.

What is your favorite feature (still here or gone) from the many years of Poptropica?

There were a lot of fun features like the Costumizer, Colorizer, and Costume Closet, but if I had to pick one thing in Poptropica, it would be those little pop quizzes you took when you logged in and it showed up on your profile. I always thought it was a fun way to learn a little bit about other people while also sharing a bit about myself. Plus, it’s always fun to answer things about yourself.

Quizzical: Time for you to become a Poptropica icon.

What is your favorite Easter egg/reference in Poptropica?

I like the numbers you can call on the phone on Nabooti Island (911, 411, 1225, 1337).

(You can friend Noveen on Poptropica with the username partygame3)

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Thank you for reading, and stay awesome, Poptropicans!


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