Ask Poptropica Siri

Welcome to Ask Poptropica Siri 🧠

Hey Poptropicans—this is a guest post by Smart Icicle, who is bringing back a Q&A series to the PHB. Got a Poptropica question? Ask Poptropica Siri!

Hello fellow Poptropicans! I decided to start a new ask series on the PHB. Remember Ask the Joker, where you send various questions to Incredible Joker? Sadly, the Joker is no longer around in the Pop community, but his Q&A segment inspired this one.

Welcome to Ask Poptropica Siri! Like the old series, how it works is that you, the readers, send me your Poptropica-related questions by comment or email, and I’ll answer them with all the wisdom you can expect from a Smart Icicle. I will randomly select a few questions and answer them in each post, which will come every two weeks.

How can you send in your questions to Ask Poptropica Siri?

That’s a great question! You can use the following methods:

  • 📧 Send an email to askpoptropicasiri (at) gmail (dot) com. This way, you’ll get to keep your questions a surprise when they get answered on the blog.
  • 💬 Comment on the latest Ask Poptropica Siri post. Your questions will be publicly visible before they appear in a Q&A post, but this allows others to interact with your question if they so choose. If you don’t have an email address, you can enter a fake one in the email field when you post your comment.

Now put on your thinking caps and let’s get the Pop questions going. See you soon, Poptropicans!

~Smart Icicle 📚❄️

Hope you enjoyed this guest post by Smart Icicle. If you’ve got a burning Poptropica question or two, Ask Poptropica Siri for a fresh perspective!


18 thoughts on “Welcome to Ask Poptropica Siri 🧠”

      1. Thanks, Also I’m still laughing about the part “a Smart Icicle”. 😆 I would refer that to being a a type of something now.

  1. Nice! Question: How do you feel about the mini-quests? Also, I may or may not start ask your freindly neighborhood purple unicorn dragon cat, which will be similar to this, but having my poptropican Silver Horse answer the questions as if he were really typing the answers!

  2. What do you think about the present Poptropica scenario? Do think they can restore all the islands? Are you optimistic or pessimistic about the situation?

    BTW, Your blog is awesome!!

  3. Nice! I was wondering what you meant and looked up some Incredible Joker posts, and they seem really cool! I’m so glad you’re doing this!
    Question: Do you think Poptropica is going to keep its promise of bringing back the old islands, or any of its promises?

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