My Dream Island

Introducing: My Dream Island ⛅️🏝

Hey all, Sporty Boa here! As you may know, Poptropica’s Design Your Dream Island Contest has come to a close with the creators announcing the highly-anticipated third and final winning submission a couple days ago. Secret of the Jade Scarab Island took this special spot alongside Fairy Tale & Goofball Island as the winning ideas, but the these were no easy choices. The Poptropica Creators stated that they reviewed all the submissions not once, not twice, but TWELVE TIMES to determine the final winner of the Dream Island Contest!

If it hasn’t already been made apparent, this community is truly brimming with creative ideas and concepts for islands they wish to see in Poptropica. We here at the PHB would love to grant the opportunity for you to share those ideas with our new series: My Dream Island!

Similar to our long running series, My Place in Poptropica, My Dream Island allows for you, the community, to share you own island ideas here on the Poptropica Help Blog. If you are interested in this opportunity, let us know by writing for the PHB!

My Dream Island: Sporty Boa

I’ll go first to kick of things off! Like several PHB authors, I entered Poptropica’s Dream Island contest. Although ours weren’t selected as winners, our island ideas remain dear to us. I for one would love to share my Cretaceous creation: Prehistoric Peril Island!


Millions of years ago, all of Poptropica’s dinosaurs went extinct. Or did they? Adventurer-seeking millionaire Harold Mews has found evidence that begs to differ: A super-secret remote island where dinosaurs continue to roam free! He recruits your Poptropican for the mission of a lifetime: To travel to this mysterious island and obtain sufficient evidence of living dinosaurs! Thankfully you won’t be on your own, a team of Poptropica’s biggest and brightest minds join you on this epic escapade, with high tech gadgets at your disposal. However, no amount of tech or expertise can prepare you and your team for the challenges that lie ahead. On Prehistoric Peril Island, surprises await around every corner as you encounter creatures lost to time, and if you’re not careful, you may become one of them!


The bulk of the story takes place on the enigmatic Dino Island, where vegetation shrouds this wild world and vibrant life surrounds you. Dino Island hosts various terrains home to various dinosaurs, you must be able to traverse them all in an effort to survive.

Notable Locations

  • Cretaceous Coast – Helicopter landing site
  • Paleozoic Plains – Location of Research Site A and the locus for your team’s Biological and Historical field studies
  • Dino Desert – Location of Research Site B and the locus for your team’s Paleontology and Geological studies
  • Jurassic Jungle – Dense and dangerous rain forest area, home to a mysterious and somewhat familiar face
  • Archaic Caves – These caves reveal secrets of the past… well, present. Time is weird on Dino Island!


Prehistoric Peril Island marks the return of a handful of classic and beloved characters (marked with *) along with some new faces to add to the ever-expanding world of Poptropica!

  • Herald Mews* – Owner of the Mews Foundation; A kind, adventurous explorer keen on pushing the boundaries of science. Loves cryptids and never-before seen creatures.
  • Dr. Alima – Poptropica’s top paleontologist and paleobotanist, leader of the expedition team
  • Professor Hammerhead* – 100 year old explorer, expert in ancient civilizations and island survival
  • Shark Guy* –  Professor Hammerhead’s protégé and caretaker
  • Professor Pendulum* – Inventor of Poptropica’s first (and only) time machine, expert in all things time-related. 
  • Dr. Lange* – Head scientist of the Poptropica Disease Center; Medical professional and expert 
  • Medicine Man – Native of the mysterious Dino Island, Concoctor of special potions 
Return of the Medicine Man


  • Cave Collector – A long-time castaway and unstable thief/inventor, this cave man is desperate to escape Dino Island by any means necessary
Cave Man
  • Megalodon Man – Shark Guy wants to make a bigger impact on the team so he drinks a potion from the medicine man, transforming him into the monstrous megalodon man!
Want to hear some shark facts?


I approached the creation of Prehistoric Peril Island with a relatively blank slate, wishing to create a fun and unique experience for old and new players alike. While much of the story came off the dome, I combined aspects of my personal favorite islands, Cryptids & Shark Tooth, especially when it came to characters. New characters, like Dr. Alima and the Caveman, were also inspired by things close to home, like my verdant villain costume I made for the PHB’s Halloween contest. In a nutshell, Poptropica inspired me, along with my love for prehistoric life and the natural world.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my Dream Island, Prehistoric Peril! If you’re interested in learning more about my island, I plan on posting the full story/walkthrough on the Sporty Boa Blog and my YouTube channel. Its planning and creation has been something I’ve enjoyed and put a lot of thought into, and even though I didn’t win the contest, I am still incredibly pleased with my work.

If you too are inspired to share your island idea, don’t hesitate to whip up a post like this one, highlighting story, settings, characters, and inspiration, and we’ll share them here on the PHB’s My Dream Island series! I hope you all stay safe and stay awesome, this Boa’s gotta bounce!

~SB 🐍

32 thoughts on “Introducing: My Dream Island ⛅️🏝”

  1. Super cool island idea, Sporty Boa! Love how there’s a mix of both familiar faces and new ones, and the drawings help bring them to life too. 🦕 Thanks for kicking off this series — it would be great to share more Dream Islands from this community! 😄

  2. ummmm so how does this work? Are we just talking about our dream islands? Or is this like an opportunity or something?

    1. Basically, if you’re willing to share a cool island concept, you can write up a guest post highlighting story, characters, settings, and the inspiration behind your idea!

  3. oh cool, lemme bring out my island idea *looks in amino and notices that i didn’t put any character designs or enough art for the island* uhh… nevermind i’ll just think of something else lol

  4. This is really really interesting! I would love love love to see this as an island! I hope you consider maybe writing a story about this, I’d love to hear it.

  5. I always wanted an island full of dinosaurs. Cool!!!!! Why didn’t the creators selected this island? My island is kind of like secret of the jade scarab island… It an island where you need to crack the mystery of an ancient tomb, located in the amazon forest.

  6. Sporty Boa, you’re a teenager? Like, 13 years old or something? Well, I am a kid too. 10 years old. I hope I am good enough to write for poptropica help blog too… I really want to try but I don’t know how to write a post…
    I wonder wonder how you can write so well? And slanted fish, too. Hey slanted fish, you are a girl, right? I am, too. I think your posts are really good and fun to read. I hope one day I can write for PHB too…

    1. Appreciate the kind words! I am still improving when it comes to my writing, so I encourage you to keep at it as well! Hope to see you writing for the blog soon 🙂

    2. I know how! Send it to the staff and they will tell what to correct and what’s not! The best idea is to start from My Place In Poptropica! Like I did…you know me? DD?

  7. A W E S O M E B R O M Y I S L A N D I D E A W A S A B O U T D I N O S A U R S T O O B U T M I N E W A S N ‘ T S O C R E A T I V E Y O U R S I S A W E S O M E

  8. traduction: [A W E S O M E] [B R O] [M Y] [I S L A N D] [I D E A] [W A S] [A B O U T] [D I N O S A U R S] [T O O] [B U T] [M I N E] [W A S N ‘ T] [S O] [C R E A T I V E] [Y O U R S] [I S] [A W E S O M E]

    1. It’s when one website links back to another. Sporty Boa has been releasing more about his dream island on his own blog, and the links are in the pingbacks.

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