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Popspiracy: Theories on how Poptropica villains turned evil 🦹‍♂️

Hey Poptropicans, this is a guest post by Dangerous DragonEnjoy!

Hey Poptropicans, hello from DD! As we know, a good Poptropica story often contains a villain. Take Goofball Island, which is coming out later. Though we haven’t really met him yet, Dr. Blandston sounds like quite the epic villain. From there to Hare… you name it. Poptropica is full of villains, and today, I’m going to make some theories on how they got to be that way! So what are these villains’ backstories? Keep reading!

Dr. Hare (24 Carrot Island): A bad day for the carrots

“Dr. Hare” by Fierce Flyer

What’s with this bad bunny? Dr. Hare was a good scientist! But what happened? Let’s say he used to work in the carrot factory making new flavours and facts. One day as he was working on an invention, that’s when things turned really bad… a routine radiation test took a turn when a rabbit hopped into the machine. Something happened… the man, the rabbit, and the radiator merged, and the radiation also made his mind… well, pea-brained!

Myron Van Buren (Survival Island): The scariest hunt

Oh well look who we have here: Myron Van Buren! Remember when your Poptropican was being hunted by this mean, scary old man?

Perhaps old MVB was tortured his whole life. So when he grew up, he decided he’d train harder than ever, so that no one could pick on him anymore. But his determination got the best of him. He started out hunting animals, but when that wasn’t enough, he turned to hunting people. He wanted to lash out at innocent Poptropicans too, and that’s how we find ourselves as his quarry!

Black Widow (Counterfeit Island): The power of art

“W O M A N” by Criaha

Oh no! It’s Black Widow! For her I am thinking “Jealous.”

I think that when she was little she was teased because she couldn’t create art. From the classroom to the playground, she was laughed at. This made her hate the beauty of art. Later, she would dress up to blend in with the posh art folks, and of course, that was all part of her plan to backstab the art community with her high profile thefts. Her disguise certainly worked on us at the Counterfeit museum! Oh how she used us.

Next up… Ringmaster Raven? Oh come on, we know his story, don’t we?

Onto the next one…

Director D (Spy Island): Bad hair day

“Director D” by pengu1nsane

Beware for your hair, here comes Director D! Like him, D’s parents were bald. On the island where he lived, bald people were looked down on. D and his family all had to wear toupees just to get their due respect! So when he was older, D joined the spy agency in hopes of training his skills so he could one day get his revenge. Too bad for him, his plans to turn the world bald were foiled by us!

That is it for this post, but before I go, I also want to give a thank you to Maggie — if you are reading this, thank you for mentioning me in your podcast, the Poptropicast! 😄

Let me know in the comments: who’s your favorite Poptropica villain and what’s their backstory? Step in their shoes for a second and imagine how they became the person they are!

Thank you and this is DD popping out! Keep popping, Poptropicans!


Hope you enjoyed this guest post by Dangerous Dragon. If you did, you might also enjoy their guest post on “Why Ringmaster Raven is a real hero.”

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21 thoughts on “Popspiracy: Theories on how Poptropica villains turned evil 🦹‍♂️”

  1. My wish is that one of my post makes it on the greatest PHB post page! Amd Slanted Fish comments on this post! Pls make both my dreams come true!

  2. Hare’s file on super villan island says that he was the head scientist at the National Institution of Silly Sciences and was working on a top secret mind control device.

    1. Yup, here’s that file from the Creators’ Blog’s Villain Showdown of 2011. That part of the story has been canonized, but Dangerous Dragon did add a bit of speculation on Dr. Hare’s former work as a good scientist before he turned evil.

  3. Great job on their backstories. Though, I had some thoughts on Dr. Hare’s dream in super villian island having something to do with his backstory (or it’s just has something to do with the present).

  4. It’s good to remember that people always have a story, even villains. For them, hurt people definitely hurt people. Thanks for helping us to imagine these characters — criminal though they may be — more complexly, Dangerous Dragon.

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