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A call for guest writers whips up more questions

Greetings Poptropicans! This is Maryann bringing you a recent update from the Poptropica Creators’ Blog, an open call for guest writers!

The requirements are fairly simple: you must be 13 years old or older, and sign up through the usual submissions page with a “quick answer on why you think you’d be a great contributor to the blog.” You must also include your (or a parent’s) email.

Many fans (including myself) were thrilled about the news at first, and many members of our online community have submitted for the position! However, it wasn’t long before some questions arose, notably from the Dimension Bros’ video released soon after, discussing the Creators’ motives for how they approach their fans. (Disclaimer: Individual fan reactions do not necessarily represent the PHB’s views.) Fans have also questioned how writers would be credited, as this is not the first time Poptropica has asked for fan ideas to use and gain rights to, such as when they asked players to submit ideas for merch.

If you want to learn more and form your own opinions/ideas on this, and read through a bit of legalese, I suggest looking through the terms of use connected to the submissions page.

They state, among other things, that Poptropica may use your content anonymously (unless you give them permission to disclose your name otherwise), on third party sites (such as social media), and that you are not owed any compensation for what you submit. Rest assured, though, that Poptropica does not “claim any ownership rights to your content.” In the end, it’s up to an individual how they feel about their content being handled, but at the same time transparency is important, especially with a younger demographic.

In the end, hopefully this turns out in a positive way for both the fans reading the blog and those who are picked to be guest writers! Until next time!

Castori honorem ~ Maryann/Smart Bubbles


13 thoughts on “A call for guest writers whips up more questions”

  1. I already got my spot on this blog and I’m too lazy to try for another 😂😅👍 Good luck everyone else

  2. This is soooo unfair!!!!! Why can’t somebody younger then 13 years old apply it?!
    Why can’t kids become guest writers?! That’ll be cool, right?

    1. Haha! Are you are child who thinks it’s unfair too? By the way, I’m the genius pink lightning up there.

  3. Can someone that is gonna apply foe the job tell the creators that they should give a chance to children too?! Oh man!

    1. They’ll get sued. from mocktropica “they will sue our pants off! and we dont want to loose our pants” (or something like that). so unless y’wanna make some cash, you can ask them. but they’ll say no.

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