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Lights on for clubhouse, but what really happened to Legendary Swords?

Hello everyone, Fierce here with two updates: a clubhouse store update, and… the story of what really happened to Legendary Swords!

First, the clubhouse store was updated on Tuesday, featuring plenty of nice decor to add to your abode. There’s plenty of furniture this time around with 43 decorations, 13 of which are for members. Some highlights from this collection are the neon signs of a cactus and crescent moon, plus welcoming text signs, all sure to brighten up your clubhouse — figuratively and literally.

We’ve had quite the eventful month thus far, including a brand new Match 3 mini-game inspired by the classic Legendary Swords. Legendary Swords was a mini-quest released back in 2011, where your Poptropican was pitted against a race of robots led by the diabolical E. Vile. But, was this always the plan for this well-received adventure?

Veteran players may remember that, upon completing the mini-quest, a message would show up promising a Battle Arena coming soon. As time went on and this never materialized, the message eventually disappeared, even as the mini-quest stayed on.

Answers to this mystery recently came up in the Instagram comments on Poptropica’s post about Legendary Swords: Match 3. According to former Pop Creator James D. Lema (@jamesdlema, also known as Director D), Legendary Swords was originally supposed to be a 3-part series with aspects of being able to use swords from costumes purchased from the store. Sadly, after the Legendary Swords we all know and love was released, the team behind the project did not get the go-ahead to complete the entire series. Director D (Lema) wrote, “(It) broke my heart to not finish that story.” I don’t know about you all, but this too breaks my heart. Legendary Swords for me was such an adventurous and unique idea in the Poptropica world that completely worked, and having even more added to that would’ve been great.

That’s all as of now! Let us know in the comments what you think the other parts of Legendary Swords could’ve been like, had the team been greenlighted on the project. Also, don’t forget to mention which items you would personally include in your clubhouse.

Thanks for reading, and see you around, Poptropicans!



7 thoughts on “Lights on for clubhouse, but what really happened to Legendary Swords?”

  1. Thanks for sharing this update, Fierce! Sad for Legendary Swords, but it’s nice to hear from a former Pop Creator, and to know that at least one of them is still keeping an eye on how the game is going.

  2. There was this one large sword with a red gem on it. It doesn’t have a special action, and the only way I know to access it is to use one of the PHB costume part glitches like the ASG.

    If you know what I’m talking about, is that sword originally from Legendary Swords?

    1. I think I know which sword you’re talking about, and I don’t think it was originally from Legendary Swords. In fact, it wasn’t from any part of the game — if memory serves me right, glitchers found it in Poptropica’s files, found a way to add it to their closets, and it was one of many rare handheld items that was customizable from certain rare accounts’ closets.

      Pic I found:


  3. Legendary swords came out as an island in January 2019. The announcement said, “THE LEGEND RETURNS!” I played it a lot in past years as a free store item, but the island really was not any different. Except for the end. We not only got congrats for winning, but we also got 150 credits and a legendary swords medallion! Sometimes the legendary swords are there, sometimes they are not. It’s a weird cycle. They goeth and cometh and goeth and cometh and goeth and cometh… Eventually I just decided to make a movie about it! Here’s how it came out.

    It takes place after the legendary quest is complete! enjoy!

    1. I was going to ask don’t you get a blue bully bot costume at the end as well, but then I remember it’s now a store item.

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