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Look, Home Island is anew! Pets and costumes just for you!

Howdy doodly, Poptropicanos! I’m Lucky Joker happily reporting the arrival of cool Husky pets โ€” brand new in the Pet Barn today โ€” as well as the third weekly Pop store update for April. Let’s pop in!

For the first time in 9 months, Poptropica has finally given us a new furry friend to adopt and call our very own! Well, some of us rather… unfortunately, like a majority of the cute critters in the barn, the Husky is members exclusive. That still leaves free players with just only two options: the (basic, not husky) dog and the kitten.

This new husky is a really cute pet, though. I like its large ears, fluffy cheeks, and itty bitty tail. What do you think?

*carries pet* Now strutting right into the popping shopping center, we have some “new” outfits to choose from this week. Although it’s an updated selection, nothing of the current inventory is actually fresh.

Of course, we all recognize the classic Pop Star and Rock Star looks. Along with them, however, we have a bunch of casual getups we’ve seen available over the past year: Cool for School, Shady Pockets, Spring Fling, Cool Green, and last week’s Good Bunny. So yeah, nothing technically new. Here they are anyway:

It’s good to see familiar looks pop up in the store from time to time (and to have most options available to everyone for a change), but I hope to see original ideas coming in soon too. Hmm, why not hold a third costume contest? It’s never too soon. ๐Ÿ˜œ

That’s it for today folks! Be sure to keep an eye out for the analysis of the recent survey we held in the coming weeks.

โ€“ Lucky Joker ๐Ÿ€


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