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My Place in Poptropica: Icy Tooth

This is the My Place in Poptropica story of Icy Tooth, whose discoveries of progress saving and island guides fueled his enthusiasm for Poptropica. See below for details on how to send in your MPIP story to be published here on the PHB!

Hi! I’m Icy Tooth, and today I’ll be sharing my story of coming to Poptropica!

A rainy school day

It all started back in 2009, on a rainy school day where we were given free time on the computers. My friends and I had no idea what to do when it was our turn on the computers… until I spotted a boy playing a game. It looked really cool, so I asked him what it was.

“Oh, this is Poptropica,” he said. Poptropica — it had a nice ring to it, so I decided to try it out with a few other friends. We all got on, entered the game, and soon, we were hooked. I even remember thinking, how had I not found out about this game sooner?

I looked at all the islands and saw that the boy who’d been playing first was playing Shark Tooth Island, so I decided to play the same one as him. Interacting with the characters was so cool, and the costumes were just awesome. I didn’t even know how to save my account yet.

Making progress

When I got back home from school that day, I decided to search the game up and play it some more. That’s when I found out you could save your account. I was mind-blown by the fact that you could save your progress! And so I kept playing.

Now I was playing Time Tangled Island and I was stuck. I just didn’t know what to do! So I searched up how to complete the island, and that’s how I found the Poptropica Help Blog. Thanks to this amazing website, I finally figured out how to finish the island! As I kept on playing, I would keep checking the Poptropica Help Blog for guides on new islands whenever they were released.

Lost and found

At some point I just forgot about Poptropica, and for a year, I didn’t play. Since I hadn’t written down my password and username, and don’t remember it, I lost all the progress on my first account.       

When I finally picked up Poptropica again a year later in 2011, I made a new account: wewewe2575 (because wewewe was already taken). Nowadays, this is the username I use for games I play, and it all started with Poptropica. This time, I make sure to check in every day, so that I won’t lose my account ever again.

Anyway, I’ve learned a lot from Poptropica and the Poptropica Help Blog—so thank you.

Hope you enjoyed this “My Place in Poptropica” story! If you did, you’ll probably enjoy our other MPIP stories here on the PHB.

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~the Poptropica Help Blog


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