Carpet diem on this magical ride βœ¨

Make way for Prince Ali! 🀴🏽

While the faux royal didn’t bring his entourage of seventy-five golden camels and fifty-three purple peacocks, this spectacular entrance of an ad for the live-action Aladdin (now on Movies Anywhere, and coming to Blu-Ray on Sept 10) does come with a pretty sweet prize: watch the video on 24 Carrot Island to claim your very own A Whole New World magic carpet. Yes, it flies!

If you’ve played Arabian Nights Island, you’ll recognize the similar mechanics of the flying carpet, but you can take this one with you to other islands, too. Better yet, the Creators’ Blog says, members get to keep this prize forever!

Chasing Samhal the genie on a magic carpet in Arabian Nights Island.

Besides the change of color from red to purple, there’s another neat gimmick about this new magic carpet ride: it leaves a trail of golden glittery dust as you go. So come on down, stop on by, hop a carpet and flyβ€”to another Arabian night! (What, too many Aladdin lyrics in one post? I won’t be silenced… all I know is I won’t go speechless.)

Thanks to Lucky Joker for the pic.

Carpe(t) diem, Poptropicans! Your shining, shimmering, splendid new ride awaits, with new horizons to pursue! ✨


9 thoughts on “Carpet diem on this magical ride βœ¨”

    1. This is the exact same reason why you’re not allowed to bring the Early Pop jetpack to Super Power or Twisted Thickit. Imagin bringing that Aribian Nights eps. 2 and using it to fly over all the guards.

      1. Maybe you can’t do any of the gameplay options? (Like click on the Poptropican or enter new rooms) I’m not sure, I didn’t get it yet.

      2. In the days before SUIs, you could activate the flying power on Super Power and then transport yourself to mini-quests like Dr. Hare’s Secret Lair and have an easier time completing the challenges. πŸ˜›

    1. I still see it on 24 Carrot Island. Poptropica sometimes limits their ads by audience factors (based on age, gender, or both), so that may affect whether you can see it or not.

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