*sparkle sparkle* clubhouse decor *uwu*

Hey Poptropicans, Slanted Fish here with a sparkly clubhouse shop update. Of course, some (half!) of what glitters is members’ only gold.

Head on over to the furniture store at your Poptropica Original clubhouse and you’ll find some new, cutesy items to decorate with:

Specifically, you’ll find a moon-and-stars hanging mobile, pink unicorn head beanbag chair* and throne seat*, crystal ball, pony head on a stick, plushie unicorn toy*, “Pop’s” pink wallpaper*, and unicorn wallpaper. It’s quite the kawaii aesthetic!

*indicates for members only (4 out of 8 new items)

Here’s a snapshot of some of that stuff in action. (Side note: I still don’t know why my non-member account gives me the members’ diner clubhouse layout and then refuses to save anything, but until that’s fixed, here’s what I’ve got.)

That’s all for now! Still waiting on a new island, Pop Creators. It’s literally been a year since the last one…


7 thoughts on “*sparkle sparkle* clubhouse decor *uwu*”

  1. *First looks at snap shots…

    **chokes water**
    Oh wait, it’s just the Micky mouse club house thing (almost) nobody uses. Okay.

    At first I thought it was for the house at Pop Worlds and I was like “wait, what the?!”. But then I saw the green credit icon, and yeah. :/

    The stuff here is neat though I guess.

    1. 50-175 credits doesn’t seem too bad to me. Unless you’re talking about the members only stuff. Don’t they get everything free? But then again maybe it’s just for the store.

      1. You know, you’re probably right, maybe it’s just me (I don’t log in that often so I don’t really spin the wheel and get a lot of credits; I usually spend it on new cards every month so I’m pretty much always broke lol so yeah… Just me)

        P.S. Don’t take my word for it (I’m not a member), but I think members still have to pay for decorations (since there’s still a price tag on members only decor).

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