YouTubers AwesomeTheSauce, Gaming Grape take on Poptropica

Hey Poptropicans, check out the camera—new vids are popping up! 🎥

Some of you might remember from last December when two popular YouTube channels, EthanGamerTV and DanAndPhilGAMES, streamed some Poptropica gameplay with personal commentary. While these guys have yet to make a Pop comeback, recently two more gaming channels have decided to take on our beloved Poptropica.

First, there’s AwesomeTheSauce, who started a Poptropica series in June and has so far gone through Shark Tooth (“#1: Getting Stereotyped in POPTROPICA?!”), Early Poptropica (“#2: I’m A Pig Killer Confirmed?!”), and most recently Reality TV (“#3: This REALITY TV Grandpa is EVIL”), the latter of which is below. The video titles may give you an indication of his humor style, and there is some mild language. If intrigued, check it out:

With a few Poptropica videos already (click the links above to see the other two), it looks like there may be more coming from AwesomeTheSauce. So if you liked what you saw, be sure to subscribe to keep up with his videos!

The other recent Poptropica streamer on YouTube is Gaming Grape, one of the gamers on Annoying Orange Gaming, a channel with several producers.

The channel has only made one Poptropica video, in which Gaming Grape narrates gameplay of Monkey Wrench Island in a nasally voice, kind of like the viral video the YouTube channel is named after. Check it out:

Both YouTubers come to the game with distinctly unique styles of entertainment, and it’s pretty cool to see Poptropica reaching more game-streaming audiences!

What did you think of the videos? Do they stack up to Ethan, Dan and Phil? Are there other YouTubers you’d like to see play Poptropica? Share your thoughts in the comments below, and share Poptropica with your favorite game streamers, too!

Peace, and pop back later,



5 thoughts on “YouTubers AwesomeTheSauce, Gaming Grape take on Poptropica”

      1. Well a bit has changed. Like mainly the annoying orange channel now has a gaming channel but really that’s the only noticeable change. There is a few new series on the channel like “Movie Trailer Trashed” and stuff.

  1. Since Poptropica is like dying and all. I always get joy when gaming channels play Poptropica. That would mean that more people will have seen Poptropica and maybe even play the game for themselves. I especially like “AwesomeTheSauce” because he is making Poptropica a series.

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