YouTubers Ethan, Dan & Phil play Poptropica!

Hiya, Silver Wolf here with some exciting news about two popular YouTube gaming channels that have recently uploaded videos for Poptropica!

First there’s EthanGamerTV, popular for his videos for Roblox and other games, who in November played Poptropica Worlds for the first time! Here’s his video:

In this video, Ethan focuses on one aspect of Worlds: playing through 24 Carrot Island. I personally thought it was really fun to watch!

Interestingly enough, he did play Poptropica Original in another video over a year ago, so some of you might remember seeing him. But StoryArc Media (Poptropica’s company) actually sponsored this video, which means he was paid for playing Poptropica Worlds.

He hasn’t made another Poptropica Original video since then, which is probably because he had other motivations besides fun, but at least the sponsorship exposes the game to another audience—and who knows, maybe he’ll even like it enough to come back to it.

Next up there’s a new video from DanAndPhilGAMES, a general gaming channel owned by Dan Howell and AmazingPhil, in which both Dan and Phil take a trip to Poptropica Original. Neither of them have played Poptropica before, but the video came about as a request from their viewers. You can check it out below:

(WARNING: In the guys’ words, this is a “15+ rated game”—or at least, their commentary makes the video such. Keep in mind that parts of their conversation are not G-rated.)

To recap the video as far as gameplay goes, Dan and Phil didn’t actually complete a full-fledged island, but they did complete the Home Island tutorial, played the Snowpocalypse mini-game, and interacted with some Poptropicans in common rooms, chatting and playing mini-games like Star Link and Hoops. All in all, it seemed like they had a fun time, and it was fun seeing their reactions!

To me, though, Dan and Phil’s video was slightly unfulfilling, as they didn’t really complete an island, but who knows what will happen next? After all, many commenters are asking for follow-up videos, like this one:

dan and phil

Even though I found Dan and Phil’s video to be funnier (though not for younger audiences!), Ethan’s playthrough was more fulfilling, since he did go through a full-fledged island, whereas Dan and Phil jumped from place to place and didn’t stay too long in any of them. Still, both videos were quite entertaining!

Now that you’ve read my thoughts, what did you think of the videos? Leave your comment below!


17 thoughts on “YouTubers Ethan, Dan & Phil play Poptropica!”

  1. HEy Sliver Wolf you know whats really something. THe Dan And Phil video which you said was not G rated is in the first page when you type Poptropica into Youtube. Oh man… So many young kids are going to see the video then

      1. oh ok. But still the video is going to be seen by a ton of kids because many would want to check the video out. And it is on the first page so who knows how many kids are going to see it

    1. It’s definitely not PG-rated, but I wouldn’t go as far as R-rated, either. As suggested, probably only kids 15 years and older should watch. 🙂 It’s mainly due to some very inappropriate language/topics (which consists of more than just curse words).

    1. Dan and Phil are pretty popular! I’ve seen a few of their videos before this one.

      Anyway, maybe some people watching their video will find the game interesting and want to play it, but considering their relatively older fanbase (older teens and above), the video was more for people who’d played Poptropica in their childhoods and wanted to relive some nostalgia.

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