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Legendary, All-Bright Sabers

Hey Poptropicans! It’s Slanted Fish, popping in with the latest.

To start with, Legendary Swords is back on Poptropica Original—it’s a mini-quest where you hack and slash your way past evil robots on a distant planet. Check out our Legendary Swords Guide here if you need some pointers!


While Legendary Swords used to be a store item, it was removed some time ago (for reasons unknown). Now you can find it on the Map as an island, and it comes with a sweet medallion when you complete it.

The sad news for some of us is this: it’s for members only.

If you know your Legendary Swords history, you may recall that it originally came out in 2011 as Free+, which meant the game was free for everyone, but members could have special benefits (in this case, more swords). In 2013, it was labeled as Free, period.

Sometime in the past couple years or so, LS and some other items have mysteriously been pulled from the store. While it’s great to see this adventure return, seeing it come back as members only seems likely to exacerbate concerns about the conflict of Creators’ commitment to both players and revenue streams. What do you think?

Speaking of swords, you can snag yourself a brand new glowing one over on Poptropica Worlds! If you go into your house and watch the short video clip on your TV for Star Wars: The Last Jedi, you’ll be awarded with this cyan blue lightsaber:

UPDATE (Dec 11): The reward is now a red lightsaber, with red light coming out of the sides as well!

red lightsaber

Thanks to Young Hippo (Jersey Devil) for the lightsaber images.

You can also get in on some Star Wars action on Poptropica Original—by watching the same clip on Home Island, you can win (not for the first time) a BB-8 Follower!

One last cool thing for this post: check out this snapshot from Poptropica HQ! It’s got a giant poster of a stylized Spencer Albright, from the Poptropica graphic novels, with the caption “The Curator.” Pretty neat!

Also: “new office”? Presumably still in Boston, but I wonder why they moved!

Anyway, that’s all for now. Let us know what you think of the Legendary Swords return, Star Wars items, and Spencer Albright poster in the comments below! Stay popping, Poptropping trotters. 🐫


15 thoughts on “Legendary, All-Bright Sabers”

      1. I know that too but it is still VERY lame especially considering it is one of my favorate Poptropica mini quests. 😣

        Although maybe this could be foreshadowing a part two to the quest (maybe even fix the tight controlls to) 😉

        Oh wait RIGHT, they would probably only make it for members soo…

      2. I am a member. That really wasn’t what I was saying, though. Not everyone here has the gold card, and it’s totally garbage that they sealed off such a great mini quest like this for members only especially considering that wasn’t the case previously.

      3. The gold card isn’t obtainable anymore, but it used to be in the store. However, a week after this was posted, Legendary Swords became free for all—no gold card necessary. 😉

  1. I wished you could do special actions in Pop Wolds, dispite that, it is pretty awesome wealding a lightsaber in my hands.

    The BB-8 follower is pretty fun too. Although his special action is rather… questionable…

    Or should I say “unnaturalll”
    -Sheeve Palpatine

  2. MAn that is really sad how Legendray swords is only for members. Well if you bought the gold card back in the day then you are good. I would say the only good thing about Legendary swords being members is that for the non members who have the card can feel a little bit rare. Also I really sometimes wonder what in the world is going on in the Poptropica Worlds office because we have barely got any new things in Poptropica Worlds… Also I really wish that for Christmas we get a new island for Poptropica Worlds. If not I really wish we just got more outfits relating to snow and winter and chirstmas and stuff

    1. But you know what will make that even better?

      Have the Christmas items, wait for it… MEMBERS ONLY!!!

      Sorry, I’m still triggered about LS. 😔

      1. Oh man that would really be super bad………. But if the Poptropica Creators are going to be adding Christmas costumes I am pretty sure it is going to be a half members only and half non members.

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