Poptropica House Tour: Lucky Joker

house-tour-lj (4).png

Hello, everyone! It’s Lucky Joker here continuing the lineup of the PHB’s Poptropica House Tours series! Fret not, because this series is not exclusive to only PHB authors—anyone is welcome to share their Poptropica house here on the PHB! Just send in a guest post and we’ll gladly feature yours on the blog.

Anyway, off with the tour! Sit, relax, grab a snack, and get comfortable because this might take a while as there’s lots to see! (You can click the images to enlarge them)

As you first enter my home, you’ll find yourself on the first floor (duh, right?). There’s not much to boast about here as it’s pretty subdued, but there are some plants and wall art…so that’s something. I should warn you now: there are tons of plants, photos, and pieces of art around my house. (I just think they add a lot to a room.) 🙂 Moving along!

For the second story, I aimed for a fancier look. Here, you can see my little aquarium, my piano, and of course, some paintings and photos on the wall. I’m no piano expert or anything, but I do dabble and I’d say I’m pretty good at teaching myself to play songs by ear. Also, there’s a very large window to illuminate the place. As for the doors—we’ll take a look on the other side of those later. Other than those, that’s about it here!

On the third and uppermost story of the house are the lounging areas. One is more of a cozy area while the other is a complete indoor paradise (my lazy corner) with a hammock and a couple of palm trees—totally inconspicuous in a house, right? 😛

Remember those doors from earlier? Let’s go on ahead and enter the kitchen-ey room (aka the Dr. Hare door). To the left is the coffee/tea space where you can sit and well…have a cup of coffee. To the right is the main dining area that is never utilized because I mainly eat in my room. At least it’s pretty!

If you go up, you’ll find where the food is kept and where the cooking magic happens. As you can see, to the left I have two ice cream vending machines for when people come over (yes—I charge, hehe). On the other side is your average kitchen: a refrigerator, a sink, a microwave, and an oven ( I have two because I love cooking and baking). Don’t you love the pineapple wallpaper? I mean, c’mon—it’s pretty legit.

Now it’s on to where I probably spend the majority of my time—my bedroom! On the bottom level is my computer desk where I mostly blog about a game called Poptropica. Heard of it? 😉 In the middle is my mini Vegas/gaming area. I have a pool table (mainly there for the aesthetic) and an arcade machine (which can get pretty addicting). On the far right is my creation station. I practice my painting every once in a while with a nice comfortable chair to sit in and with the natural light coming in through the window.

Going up, we arrive in my personal area. Time to share it with the world—screw privacy! Here I sleep, read, shower, feed my pet (Iguana Trump—not intended as an insult, by the way), poopoo, peepee, and all of that fun stuff. Okay, that was way too much information…

And that about covers everything… phew! Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed your stay! Don’t forget to check out Spotted Dragon’s and Slanted Fish’s houses too, and if you’re inspired, send in your own house tour for the PHB!

~See you next time on Poptropica House Tours!~

– Lucky Joker 🍀

6 thoughts on “Poptropica House Tour: Lucky Joker”

  1. I like how they set up the houses and the customization, but there are some improvements that can be made to make this almost as well as Club Pemguin’s:

    1. More item movement options, and even forms (ex. either have a treasure chest be open or leave it closed)

    2. Choise of music (although, there aren’t that many tracks in Poptropica, let alone any catchy or cool ones)

    3. Probably make it so the camera can be zoomed out, maybe for a screenshot of the whole house

    4. Lastly, the option for different house formats, including different options to navigate other than the rope (such as a fan or teleporter).

    Btw, nice house you got there LJ!

      1. Something like that is kind of a big maybe. I’ve gotten better at writing essays, although, I’m no blogger, and to be honest, I’ve never done a publi… oh yeah, I did.
        But I’ll think about it.

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