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Now trending: shop summer styles

Hey Poptropicans! Slanted Fish popping in.

Summer has officially kicked off with its solstice in the northern hemisphere, and over on Poptropica Original, you’ll find summer styles in the latest update to hit the store.

summer shop update

The gold cards have been replaced with the following offering: Wunder Bubble Tonic (Wild West), Fishing Pole, Beach Umbrella (Wimpy Boardwalk), Scifi Doctor (Virus Hunter), Football Fever, Sneezing Powder, Multiverse (free), Tiger Shark, Woodstock Follower (Great Pumpkin), Paper Boy/Girl (Wimpy Wonderland), Heat Wave (Wimpy Boardwalk), Burnt Orange Tan Power (Night Watch), Hat Trick, Followers Classic Pack (members only), Fireworks (members only), Shark Surfer (Shark Tooth) (members only), Jump The Shark (Shark Tooth) (members only), Mythology Medusa Surfer (members only), Mega Dog Costume (Galactic Hot Dogs) (members only), Shark Costume (Shark Tooth) (members only), Sparkle Power (members only), Fake Noses (members only), Dr. Hare’s Lair: Light & Shadow Outfits (members only), Football Fever: Champion (members only, though you could just get the same clothes from the other Football Fever card).

And the costumes currently in stock are: Disco King/Queen, Rock Star (members only), Soccer Player, Sweet As Pie: Lemon Meringue, Beach Ball (members only), Summer Boy/Girl (members only), and American Football Player (members only).

Thanks to Lucky Joker for the item collage!

In other news: earlier this week, Poptropica announced on social media that “Poptropica” is currently trending on the Apple App Store. Woot! 🎉

Poptropica has three official apps on the iOS App Store: Poptropica Worlds (playable across multiple devices), Poptropica (islands from the original game, but not connected to the online version), and Poptropica: Forgotten Islands (also on Nintendo 3DS).

Which Poptropica apps are you playing? What do you think of the store update? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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10 thoughts on “Now trending: shop summer styles”

    1. That is! The Woodstock Follower was a member-exclusive item for the release of Great Pumpkin Island, and the Jumping Shark power comes from the promo code of the Shark Boy plushie.

  1. Hi I wanna know how can I enter to the store in the Poptropica app because in my store I can’t see this new summer costumes.

    1. The mobile version of Poptropica comes down towards a bunch of differences from the browser version of which that being superior since it has a lot more content. Besides, when was the last time that app was updated?

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