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Outfit snatching and a Skinny note

Hey Poptropicans, it’s Slanted Fish popping in to show you what’s popping.

The Creators have posted another “Outfit of the Week,” and this time it’s Hermione Granger from the Harry Potter series. Check it out:

ootw hermione

That’s creative, it seems, except it wasn’t their creation to begin with—and while they say in the post “we spotted this,” they fail to give credit to the source. Locating the source should only take a simple internet search, and I was able to find this attributed to Rachellyy, a.k.a. Short Eagle, over on the Poptropica Fashion Wiki. And, again, descriptions for how to get the costume were absent altogether.

Want instructions on how to get a cool Hermione costume, plus how to dress up as other characters from Harry Potter? Check out our PHB Pop-over Special: Yer a Poptropican, Harry!

Considering that the Creators also say they’ll be featuring outfits from members of the community, proper attribution is not something that should be overlooked. You can do better, unnamed blogger.

As we said in our previous update about the Creators’ Blog, what we want to see is more creative content from the Creators—sneak peeks for upcoming adventures are ideal, but even just more effort into posts like Outfit of the Week would be something. What we’re getting, and don’t need, are all the Island Highlights—old news for most of us.

Notice, too, how although the Creators’ Blog supposedly takes comments, there are still 0 comments on every post lately. Several of our PHB commenters have mentioned how they’ve tried to comment, but their comments have yet to be approved to be seen on the blog. Creators, if you’re going to be asking us to “comment below,” why aren’t you showing and interacting with these comments? Fans want to know they’re heard!

Oh, and despite multiple attempts to reach out to the Creators on Twitter—no word from them on our many ideas for the game and community that they claimed to be so interested in. Hmm.

In the meantime, we also got this brief note from former social media manager, Jessica a.k.a. Skinny Moon:

Although we only know of a few of the Creators who were asked to leave a couple months ago, the tweet seems to suggest that more have left, to the point where “almost everyone” who was there before, when was working Skinny Moon with the Poptropica team a year ago, “is gone now.” Sad. 😦

On a brighter note, the community of Poptropicans here at the PHB is still kicking! In addition to our own posts, we regularly welcome guest posts from readers. You can check them out just by scrolling down our front page, and we invite you to write for the PHB anytime you’ve got an idea worth sharing!

That’s all for now. Keep on popping on, Poptropicans.


20 thoughts on “Outfit snatching and a Skinny note”

  1. It’s ridiculous how obnoxious that anonymous blogger (no longer captain crawfish) insists that players should comment to give tips for the blog/game, yet no comments appear since they’re apparently being “approved”. I also agree that the blogger dude hanging out in his mother’s basement eating doritos (BDHOIHMBED) should at least acknowledge the person who designed that outfit to avoid plagiarism and show some respect for that person’s creativity. One thing I’ve noticed is that they haven’t said a single thing about Pop Worlds ever since the BDHOIHMBED started blogging, and have only been making content about SUI-updated islands. That kinda concerns me about whether Pop worlds will ever be the same as poptropica original after 2020/the adobe flash dilemma. Plus, all of those forgotten original soundless islands…I have to say, you did a great job of creating a concise and clear explanation of the recent events happening. I clearly did not do such a good job of that, since I literally wrote an entire paragraph or two just on this subject. But until next time, stay popping, Poptropicans! 🧐🍃 (Sneaky Leaf finally “leaves” the stage)

    1. The Whole fandom should buy the company. I’m only 11 and I’m broke so I probably couldn’t do it though! And why can’t Jessica go back to being Social media magager? In her not she said this: “if I could manage their social media again, I would!❤️” hmm…

  2. First outfit of the week :
    Wow this looks like a cool series
    Second outfit of the week:
    Bu-but where’s the fin and blue skin
    Third outfit of the week:
    Where do you get it from, oh wait. From the haunted house quest
    Fourth outfit of the week:
    I don’t know wh- Wait, it’s from someone else, why is there no credit!😱

    Seriously, what will this series turn into

  3. My gosh this post right here explains a lot. You Poptropicans have all heard of Poptropica’s new state right. Absolutely awful right now. But the tweet that Skinny Moon is what really explains everything. You see. Skinny moon said that ALMOST everybody who worked at the Poptropica headquarters when she still worked there was gone. Meaning if any miracle Skinny Moon comes back to work at Poptropica she would have new faces to work with. This means that more likely the new works at Poptropica more likely have not ever heard of the Poptropica Help Blog. This also explains that the new blogger doing the Poptropica Creators blog is doing a godawful job. Also this proves why all the comments in the Creators blog are not being approved yet. If I remember correctly the feature of letting Potpropicans comment on the Poptropica Creators blog was released when Skinny Moon was still working at the Poptropica Headquarters. The employees working at Potpropica NOW more likely did now know that you had to approve the comments or something. The only reason I did not put “this post explains everything” and instead I put “this post explains a lot” is because we still do not know why they are promoting the original Poptropica more. Like what in the name of gosh re they doing. they should stop focusing all there time updating Poptropica and just focus on updating Poptropica Worlds. In fact there is almost no reasons why the creators should put anymore updates into the original Poptropica. Poptropica Worlds is the future. My only theory on why they keep promoting the original Potpropica is because they are having trouble finding coders who can code in Unity. Man I have never been more sacred

      1. I’m just saying that he didn’t focused on his game as much as his other job like he did back then… Until know though.

      1. *Reads user..*

        👀 *spits out water*

        To be honest I’ve been commenting where you were because.. the past couple post should give the idea (including this one). And, considering you’re the head of the team, so yeah.

        P.s Why did you fire one of your creators, let alone your best ones (Cp. Crawfish and Dr. Hare)?

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