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Replaying Astro-Knights Island: A Commentary

This post originally appeared on Indigo Sky’s Blog and is being shared on the PHB courtesy of the author, Maroon Popper. See the bottom of this post for how you, too, can write for the PHB!

astro replay

Hey Poptropicans!

My name is Maroon Popper, and today I’m going to be re-playing
one of my old favourite islands: Astro-Knights Island. Not only that, but I’m simultaneously going to blog about it! Why? I thought it was a good idea, okay? (I’m probably gonna regret this later…)

First, let me introduce you to my Poptropican alter-ego, Maroon Popper. Maroon
Popper has been in existence since November 2009 and we have been though a lot
together, solving quests… ahem. She also happens to look awesome:


I’ve started replaying Astro-Knights Island a few times but I’ve only finished it I think
once, because some of the battles you have to pass at the end are super-hard and I
normally give up. But not this time. I will not be defeated this time…

Okay, let me just get to the island. I’ll hop onto my blimp…


Made it!

A sign tells me I’m somewhere called Arturus. There seems to be something burning
on the ground. Suspicious.

I click on a guy standing nearby and he says, “The kingdom has been attacked!” Like, that’s it. No actual explanation.

There’s a building called the House of Mordred nearby, and I enter. Next to the door is
a guy who says this:



However, he does give me a pamphlet that explains a bit about this so-called Mordred.
Apparently, he brought technology to a medieval village. Ohhh-kay…

The rude door guy doesn’t let me investigate the museum without paying a gold coin,
so I leave. I jump into a fountain (don’t you just love how you can do that kinda thing
on Poptropica?) and oh hey, what’s this? A gold coin! Wow, that was lucky.

I go back to the museum and give the guy the coin I found, and he lets me enter.

There’s not really much to do here… it’s just someone’s house. A medieval house, only
there’s a computer. I think there’s something you have to do here later on, but nothing
to do yet, so I exit.

I enter the next building along, which is a planetarium, with a monk inside it who
looks super out of place.


He tells me, with that depressed look on his face, that nothing works in the
planetarium because there’s no power. How terribly sad. The only thing that works is the telescope, and I get to look thought it but there’s nothing much to see – just a few

I leave the place and keep going right, passing a few villagers who all say ominous-
sounding stuff like, “This place isn’t safe anymore!” and “We were attacked by people
who came from the sky!”

I keep on going and– gasp! There’s a crashed spaceship!


Like, what the actual heck.

I get to the palace, and some lady standing in front of its doors tells me that “The
princess has been kidnapped!” Shock, horror. I enter the castle, hoping to get some
answers for heaven’s sake.

I go inside the castle library, and pick up two books. One of them is called The Life of
Mordred: A Cautionary Tale. I’m just gonna post screenshots of it:

So, that’s the story of the famous Mordred. But it still doesn’t explain what the heck
has happened around here, so I leave the library.

I enter another room, which looks like someone’s bedroom, and a lady tells me that the
princess was kidnapped and it might have been her fault. She says that the princess
was giving her messages to pass along to a secret society. Interesting, but it still
doesn’t help me much. Why is everyone so unhelpful around this place, jeez.

I go into the throne room, and I meet the king and queen, where they kind of explain
things. Apparently some attackers came from the sky in spaceships and kidnapped the
princess. They ask me to help bring her back.

Sigh. It always has to be me who helps people, doesn’t it? Apparently some knights set out to find her, but they haven’t come back.

So – now, to find the princess. Um. What do I do?

And that’s all I’ve got time for, unfortunately! I hope you enjoyed this!

I don’t have a Poptropica blog, but I do have a personal blog, so if you enjoyed this
post, maybe you could check it out…? *looks hopeful* Here’s the link.

*runs away before someone tells me off for shameless self-advertising* Byeeee!!

–Maroon Popper

Hope you enjoyed this guest post by Maroon Popper! If you did, be sure check out her site, Indigo Sky’s Blog.

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