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Customizing Changes on Worlds: New Clothes, Cliff Housebuff, and More

Hello everyone!

Lucky Joker here, with a range of customization-related tips and updates from Poptropica Worlds. Let’s get into it!

Earlier, Skinny Moon posted on the Creators’ Blog some ways in which you can customize your character on Worlds. Also included was this quick new video giving an overview of customization and more in Worlds:

As we said in our Poptropica Worlds review, you can now buy clothing items individually, which really makes customization convenient. For example, you can buy shoes from one outfit, a pair of glasses from another and create a look that’s totally unique! Even better, in Poptropica Words, we have access to all costumes and all various parts regardless of our Poptropican’s gender.

While we’re looking at outfits, there are several new ones in the store, including: a ninja, orange-and-blue (American) football player, gothic cheerleader, and red-and-blue cheerleader!

As you can see, Skinny Moon’s definitely taking advantage of Poptropica Worlds’ customization options – what a difference! To share how you customized your Poptropican, use the hashtag #MyPoptropican on social media so the Creators can see and possibly re-post it!

Speaking of appearances, have you noticed that, as of last week, Cliff Housebuff on Home Island had a bit of a makeover? Hmm, when will we get to change our skin tones too? 😛

Also, another little update you might’ve seen in the pics above: there’s a little arrow in the corners of speech bubbles, so you can now click them to speed up dialogue!

Transferring your account now also allows you to create your look and award you 750 coins for starting a new account on Worlds.

transfer pw

There were other minor updates from last week as well, including: fixing Bleachy Boy/Girl (avatars missing their style and coloring), music added to the login screen, more sound effects, etc. The Creators continue to work hard to keep making Worlds better!

Well, that’s all for today. What do you think of these customization options? I personally think that being able to buy individual items is a great new feature. Sound off your opinions in the comments section.

–Lucky Joker

13 thoughts on “Customizing Changes on Worlds: New Clothes, Cliff Housebuff, and More”

  1. I have been deceived. I was reading this while under the impression that these were actually new updates and not just changes from the original game.

  2. hmmmm….that’s weird. I could already buy all of those costumes, since I started playing Poptropica Worlds, which was the second day it was released. I also already had 750 credits when I started playing except for one of my accounts, which I assumed was a glitch. I don’t have the speed up dialogue bubble but I remember that Cliff guy changing. The thing that might be different for me is I’m playing on a computer without flash. That could be it but I don’t know.

  3. You know this cool buying of individual pieces is to distract us from the fact that we cannot customize from NPCs and it worked! None of you have mentioned that, you’ve been brainwashed!

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